4. Rats, Cats, and Horses, Oh My!

Olivia’s dead pet rat from childhood visits her in a dream again, is it a ghost? Zach manages to evade…...

Olivia’s dead pet rat from childhood visits her in a dream again, is it a ghost? Zach manages to evade one jungle cat only to be hunted by another, more dangerous jungle cat. Olivia’s mom tries to save a pony from getting packed up with the leftover meatballs, but luckily The Dream Team is there to help her unpack it. 

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About Dream Bible:

Dream Bible is a free online A to Z dream dictionary dedicated to helping people understand the meaning of their dreams. Unlike other dream interpretation websites or books we extensively research dream symbols by interviewing people about the events occurring in their lives at the time of their dreams.  Inspired by the work of Gillian Holloway Ph.D, we are using a database of over 350,000 dream reports to create the world's most practical dream dictionary based on the waking life experiences of regular people.


Dream Bible entries used in this episode:

Tigers: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Tigers

Panthers: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Panthers

Spaghetti: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=spaghetti

Ponies: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=ponies

Horses: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Horses

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Episode Transcript

4. Rats, Cats, and Horses, Oh My!

Victor: [00:00:00] Welcome to The Jung and the Restless. I'm Victor.

Zach: I'm Zach. 

Olivia: And I'm Olivia. And this is a podcast that bravely goes where no one without HIPAA certification should go. 

Victor: Mm-hmm.

the before our dream.

Olivia: Um, I had a dream last night that I realized is actually a reoccurring dream for me. okay, So I'll have this dream where my pet rat from childhood is suddenly alive and well. And I'm aware that he died a long time ago. he'll be in the cage that. We used to have for him.

And I will think to myself oh my God, we've totally like forgotten that he was just in there this whole time. And it'll be a little bit [00:01:00] alarming. Like he just remembered 

Zach: your neo pet 

Olivia: last night I had this dream again and it was like . I remembered that I had had those other dreams.

Like I kind of remembered like, oh yeah, he sometimes like hibernates for 20 years, it's fine. And there's like this interesting thing where like, I'll dream about animals all the time, 

and they feel like. Something I'm putting in the dream, they feel like a part of me, a part of my subconscious. I dream about our dogs and it's like it has a particular feeling to it. Um, but then there's certain times where there will be an animal that feels like a separate thing and, um, it's like a little bit creepy sometimes.

Zach: Um, like pet cemetery, like reanimated. 

Olivia: I don't know, it just kind of feels . Like a. It has a different feeling to it.

It feels like I didn't invite them there. And I'm always like surprised to see them there but like, I just noticed that there's a really distinctly different feeling [00:02:00] than there is with other animals in my dreams.


Zach: like your current pets? 

Olivia: Yes. Like my current alive pets or other animals in my dreams. , but like my dead rat is like, it's always the same dream and it's always like, I'm shocked and surprised to see them and it feels. Yeah. I don't know. It feels different. 

Victor: So what if when you die, you just go into dreams and just wander other beings dreams for the rest of eternity.

Yeah. What if this is my new religion? 

Zach: Mm-hmm. . That could be cool, but also terrible. Yeah. Depending on the tr I don't think I've ever dreamt of a dead pet. You should try it sometime. I don't know if maybe they didn't like me as much as I thought they did. 

Victor: have you had dreams of dead pets that didn't feel like this phenomenon you're talking about? Probably. 

Olivia: I . Imagine that could . Dream of a dead pet the same way I could dream of anything else. Right? I would think so. 

Victor: I was trying [00:03:00] to see what I find about ghosts, visiting people and dreams. Animal ghosts. It's 

Olivia: pretty funny to think of a ghost rat. 

Zach: Yeah. And such a diligent one that like keeps coming back. Yeah. I hope it's not ghosts, because not only have none of my pets ever visited me, but none of my dad family either.

I don't like the implications of that, that you remember. True. Sounds like a memorable dream though. 

Victor: here's a Reddit, um, on our ghosts from two years ago. Major repair. Dream of dead pet. Hi everyone. I just had the weirdest dream. It is sort of related to this sub. I can remove it if it is not, but I did see some similar stories when searching. I hope this is okay. So recently my dog passed away, but last night I had a dream about him.

The dream started very weird, like most for instance, like things are off or whatever. But then it started to get very real. After going through a [00:04:00] doorway and into another room. It felt like I was not fully asleep and semi awake if not feeling like everything was completely real, but knowing it was a dream.

Everything was so detailed, even how my dog looked and felt. So I sat next to him, hugged him and started to cry, which ended up waking me up after a little after. We just received the ashes recently, and I touched the container he was in yesterday. If that is anything. Also, we just did all that. I just thought I would share.

It was the weirdest dream I think I've ever had and was unlike anything else. Not sure if that's ghost related or not. Have a nice day. So that is kinda similar in that it's like there was something about it that felt different than an enroll dream visit of a ghost pet. it was you. I knew you. I knew Oh, . But then she's bit.[00:05:00] 

Zach: I was gonna do an animal dream today. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. I was about to bring up another dream phenomenon that I experienced recently, but I didn't wanna like, lead us away from a perfect segue. Let's segue the way I had this really, um, just like, what the fuck dream? And I thought that would be a jungle cats.

Yeah, it is . It's just really short, simple dream. Probably a good one to start with. And we were just talking about dream, dream, dream animals. Dream animals. . Yeah. I, I I was on a college campus, which by the way, I, I think we talked about this like spaces and dreams that you, uh, keep coming back to.

Mm-hmm. . I've had a similar phenomenon with campuses cuz like the, the re I might have even talked about this last time, but the reoccurring [00:06:00] dream of being in school. Mm-hmm especially like in like college when classes are on different buildings and it's like your first week. I have that, that dream a lot, but it's always like the same college campus and it's not the one I went to.

And then when I came to Seattle for the first time and visited uw, it looks exactly like the one that I always see in my dreams. Interesting. But anyway, that's kind of neither here nor there. Uh, I was on a college campus and the dream and it was like close to night, like dusk or whatever and there was just a stray tiger wandering around like the quad.

And uh, I did basically what I would do in real life if that was happening, which is like slowly. Don't make any sudden movements, just slowly try to get around the tiger and as far from it as possible. Uh, and it, and it worked. The tiger saw me, but it wasn't like super interested or whatever, and I, I slowly like put more and more distance between me and the tiger until I was away from it.

