51. Pumpkin Farts

Zach wrote Victor and Olivia a note about a dream he had for them to open on their wedding anniversary.…...

Zach wrote Victor and Olivia a note about a dream he had for them to open on their wedding anniversary. The Dream Team discusses the relevance of love languages and the irrelevance of “thank you” notes. Simulation theory comes up, as well as gangstalking, and how Zach may genuinely be losing his mind. Olivia has a dream to share about yet another animal being neglected by yet another incompetent caretaker, and WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

0:00 Intro  2:37 Love Languages 11:25 Art imitates life 14:29 the Matrix and Gangstalking !8:41 Olivia's Dream   About Dream Bible:

Dream Bible is a free online A to Z dream dictionary dedicated to helping people understand the meaning of their dreams. Unlike other dream interpretation websites or books we extensively research dream symbols by interviewing people about the events occurring in their lives at the time of their dreams.  Inspired by the work of Gillian Holloway Ph.D, we are using a database of over 350,000 dream reports to create the world's most practical dream dictionary based on the waking life experiences of regular people.


Dream Bible entries used in this episode:

Ferries: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=Ferry+Boat Guinea Pigs: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=Guinea+Pigs Boy: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=boy Girlfriend: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=girlfriend Grass: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=grass Mushrooms: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=Mushrooms Painting: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=painting Artwork: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=Artwork Graffiti: https://dreambible.com/search.php?q=Graffiti  

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