55.2 Jungian Shadow Boxing Part 2 – Nice Guy’s Dead, Now

January 16, 2024

In part two of their conversation, Victor, Zach, and Steve Ernenwein of The Dreams That Shape Us discuss how much of the unconscious mind is actually the dreamer themselves, killing the people-pleaser inside you, and the significance of violent dreams.  ABOUT STEVE Steven Ernenwein is a dream-inspired hip hop/singer songwriter and has been a dreamworker […]


55.1 Jungian Shadow Boxing Part 1 – Running Backwards

January 2, 2024

While Olivia rests up in anticipation of giving birth, Victor and Zach welcome back Steve Ernenwein of The Dreams That Shape Us to talk edgelord atheism, dream incubation, and heated kiddie pools in part one of their conversation.  ABOUT STEVE Steven Ernenwein is a dream-inspired hip hop/singer songwriter and has been a dreamworker and avid […]


54. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Scare

December 19, 2023

After trading life updates, The Dream Team digs into a listener’s dream submission! H, host of the It’s Just a Dream podcast had a creepy dream involving bare-footed running, a grey-skinned monster, and an eerily slowed-down song. The DT attempts to unpack the themes of this nightmare and tie them to the stressors in H’s […]


53. There’s No Tikka Masala Here

December 5, 2023

Victor’s key to success is total reluctance to do anything. Zach is staying at an Airbnb n’ Beyond. Olivia is practicing bathroom-door-related “exposure” therapy. The Dream Team breaks down a vivid Olivia dream about a ritualistic stage play, a semi-nudist beach, and a giant(ish) snail. Warning: beyond this point, you can never go back to […]


52. Abe Lincoln is the Only Ghost is All Dreams

November 21, 2023

UPDATE: The Jung and the Restless will be moving to a schedule of releasing new episodes every other Tuesday. For a while, at least. In this loosey-goosey ‘sode, the Dream Team discusses the historical impact of dreams, misattributed quotes, and an existential “would-you-rather.” Zach has updates on his life, as well as theories on why […]


Lucid Dreaming on The Dream World Podcast

November 14, 2023

The Dream Team chats with Amina from The Dream World Podcast about Lucid Dreaming. Victor, Olivia, and Zach take a crack at interpreting Amina’s dream, and learn some tips and tricks for learning how to start their own lucid dreaming practices. Check out The Dream World Podcast: https://thedreamworldpodcast.com/ About Dream Bible: Dream Bible is a […]


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