And right when I was starting to breathe a sigh of relief [00:07:00] darting through the woods on campus toward me was a fucking Panther , just like at full tilt, clearly about to pounce and ma me. And I just like went ugh and almost shit my pants and then I woke up. 

Victor: So I feel that's gotta mean something. 

Olivia: I'm curious to see if there's separate entries in Dream Bible for Panther and Tiger.

Zach: Yeah, that's kind of why I wanted to like, See this one? Cause it was, it was so, it is short and simple and nothing in it is like clearly, uh, about 

Victor: any, well, let's dig right into Dream Bible. Um, you know what's, 

Olivia: sorry, I just have one, one thought before we get into it. It's kind of like the tiger is the obvious thing.

It's bright orange, it's striped, you know, and the panther is like black and hides in the shadows and, um, you maybe wouldn't see it right off the bat, you know? 

Zach: And whereas Tiger was like wandering around, like out in the open in the middle of the quad, [00:08:00] right? Yeah. Without, without any clear agendas. Just like, duh.

And the panther was like coming out of the woods. Yeah. Clearly making a beeline like, I gotta get him before he sees me coming. Right. 

Olivia: That's just 

Victor: interesting. Right off the bat, I have to ask you, are you sure it was a panther and not a blue tiger? 

Zach: I didn't know blue tiger was a thing. 

Victor: It is in the dream Bible, so we gotta make this distinction.

Zach: No, no, it was black. It was, gotcha. Okay. Blended in with 

Victor: a knight. So to see a tiger in your dream represents an aspect of your personality that has unquestioned power issues, or people that have total power over you. Tigers often symbolize a problem or powerful fear that you'll do absolutely everything to avoid.

Confronting a tiger may also reflect a powerful misconception. You have a lie or misunderstanding. Misunderstanding that heavily influences you. Alternatively, a tiger may [00:09:00] reflect your own unquestioned authority, feeling other people fear confronting you. Negatively, a tiger may reflect an unquestioned fear running away from problems based on assumptions, rumors that scare you, assuming that your enemies have more power than you, without question.

A lack of critical thinking about something serious. You've heard feeling that a problem is too dangerous to even consider thinking about confronting and choosing to run away from it as a first option, a naive fear you have. Alternatively, it may reflect your own abusive room of rumors, other people's inexperience or other misconceptions about you.


Zach: All right. I'll try to hold all that in my head. . 

Victor: It's a lot while we It's a lot. Yeah. And then with a panther, uh, to see a panther and a dream represents feelings about a person or situation being dangerously empty or uncaring, feeling threatened by the possibility of total humiliation, that is [00:10:00] merciless.

A fear of never, ever again in some area of your life, a fear of being cut off, banished or losing something forever, vindictiveness or jealous bitterness. A feel, uh, vindictiveness or jealous bitterness, a fear of death or experiencing emptiness for the rest of your life. Altern. Alternatively, a panther may reflect you or someone else that is actively seeking revenge, that is permanent and unforgettable.

A panther can symbolize your feelings about an enemy that you feel is dangerous to trust at all behavior that is totally uncaring towards enemies. Panthers are 

Olivia: bad news. 

Victor: Yeah, 

Zach: yeah. Shit. Which was blue tiger. 

Victor: Uh, blue tigers, all rainbows and sunshine. Blue tigers. Like everything is going good in your 

Olivia: life.

Victor gave you a chance. He said, are you sure? . 

Zach: And when I picture a blue tiger, I picture a serial mascot. So 

Victor: to see a blue tiger in your dream, it's not blue, is he represents a positive belief that overpowers other [00:11:00] priorities. A genuine belief that something is so positive that it's more important than anything else.

Olivia: Oh shit. Oh, that is Tony. Yeah, . 

Zach: Wow. Really was positive, but no, it was not. It was a panther. 

Olivia: How did you feel in 

Zach: this dream? Uh, terrified, like I was gonna die. Yeah. Once I saw the panther, that I don't often have like adrenaline dreams like that. When I woke up, I was kind of like, cool . Like, I, I don't know. It gave me like a, a fun scare to wake up from, you know?

Was this 

Olivia: a, a recent 

Zach: dream? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Super recent. See, when I have like a creepy, unsettling dream, I'll wake up and like, have a hard time going back to sleep because, you know, it's like, I'll be looking at the stickling in the ceiling, like, and seeing some haunting face or something, you know, like something ephemeral or that's a different genre of nightmare, I guess is what I'm trying to say.

That yeah. Is actually kind of fun, like a rollercoaster as opposed to something that really, truly gets under your skin. I figured the college campus [00:12:00] also means that the setting. Because the back in school dream is a, is a classic. You know, 

Victor: the dream of college represents issues or situations in your life that you were giving serious thought that benefit you and increase your status or power.

It can also represent well-earned relaxation, success, or compensation for hard work. College in a dream may be a sign that you are very busy or focused on an issue that is allowing you to improve yourself or benefit in some way. You may wanna show off your skills or take a well-deserved break. Hmm. Okay, so work dream again, 

Zach: potentially, 

Olivia: know. I feel like a lot. Over the last few dreams you've talked about, like, taking time for yourself, focusing on like your career and like wanting to resolve some things in yourself before you start dating. Or like, you know, you've just brought up a lot of different things that feel like you're on, kind of like a self-improvement [00:13:00] trajectory or like you're really focused on.

Yeah. Like your own path right 

Zach: now. Yeah. That's interesting. I do feel like there's a distinction between college and high school here. Cause last time we talked about when we had our mutual dream, we were back in high school and we seemed, I felt like we were focusing on like regression and, and arrest of development.

Whereas college seems to have more to do with upward mobility. 

Olivia: Mm-hmm. , not if you get eaten by 

Zach: a panther. Yeah. So the college thing does seem kind of obvious. I'm just trying to place the, uh, the, the two threats. The one that seems like a threat and the one that actually is. 

Victor: So we've got college, which is like self-improvement road to um, you know, achieving new skills, developing new abilities, whatever, personal growth.

Mm-hmm. and then your tiger negatively. Is like an [00:14:00] a baseless fear, right? Or a fear of something that maybe you don't really need to be afraid of. Did you say that? 


Zach: a panther, did it say that the tiger entry, are you extrapolating from the fact that the tiger wasn't a threat? In my 

Victor: dream, it says, uh, negatively a tiger may reflect an unquestioned fear.

