45. One of the Worst Symbols

September 26, 2023

The Dream Team discusses early aughts musical legends, ironic punk-rock affectations becoming habits, and the corrupting invisible hand of the free market economy. Then they dive into an Olivia dream involving a green cat that refuses to be euthanized. What kind of symbolic feast has her unconscious mind cooked up for us this week? According […]


44. Our Baby, Sasquatch

September 19, 2023

Victor fell down the stairs, but he’s okay. Victor shares a cute parenthood dream where he teaches his sasquatch daughter how to shave. Zach shares a dream where he watches New York City get nuked. Did we mention that Victor’s new album came out? Click the link below to check it out! Victor’s Album:  00:00 […]


43. Selfish, Arrogant, Greedy, Evil A**hole

September 12, 2023

From not-so-fun facts chicken facts to the fracturing of a social species through social media, The Dream Team has a lot of anxiety. Zach overcomes his travel anxiety to move his girlfriend from Colorado to California. Meanwhile, Olivia confronts a deeply-rooted people-pleasing anxiety in a dream about swamp-dwelling rattlesnakes. Victor has anxiety, too, but decides […]


42. Zach and the Evil Sentient Saw Blade

September 5, 2023

Lying to yourself- is it an unhealthy coping mechanism, or an effective tool for parenting your inner child? The Dream Team dives into a dream featuring an evil sentient saw blade that is out to get Zach. They figure out the meaning of this symbol via Bob’s Hoss’ Gestalt method for dream interpretation, and have […]


41. Peperoncini Super Soaker

August 29, 2023

Victor started dreaming again! What’s that about? The Dream Team dives into a Victor dream involving a fender bender that turns into a brawl, where Victor takes on a man (of whom he thinks fondly as a fun uncle) wielding a water gun filled with peperoncini juice… or is it gasoline? Find out this week […]


40. Big, Loose, Candy Sack

August 22, 2023

Oliva scares Zach into drinking Gatorade instead of water. Victor has stopped dreaming altogether, except for the occasional stroll through a shopping mall. Olivia, on the other hand, is both vividly writing and reading books in her wild pregnancy dreams. In this episode’s dream, she makes a series of gaffs on a frivolous quest that […]


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