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62. Yawning to Assert Dominance

May 21, 2024

The Dream Team celebrates 4/20 by discussing salvia, kratom, and kava. Olivia channels her inner Gordon Ramsay and tries to incubate a dream recipe as a follow up to her Coconut Brie Sugar Cookies. Instead, she’s delivered a simple meal of comfort food. What is her subconscious getting at? Zach gets back into armpit farts. […]


61. Getting Torqued at the Gas Pump

May 7, 2024

Peen dreams, what do they means? Victor’s metaphorical dick is not as big as he thought it was, Olivia’s dick is Victor’s dick, and Zach’s dick has been falling off over and over again for decades. Olivia’s friend has a dream about being stuck with an unwanted appendage. Zach has a semi-lucid dream where the […]


60. Too Close to the Veil

April 23, 2024

Zach has carpal tunnel, hypochondria, and he’s pretty sure polio. Victor has a case of the dizzies, but he’s not a dizzy guy. Olivia has a slew of dreams to run through and the Dream Team gets close to the bottom of some of them. Others, just the top! Relationship bullets are dodged, dorm room […]


59. I am Become Mailman

April 9, 2024

Olivia and Victor pitch an idea for a new dating app. Zach quiet quits the post office and has a dream about flying through Los Angeles like Spiderman, slingin’ webs, with a mohawk and a bitchin’ guitar. Olivia has one dream about Victor’s success as a slam poet, and another involving a real crappy attempt […]


58. Literally, or in the Autistic Sense

March 26, 2024

The Dream Team commissions a painting of breastfeeding in a brewery, invents meat pants, and answers the age-old question, “which sports drink bottle is the best for pissin’ in?” Olivia has a dream about a hawk, a rabbit, and an ex-friend who may or may not be a mastermind. Zach repressed the memory of the […]


57. Luci Gooseys

March 12, 2024

What happens when we die? The Dream Team is coming in hot with musings on ghosts, reincarnation, and how maybe God is just all of us… Olivia has a profound experience speaking with a toddler-sized newborn baby in a lucid dream. Zach shares a lucid dream where driving a minivan from one dream to another […]


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