Okay. Running away from problems based on assumptions. That's 

Zach: interesting that the tiger in my dream behaved as such. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. 

Victor: Yeah. So in this a tiger from, from how I'm reading this, it seems like a tiger is something that you fear. Because you haven't thought about it enough, or that if you, 

Zach: is that what the expression paper tiger means?

Victor: Yeah. I think paper tigers just mean like a thing that looks scary but isn't. 

Zach: Yeah, that's what Google says, one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous, but inwardly weak or ineffectual. 

Victor: And then the panther, I'm having a hard time summarizing the panther. Repressed feelings about a person or situation being [00:15:00] dangerously empty or uncaring represents feelings.

Feeling threatened by a possibility of total humiliation that is merciless. 

Olivia: Hmm. A fear of never again in some area of your 

Zach: life. that Okay. I actually have more, like, I, I connect more with the panther thing, the more we talk about it. A fear 

Victor: of death or experiencing emptiness for the rest of your life.

That's, yeah. 

Zach: So , there's, there's a, a situation maybe ongoing in my life that I haven't really, that I haven't talked about. Uh, I think, I think I've side stepped it on a couple dreams because it's like a whole thing, but might as well get into it. Cuz I think a lot of my dreams lately and going forward are probably gonna be about this.

But there's somebody from my past that lives in Los Angeles. Uh, [00:16:00] and a while ago I hung out with her and we hooked up and we, we've had like this ongoing thing for like seven years and it was always, I don't know, it's, I mean, it's a long history to get into, like the whole thing. The most pertinent thing is that, like, it, when I found out she was here and we were gonna hang out, I got like the most excited I've been in a long time.

Uh, but also really terrified that she was gonna disappear again, like she periodically does over these last seven years. And sure enough, uh, she's not replying to texts or calls or anything. Um, so that's been taking up a lot of hard drive space in the old coconut and a lot of the panther entry just now is making me think about her.

Victor: Gosh, a fear of being cut off banished or losing something forever. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Yep. 

Zach: That was a big one. Uh, [00:17:00] I explicitly told her that when we were hanging out, like, like I don't care if we're not a thing, like we don't have to date or whatever. I just really like you as a person and love having you in my life, and I'm just be great if that remained.

Mm-hmm. , 

Victor: man, 

Olivia: man, that's, I'm sorry. 

Zach: That's tough. Yeah, so the Vegas part of that panther entry, what, what did it say in, in a vacuum, it made no sense, but when you apply it to this, it like fear of never again or something. Yeah, yeah. 

Olivia: A fear of never again, in some area of your life. 

Zach: Yeah. When you can actually pin that onto something that's actually pretty poetic.

Mm-hmm. . But yeah, a while back when this first happened, I was actually gonna vent about it on this podcast cuz there was like, uh, after I last saw her, I'm pretty sure for like two weeks straight, she was in my dreams every night. Um, and now she's a panther I guess. 

Olivia: So what does the Tiger represent in relation to this 

Victor: topic?[00:18:00] 

Well, so I feel like we've got two pieces of the puzzle, right? We've got like what you're doing in la which is your, um, campus. Yeah. The campus is LA campus is like where you're growing and building as a person. You know, you're developing yourself and then you have this whole distraction with the tiger.

And then after you're done dealing with the tiger, you get taken out by this panther, which we think is maybe. Potentially this person or what this person represents, maybe, maybe this person representing, uh, like a version of yourself from your past. You know, like things in yourself that you want, don't wanna, you know, be anymore or could just be this person, right.

You know, and whatever your complex relationship is with her. Um, 

Zach: does both make sense? The tiger? Then? Oh, go. Oh, no, no, you, you go [00:19:00] ahead. Well, the tiger could be a lot of things that I'm generally anxious about. But the most related, I guess would be, like I was saying last time, I've been avoiding like dating cuz I wanna just have all the puzzle pieces together and I'm, I'm afraid of what will happen if I, like, let anyone see me.

You know, if I, if, if I open myself up and be vulnerable in front of anybody, you know, I'm like profoundly afraid of that right now, yet totally willing to let somebody who's, as soon as I find out she's here again, I'm like, yeah, let's hang out and like excavate all of those seven years of like difficult feelings.


Victor: um, I think just makes, because it might, no it did, it did make sense. Um, I think it just, just because it might flush this out a little bit more, I'm gonna reread the first part of the, the tiger entry. To see a tiger in your dream represents an aspect of your personality that has unquestioned power, issues of [00:20:00] power that have.

Total control over you. Tigers often symbolize a problem or powerful fear that you'll do absolutely anything to avoid. Confronting a tiger may also reflect a powerful misconception. You have a lie or misunderstanding that heavily influences you 

Olivia: issues or people that have total power over you. Like, uh, I don't know.

Talking about how you were like, I'm not, like, not interested in doing that. And then like, there's like this one weak spot for this person, right? 

Zach: yeah. 

Victor: So I think maybe one interpretation I'm getting from this is like, so you're in, you're in your self-improvement element.

You're spending all of this time and, um, like all of this, you're, you're putting all of this energy and concern into the tiger. The tiger's, the thing you're afraid of. Tiger doesn't seem to care about you, Tiger's not doing anything to you, [00:21:00] but still you, you, you're invested in avoiding the tiger and then like outta nowhere, nothing you can do about it.

The panther gets you. Right. So maybe like the, the panther being like the real thing to fear the, the, the true danger, right. And the tiger representing your perceived Yeah. Your concerns, the stuff you fret over a lot. That ends up never really being anything that you had to worry about in the first place.

Maybe where you're putting all of your anxiety and your fear and it never turns into, You know? Yeah. So it's like maybe, maybe the thing you're trying to tell yourself and maybe how you're feeling after, you know, you're, like you said, you're concerned about dating, you're concerned about various things that, um, you think you can control and then this person blows into your life again.

And you maybe, maybe not have repeated a [00:22:00] cycle of a thing that you know was miserable or that you wanted to avoid, or that, you know, makes you feel like you're regressing came outta nowhere and hit you. Right. So maybe on some level you're telling yourself you're spending so much time worrying about the tigers, when the tigers are never gonna be the problem, and what is gonna get you is always gonna kind of come outta nowhere.

Right? So I was like, maybe it's you telling yourself instead of fearing the things you can control all the time. Maybe just kind of accepting some risk and, you know, being more comfortable with where you are. Does that make sense? 

Zach: Yeah, I like that interpretation. I like the idea of it as like, like almost like an asop fable that can work for a lot of things, like, like a parable.

It can be applied to a lot of life situations in the future. Cause yeah, I was trying to think of what specifically the tiger would be so that I could like not worry about. [00:23:00] Because if the, cause I don't think she would be the panther, cuz she didn't mean to, she didn't set out to ruin my ear. Right. It would be, I guess the, the panther would be like a, the history and feelings there and then what I let it do to me, I guess.

Victor: Yeah. It's like the tiger, the tigers you thinking you can control being ma by a big cat at the panther is there to prove that you can't control it at all. 

Zach: Yeah. So this time it was about dating and like interpersonal stuff, but I, yeah, I think you can ta I'm trying to think of a way to phrase this as like, Advice to the listener without, without it being like, don't worry about the tiger too much.

Cuz there's a panther right around the corner. . 

Victor: Well, I think anyone with anxiety can recognize in the, at least I can recognize in myself as an anxious person, a lot of the stuff I worry about ends up not mattering. Mm-hmm. . And then the stuff that really ends up getting me is not stuff that I was worrying about.

[00:24:00] Yeah. It's very rare that I can say, oh, like I got all stressed out about a situation and was super careful about it, and so it, it like went fine. Like, no, usually I'm just wasting a lot of time and energy and, and killing myself slowly. Killing myself 

Olivia: slow. Yeah. Slowly 

Zach: but surely the tiger could have been this other person that I was briefly seeing here in Los Angeles.

Who was, uh, super awesome, but I was keeping an arm's length out of fear. Mm-hmm. . Um, yeah. 

Victor: And then when I think that's a, yeah, that's a perfect example. 

Zach: And then when this person. The one that I have history with showed up. I, I stopped calling the other one. And I, I've been thinking about that a lot lately and feeling bad about it when you just let go of something that kind of, yeah, like, dammit, why did, I could be dating a really awesome person right now, but instead I rushed back into a hurricane that I've 

Victor: already been in.

I wouldn't beat yourself up about that though, you [00:25:00] know? Um, for whatever reason, you, you made the decision to kinda let that go and that was the right one. You know, even if, maybe, even if, maybe you could have seen that person, you know, you made the right choice. There's other people you're gonna be, You're gonna be fine.

Zach: You're 

Olivia: gonna be fine. Your baby's gonna be fine, but your wife is 

Zach: gonna die. Oh shit. That's from the last episode. You can't, can't keep referencing that. And even I forgot for half a second, I was like, what are you talking about? I'm gonna bring it back. You threatening my family.

Olivia: Yeah. Do you feel like we um, got to the bottom of your jungle cat dream? 

Zach: Yeah, I think so. and it feels good to finally talk about those situation. Cause like I said, it was monopolizing my dreams for a minute and. It was only a matter of time before I had to bring it up on here. Yeah. . Um, 

Olivia: we [00:26:00] can't have any secrets on this podcast, apparently.

Victor: Yeah. Something's on your mind. We're gonna end up talking about it. 

Zach: I got past all the dreams that, you know, had her. In them playing herself with no symbolism. But I was like, well, she's probably gonna show up eventually as something Panther's a good, that's a clever one. I'll give her that. Yeah. Her like, it wasn't my brain.

Victor: I feel like, you know, this being generalized into, like you said, this like a stops fable, um, kind of allegory, right? Is um, also kind of your brain trying to tell you that it's not just about her, right? That there's, that there's more that it can be generalized out into other areas of your life, right? It's not just this one experience.

There's like all sorts of ways in which the same pattern could repeat for you and, um, you can avoid 

Zach: that. I don't know if you can ever avoid the panther, but you can, I guess stop stressing about the tiger. [00:27:00] Yeah, 

Olivia: it's like it's misplaced. Fear the tiger. Right? 

Zach: And I wasn't even like super, I, I mean, I was scared of the tiger in the dream, but as I navigated it and like got around it, I was like really proud of how calm and collected I handled it.

Hmm. And yeah, then the panther was like, boom. Like I only had a split second to, to shit my pants . 

Victor: But that like, so much stuff in life is like that. Right? . Yeah. Yeah. 

Zach: And that is for a super anxious person, when something does go, uh, horribly terrifyingly wrong in a split second, I usually am like satisfied with the way I handled it.

You know what I mean? Like, my reactions are, are way better than than I ever think they're 

Victor: gonna be. Yeah. As an anxious Well yeah, as an anxious person. A yeah. I usually surprise myself in, in responding well to like a, a stressful situation. But also when something really goes to shit, There's kind of a sense of [00:28:00] like release, like mm-hmm. . Oh, that's fine. I don't need to worry cuz everything's already fucked. That's how I 

Olivia: have felt about catching Covid. I, so far as I know, I have not had it yet, knock on wood. Um, but 

Victor: I think that's, there's been a. And , 

Olivia: we'll see. uh, There have been a few like times where I've thought for sure I had it like this.

Most recent time I thought, surely I have covid. And, with every test that I take, I've gotten increasingly disappointed when it's been negative because I just want to like be stop having to worry about it. Like I just wanna catch it and then get through it and be like, oh look, I was actually fine.

Nothing bad 

Zach: happened. Yeah, no, that's true. And that's true. That's like doing really poorly on stage like bomb. Yeah. If I have a crowd, once it happens, you're like, well, that was the worst thing that could have happened. And, and I didn't die. I got through it. 

Victor: Yeah. Whenever me and Olivia are [00:29:00] stressing out about something, I as like a therapeutic thing.

I tend to get into worst case scenarios. Mm-hmm. like, well, okay, if this absolutely goes nowhere, we're still alive. We still, we we're probably not gonna like lose our home. Right. Like, everything's okay. Yeah. Yeah. 

Zach: I do. I do that too. Run those like quick simulations Doesn't always work though. One time I was dating a girl who knew that I did that and this was actually really.

It's a really, really good girlfriend thing to do. Like she would like learned how to, uh, reflect that back to me and do that to help me. Hmm. But one time I got violently too high on edibles, , . And, uh, it doesn't work when you're, for me, when I'm that high. Cuz I, I was like, what if I die right now? And she was like, well, would that really be the worst thing?

Victor: Let me,[00:30:00] 

Zach: I'm just, I'm just curious. Um, Because I know Olivia, you had a bitch and a half of a time quitting vaping, nicotine. Mm-hmm. . Do you ever have relapse dreams?


Olivia: that I remember. No, 

Zach: I don't think so. I was just curious. I think it was like last night. Cause I haven't had any alcohol in like two months now. I'm doing this thing where like trying to change a few habits. , I read that nine weeks is how long it takes to establish a habit.

So for nine weeks I'm trying to go to the gym three times a week and read every night. And I'm not drinking any alcohol. Just to kind of like [00:31:00] recalibrate that relationship. Yeah. Yeah. Not cause I think I need to like stop drinking completely, but it's not doing to me any favors. So after the nine weeks, I'm gonna try and only drink like once in a while.

Yeah. But right now makes a lot of sense. But right now nothing, um, other than these Heineken zeros, . But, but last night I had a dream where I, uh, forgot and I got super drunk and it was, it was really upsetting. I woke up like, god damn it. Oh, oh yeah, I'm not hungover. This is good . And so have you ever had a, any like, bad habits or addictions you had to kick Victor?

Victor: Well, I, I had to quit smoking weed for a while and then, That turned into smoking. Those like weird research chemicals you can get at smoke shops, . And then, uh, 

Olivia: that, that was not like a bad habit. You had to quit. That was your grandma found your weed though. Yeah, exactly. 

Victor: [00:32:00] and I need to be able to piss clean 

I had the misfortune of having like a really good first experience with spice where I was like, this is amazing.

It's like euphoric, it's fun. I'm having a good time. I feel great, everything's great. And then it never was that fun again. And every time I was like, oh, I must just be getting unlucky. When am I gonna find that stuff from the first time that I did this. And it kind of, kind of fucked up my brain for a while.

Like, even after I stopped, like I remember everything was a little, little shiny in a way. It wasn't supposed to be for like a couple of months after I stopped smoking it. And uh, yeah, that's about it. 

Zach: Do you ever have dreams about spice? No. 

Victor: No. No. No. Okay. Um, yeah, that's, but I was never, I, I was never like a habitual drinker.

I never really had any nicotine weeds been my thing, but I, yeah, it's 

Zach: not, yeah, [00:33:00] but not enough to have a. Yeah, off the wagon Dream. I, I heard it was a common thing, the relapse string among anybody who's kicked to habit. But, uh, yeah, like I said, I'm, I'm not even quitting forever, but I have been sober for two months straight.

So it was interesting to have a, a dream where alcohol was involved and I wasn't. And it was like I was fucking up, you know? 

Olivia: And this podcast is brought to you by Heineken Zero. 

Zach: Heineken Zero. All the carbs. None of the fun. I 

Olivia: I was gonna say Zero hangover. Zero Fun, 

Victor: uh, brought to you by Spice Zero.

Zach: Diet Spice.

Olivia: So my mom sent me a dream. And bear in mind this is like voice to text dictated. So, It sounds kind of [00:34:00] like AI wrote a dream. Um, but it was just my mom. So here we go. I was in this old weird house. Todd was there and we were in the kitchen together.

The kitchen was dark and old. He was putting away some spaghetti and meatballs that he made. The meatballs were white, like they were made from Turkey. And he was putting them into this big sort of dish tray like they use in restaurants to put, to put dirty dishes in. And he put the meatballs in the dish tray, and then he poured all of the spaghetti in there.

It was a lot. And then I turned around and he had put a pony into the spaghetti and meatballs he had. A pony into the spaghetti and meatballs, sort of like for safe keeping overnight. And I said, no, no, no. That's going to hurt the ponies Hoves. That's not good for his hoves. And what if he jumps out of there and breaks his leg and jumps off the counter and breaks his leg?

And Todd was copying an attitude like, don't be so bossy, which is not his [00:35:00] mo. And then I started thinking about Memphis and suddenly there was a big chestnut horse that looked like her, and somebody was saddling her up way down at the other end of this barn, which we were suddenly in. It turned into a sort of lane where the trees grew over the top of the lane.

And there was this young girl, maybe 14 or 15 years old, who was walking this horse that looked like Memphis, like she was going to ride her. And this Memphis lookalike was trying to poop. And the girl. Pulling her and pulling her. And the horse was trying to slow down to poop, but the girl kept pulling on her and I was yelling down the lane, she's trying to poop.

Stop pulling her. But the girl wouldn't stop pulling on her. She wouldn't listen to me. And then the horse was kind of squatting down and then she was laying down to roll. And I said, oh no, she's rolling. Stop pulling on her. She needs to poop. And then when we got closer, the girl handed the lead rope to a woman who was wearing a veterinary coat.

And I was saying, why don't you guys let her stop and poop? And that's it. [00:36:00] That's the dream . 

Zach: This dream is about Ikea putting horses in their meatballs,

Olivia: yeah, for reference, you may have figured out Memphis is a 

Zach: horse that took me a minute, . 

Olivia: Todd is . My mom's boyfriend. Um, they've been dating for about five months now. Uh, okay. So that, that's, and yeah, this is a poop dream. Back to, back to poop dreams. 

Zach: Back to our roots. . Haven't horses come up before too?

Olivia: They sure. 

Zach: I just realized that my jungle cats were at the actual size of jungle cats too. By the way. They weren't tiny, like they usually, oh, they weren't the wrong size. That's interesting. Not to bring it back to my dream. I just remember I was thinking about horses. 

Olivia: Well, like my mom had a dream about him putting, like Todd putting a pony into Tupperware with, right?

Yeah. I mean, that's a wrong size for a pony, 

Victor: tiny horse. It 

Zach: was phrased of something like in with the meatballs or in the meatballs at [00:37:00] first. So I thought you were talking about eating the horses, but he was put actually putting them 

Olivia: in. No, yeah, he was putting a pony into the container with the meatballs and my mom was asking him to stop because she was worried that he was gonna hurt the 

Victor: pony.

So I've got spaghetti, meatballs, and pony. Where should we start? 

Zach: Curious, is there a subdivision for white meatballs? Dream Bible has the 

Victor: weirdest 

Zach: s Turkey balls. Dream Bible is the weirdest. Like sometimes they did like single things out by color, but not always. They had blue tiger 

Victor: Turkey, just in case that's relevant.

Olivia: I think we're what's gonna be relevant. Horses and poop and probably the spaghetti and 

Victor: meatballs. Yeah. Surprisingly there's not a horse shit entry. No. On the Dream Bible, they've got birds and, and dogs. 

Olivia: We can combine poop with 

Victor: horses and meatball.

Okay, let's just start with spaghetti. To dream of spaghetti represents [00:38:00] experiences that are too wonderful or special to notice anything wrong with them. Feeling that you have to, careful about something Wonderful.

Uh, feeling that you have to be careful about something wonderful. I assume positively. Dreaming about spaghetti represents an enjoyment of doing something difficult, enjoying applying intelligent experience or sophisticated methods of problem solving, enjoying a sense of preparedness. Like knowing what to do in a difficult situation.

The careful application of foreknowledge spaghetti in a dream may show up when you are dealing with a problem where you have the needed experience to deal with it. Enjoying providing you are a sophisticated person, enjoying proving you are a sophisticated person. Negatively, spaghetti may reflect your anxiety about not being careful, about showing your appreciation for something wonderful.

You fear losing, not wanting to take risks with a sophisticated problem, enjoying pretending to be [00:39:00] professional or more experienced than you really are with a problem that is beyond your abilities. Alternatively, spaghetti may be a sign that you find yourself entangled in a messy relationship or uncomfortable position.

To dream of a toilet filled with spaghetti,

may reflect a wish to abandon an opportunity that would allow you to enjoy proving your intelligence or sophisticated experience. 

Zach: I love how spaghetti is sophisticated and fancy . Yeah. Like the first meal you learned to cook out of. So I moving into your parents' house? 

Victor: Yeah. the stuff going on with your mom, not with Todd, but just in general.

Um, a sign that you find yourself entangled in a messy relationship or uncomfortable position. Mm-hmm. , I think really resonates. Yes. In real life. 

Olivia: Yeah. Do you wanna, yeah. 

Victor: What's your mama, do you wanna get into it? Do you wanna get into it? I would prefer you to get into it. 

Zach: What's chill mama? 

Olivia: Going through?

[00:40:00] Okay. So, um, my mom. Had been in a relationship with somebody for the last like 15, 16 years or something, something like that. Long time. In the last two years, they broke up. they always kind of had differing political beliefs, but like at the start of the pandemic, this person kind of went, uh, yeah.

Mm-hmm. . Exactly. Uh, yeah, he, he, he started, he became a sign guy. He started holding a sign on the side of the road and it, you know, so they broke up, but they have been living together still. They own a house together, so that's a little complicated. But most recently, like, it took a while, but after like two years, my mom.

Dating again, and she's really happy in this new relationship. But, um, not a signed guy. No, not a signed guy. He seems [00:41:00] like a nice guy. Um, he would never put a horse into Tupperware that, that I know of. but the complicated situation is that they own a house together. They're both living there.

He really, she really wants him to, you know, leave. She's, she wants to be able to buy him out, you know, um, and he's kind of, 

Zach: but they never got married, so this can't be like, Arbitrated, 

Olivia: it actually can, like, she could take him to court over it, but like she doesn't wanna have to do that. Right. Um, it's just kind of a complicated situation where he's basically gonna just stay there unless she like, makes a drastic move.

Um, because he can't buy her out. She's offering to buy him out and he is basically said, no, I'd rather just stay here and live with you. But, you know, now she's dating this person, she has to drive to his house because it's like uncomfortable to bring people over and [00:42:00] Sure. Yeah. So that's, that's their situation.

Zach: Yeah. I wouldn't want to go hang out with a signed guy either. Yeah. What is your mom's history with Memphis? Do you think that plays a role? 

Olivia: So I asked her about that too. Um, she said that she loves and misses Memphis. Um, she's also relieved to not have the expense of taking care of a horse.

so Memphis actually, they had to put Memphis down recently, 

Zach: but she had 'em for a long time, 

Olivia: um, the last like five or six years, something like that. Yeah. Um, but um, yeah, she was a horse that they rescued from a kill pen. It was, oh. Um, it was kind of a sweet situation. Uh, she got an extra five years out of life, you know, she had, um, a health issue that ultimately they had to put her [00:43:00] down.

I think that maybe. The horse significance is in the pooping though, and something about this dream, it, it actually reminds me of, the poop dreams that we've talked about in the past where you're trying to get something done or like there's something in the way of like, you accomplishing something.

And, and in this case it's that she's like, trying to communicate that they should stop and let the horse poop. but nobody's listening to her. They're all just ignoring her. And that's where she's getting frustrated at not being able to accomplish this communication, I guess. Um, she was frustrated that no one was listening to her.

Zach: Do either of you have an interpretation right off the bat or the beginnings of one? 

Victor: So you've got her, her boyfriend, they're making spaghetti together. He's putting meatballs on the spaghetti, and then they're going to put it in the oven, but then there's a pony in it. The fridge. 

Olivia: In the fridge, [00:44:00] he's putting it away.

 Can I actually read you? So I . Asked my mom some questions like, about this so that we could interpret it. Are you experiencing any fears, frustrations, or issues in relationships?

She said there's a new relationship still navigating that, having to drive to Todd's because he can't come here. There's a lot of driving. I said, your most honest feelings about the people in your dream, she says, um, I really like Todd. He makes me laugh all the time. He's different from anyone I've ever known.

 She said, I love and miss Memphis. I'm also relieved to not have that expense. And then I asked for any additional feelings that you felt during the dream. And she says, I love myself and recognize that the piece about someone thinking I'm being bossy is from should we give him a pseudonym sign guy?

Yeah. Okay. I love myself and recognize that the piece about someone thinking I am being bossy [00:45:00] is from sign guy. He does. So many things. Most things totally half-assed. And if I ever said, said anything to him, he would tell me I'm giving him input without asking him if he wants input or I'm not his mother, or just being totally but hurt.

If I said, please wash dishes by hand, please put them in the dishwasher because you're a terrible dishwasher. He always thought I was judging him or telling him how to do things, but guess what? He does everything half ass. So either fucking do it right or don't fucking do it. That's my motto. Yes, I have some feelings about that, but then she just says, I felt frustrated at at the stupidity of all the people.

If only they would just fucking listen to me. . 

Zach: Yeah. That did offer some insight. 

Olivia: Yeah. It's interesting that sign guy is not actually in this dream at all, but like it seems like, seems like he's the 

Zach: one that's not letting the horse shit though. 

Olivia: Yeah. Sign guy is not letting the horse shit. 

Zach: So then [00:46:00] what, who in the dream wasn't letting the horse hit?

Was it a group of people? 

Olivia: Yeah. It was like random people that she didn't recognize, 

Victor: but there was a problem. She was, she thought she had the solution. She was trying to give that solution and people were not listening to her and making her feel like she was being bossy.

Which is a reflection of like, you're not mum. How sign guy? Yeah. Yeah. So it's like she's having a nice time, with her new partner. And then something about the horse, kind of maybe the, you know, because the horse, they had the horse for a long time. They had Memphis for a long time. Mm-hmm. , that's sort of like, uh, the past, right.

And maybe kind of getting sucked into the past. Mm-hmm. and then in doing so, getting sucked into some old grievances with sign guy. 

Olivia: What is the dream Bible entry for horse? 

Victor: I've got pony, I can look for horse. 

Olivia: Well, you got a pony and a horse in the stream. 

Victor: Does the pony become a horse? They 

Olivia: were different, I think.

So it sounded like she saw Todd [00:47:00] putting a pony into the spaghetti and meatballs and she was concerned about that. And then they were suddenly in a barn and there was a horse. 

Victor: And, um, what color was the horse? 

Olivia: Chestnut. But there is not a dark brown light. Brown, light brown, red, 

Victor: brown. We got a, we've got white, dark brown and black.

Yeah. And then a Mustang or wild horse. Um, but it sounds like she's dreaming of a specific horse. So I think horse color would probably only matter if it was symbolic, like if your brain was conjuring up like a random 

Olivia: horse. 

Victor: Okay. So I guess I will start with ponies and then moved to horses.

So, um, To dream of a pony represents feelings of enjoying interesting or unique experiences with family or special people enjoying time with people who don't embarrass you or laugh at you. Were you gonna say something? 

Olivia: I was just gonna say, um, her [00:48:00] impression of Todd was, I really like Todd. He makes me laugh all the time.

He's different from anyone I have ever known. Unique or special people, 

Victor: I guess. Yeah. Enjoying spending time with family. Feeling that your special, personal time with people you like. Um, and then what, so what was to dream of 

Olivia: someone hurting a pony? 

Victor: Was he hurting the pony? Who was hurting the 

Zach: pony?

She was afraid it would get hurt in the fridge. Right. She 

Olivia: said, um, he was putting the meatballs and spaghetti into a tray I turned around and he had put a pony into the spaghetti and meatballs. He had put a pony in there, kind of like for safe keeping overnight. And I said, no, no, no.

That's going to hurt the ponies. Hooves. That's not good for his hooves. And what if he jumps out and breaks his leg and jumps off the counter? And Todd was copping an attitude like, don't be so bossy. Which is not his Mo. 

Victor: Hmm. Is that his. Right. Okay. So it says here to dream [00:49:00] of someone hurting a pony or trying to hurt a pony may reflect feelings about personal time or special relationships being threatened by conflict , which seems on point, right?

Olivia: Yeah, yeah. No, it does. It absolutely does because I mean, it literally is one. One of the things in here that she said was. navigating a new relationship, having to drive to Todd's because he can't come here. Lots of driving like mm-hmm. , that's the conflict is keeping their relationship over, you know, at his place, which he doesn't live close.

It's a, it's a long drive, right. Um, it's a long enough drive, you know, it's like a 45 minute drive, probably. 

Zach: Mm-hmm. . Um, yeah. It's a bummer when one person is doing the driving all the time. Yeah, 

Victor: yeah, 

Olivia: yeah. Um, but it's like, the conflict is what's keeping it, it is kind of, uh, it's not like immediately threatening their relationship.

I've, I've had this thought too, it's like, [00:50:00] it's a new relationship. Um, it seems like Todd is being very understanding of like her situation and like, even the nicest and kindest and most understanding person is gonna have a limit with that situation. You know, like I. I, I don't know where that is, how long that is, you know, but like there's a certain point where it's.

Really, you're still gonna live with your ex or like, we're not gonna do something about this. And um, we should make some signs, 

Zach: protest till he leaves. I 

Olivia: don't think that that's an imminent thing right this second, but like I can understand why that would be at the back of someone's mind, you know? I don't know is, can I just say it's super interesting that there was a specific entry about dreaming of somebody hurting a pony.

Yeah. But that's not in the horse entry at all. Yeah. That is interesting. It's like that, it's like implying that that is a specific thing that people dream about or like, um, the [00:51:00] sheep like to dream of a sheep with googly eyes. Yeah. You know, it's like sometimes Dream Bible has these really hyper specific things to dream of.

Spaghetti in a toilet. Mm-hmm. really . 

Zach: It's just a fun prison. Pasa night

Victor: So I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna really quickly just give a summary of when I'm seeing in meatballs and then I'm gonna jump back over to horses. Okay. So meatball. The gist I'm getting is that they have to do with, um, like having it easy, like things going really well for you and you not having, had to work very hard to achieve that.

Uh, and then the negative version of that is just that it was so easy that you maybe have like uncomfortable feelings about it or that you're like maybe a little guilty or self-conscious of how easy things were for you, for you achieve, um, strength. What have you. So [00:52:00] as, as that dream of meatballs represents feelings about being sustained with strength, power, or confidence made, easy for you, easily feeling big about why other people are little, easily feeling strong about why other people are weak.

Not really sure how it plays in here, but I just wanted to put it out there. Yeah. Um, and then over to horses. Dream of a horse represents ambition and strong drives, stamina, endurance, or your capacity for hard work. Horses can also represent your sexual drive and libido. Horses often appear in dreams of people who work very hard, students that are very driven, people with very strong sexual interests, or anyone who is very motivated, pushing ahead hard for your goals.

And then negatively, which I think this was negative, right? Yeah. There was, there was negativity around the horse, specifically a horse and a dream may be a sign that you were taking too many risks with your ambition to succeed, [00:53:00] hurting others in your drive to get ahead. Sexual interests that are excessive, a warning that you need to slow 

Zach: down.

So it was all the same stuff, just negative, right? Like the flip side. Yeah. Does any of that ring true with your mom? I'm not sure. Nothing you would know about her libido? Yeah. 

Victor: You can text her. I'll, 

Zach: uh, I 

Olivia: know, mom, if you, um, if any of this rings true to you, why don't you write us at the young and the wrestler's pod at Gmail, she, and let us know or text me.

Victor: Remind me what exactly. So, okay, so Pony goes into the fridger is going to go into the fridge, 

Olivia: meatballs and spaghetti go into container. She turns around, he's putting a pony in the container. That's alarming. She's worried that the pony's gonna get 

Victor: hurt, and then [00:54:00] where's the horse coming? 

Olivia: Then suddenly they're in a barn and she sees somebody leading a horse that looks like Memphis, and she sees the horse is trying to poop and she's yelling she needs to poop.

And the person's ignoring her and she's trying to get, like, get their attention and tell them that the horse needs to poop and that she, they should just stop and let the horse poop and, um, they're all ignoring her. 

Victor: So like on first telling, it feels like a free association thing that her brain is doing where it's like she dreamt of a pony and then thinking about a pony made her think about like being in the stables and horse experiences.

And so it like took her into like kind of a new dream or a new phase of a dream where she's just at the stables and there's a horse there. But there is like, I feel like there is really something with like the horse trying to poop and her trying to help and, um, the people around [00:55:00] not listening to her.

Mm-hmm. , that feels significant. 

Olivia: Yeah. And that's, that's the main feeling she expressed was like, Frustrated that no one was listening. Um, yeah, no one was 

Victor: hearing her. And the same thing did kind of happen with the pony. Right. So it's like, it's almost like she, she went into a new dream, but then the same dynamic was kind of playing out.

Where in both instances she's trying to, she sees a problem with the horse. She's trying to help the horse, and there's another person, um, first it's Todd who's sort of taken on the, taken on the negative traits of sign guy. 

Zach: Yeah. Like she said, it wasn't his, uh, mo uh, Olivia's dying. Please 

Olivia: stand by the young ying and 

Victor: the restless will return shortly.

Zach: She survive. [00:56:00] 

Victor: I'm, I'm going on my galaxy brain like description of what I think is happening in this dream. And you're just, your phone's exploding and you're coughing. I'm so sorry, . 

Olivia: I fully had like fizzy drink up my nose and had to go die in another room. You 

Zach: should try the hole just below that one.

Olivia: Um, yeah. Carry on, I guess. 

Zach: Yeah. Victor. Victor figured it out. You missed it. Fuck yeah. I 

Victor: cracked it. Fuck. All right. Fill me in. It was about the libido the whole time. No.

No, it's, 

Zach: um, turns out your mom's just super horny,

Victor: Uh, but in, so like you've got dream a, like if you treat 'em as like kind of two separate dreams that were just parked next to each other. Dream A is she's, uh, with somebody who's, you know, doing something to a horse that they're not supposed [00:57:00] to be, and she's trying to help the horse. And this person is, is kind of taking on the role of sign guy and being like a pain about it and not listening to her.

They roll into dream to horse people not listening to her. She's trying to help the horse and she's getting treated like, you know, She's not being helpful or is being bossy or whatever. Mm-hmm. . So it's like same dynamic, just one happened in the kitchen with a tiny horse and the other happened in the stable with the big horse.

Olivia: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That 

Zach: makes sense. I feel like my brain does that all the time. Or one dream leads into another cuz it's tangential and there's overlapping themes. Mm-hmm. , 

Olivia: it's exploring the same thing. Yeah, no, I definitely have had that experience too. 


Zach: I do feel like, like big part of dreaming is thoughts.

Just totally unbridled. Mm-hmm. . So have you ever 

Victor: done that thing? Heyo, , 

Zach: horse ponds? Have you, do you ever do that thing where you [00:58:00] don't quite fall asleep, 

Olivia: you're there with, and you just like, your brain go wild and it's like, 

Zach: yeah. You just become suddenly conscious of the fact that you're about to fall asleep and you're like, why am I picturing this?

Why am I thinking this 

Olivia: thought I love that feeling. I don't know what, but 

Zach: um, Because you're like this close to starting a dream, but you're actually awake. You're just like picturing your grandma eating gram crackers. 

Victor: Yeah. It's great. I love 

Olivia: it. There's something so like, yeah. I don't know. It's, um, really like a freeing feeling.


Zach: When you realize it's happening, you're like, that's where dreams come from. It's just like mm-hmm. . It's not like a sudden boom, there's a dream. It's like you just don't remember the part where you, your mind wanders into the dream. 

Victor: It's a great feeling. Sure. 

 . Um, so I feel like the, the core thing here, I think that what was happening with the horse, I think we can kind of set aside the separate horse entry. Cuz I think it's the same dynamic. Someone trying to hurt a pony. Yeah, you're right. That's the key. [00:59:00] Right. And in both instances you've got that representing feelings about personal time or special relationships being threatened by conflict.

Absolutely. So in the first one it's like the thing you're afraid of losing, which would be her, her new, , boyfriend taking on the role. The person that's kind of the, the source of that conflict, right? Mm-hmm. , right? And then, uh, in the second dream, you know, just generalized like that signed Guy Energy is in this group of people that are between her.

And, um, and then we, we get back to poop, right? Mm-hmm. the purging of negativity. Yep. So there's something in the way of purging that negativity. Jesus. Yeah. 

Olivia: Yeah. No, that's, that's it. That's the 

Zach: dream. Yeah. Yeah. I was thinking there was a parallel between like, she's trying to take care of this new relationship, but there's a handicap to it, which is sign guy, just like, uh, Memphis had a handicap, [01:00:00] uh, which was being ill.

You know, she's trying to take Oh, that's interesting. Take care of it the same way. But there are people maybe not act actively trying to hurt the horse. Maybe, maybe actively trying to hurt the horse, but more than that, not letting her take care of it. 

Olivia: Yeah. It does seem like all the people who may pose a threat to the horse don't seem to be concerned with it.

Victor: Yeah. And you know, sign guy is pretty preoccupied with himself. Yeah. Certainly not preoccupied in what damage he might be doing to other people, so, yeah. Yeah. 

Zach: I liked in your mom's response when she, to your text, when she, uh, Went off about the dishes. , she really like strayed from the, like you like such a Pandora's box with that, that one 

Victor: definitely was like in the kitchen looking at this mess of a dish situation When you texted her. just like fuming over the dishes while [01:01:00] she's texting 

Olivia: you. Mm-hmm. . That's pretty good I think. I think we got 

Zach: there. Alrighty. Thanks for listening to The Jung and the Restless

You can follow us on Instagram at The Jung and the Restless Pod and submit your dreams to The Jung and the Restless Pod at gmail. And 

Olivia: as we always say, thank 

Victor: you. Thank you, and we're sorry.

Zach: Tiger on 

Victor: and some we 

Zach: for now, the clock ising 

Olivia: forever 

Victor: Dream.[01:02:00] 

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