39. El Chipper Crap Cobra

Zach tries vanilla ice cream with soy sauce and shares a follow up dream that seems to be related to…...

Zach tries vanilla ice cream with soy sauce and shares a follow up dream that seems to be related to his dream from last week. Olivia shares a dream featuring a swingers party in a swamp, a chupacabra, a crocodile, and a devil bear. The dream team talks about how engaging with dreams on the pod has begun to shift the dreams they are having. Also aliens are real!

0:00 Intro

6:48 Zach's Follow-up dream

15:00 Olivia's Dream

23:07 The Devil's Lettuce

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Episode Transcript

El Chipper Crap Cobra

Welcome to the Jung and the restless. I'm Victor. I'm Zach. 

[00:00:03] Olivia: And I'm Olivia, and this is the podcast in the hole in the bog. The Bog Down in the Valleo. 

[00:00:36] Zach: How was your guys weekend? 

[00:00:38] Victor: What did we do


[00:00:40] Olivia: did we do this weekend?

[00:00:41] Victor: never remember my weekend. It's always just like a blur.

[00:00:45] Olivia: Uh...

[00:00:46] Victor: did we do?

[00:00:47] Olivia: Saturday... Sunday...

[00:00:53] Zach: Those are the days a little weekend.

[00:00:57] Olivia: Uh, 


[00:00:58] Victor: I really don't remember.

[00:01:00] Olivia: Yeah, I don't remember anything.

[00:01:01] Victor: Did we get abducted?

[00:01:07] Olivia: Yeah, we watched the, we watched the alien stuff.

[00:01:12] Victor: Yeah, but that was before the


[00:01:13] Olivia: alright.

[00:01:15] Zach: I have to watch that. Jeremy and George were there

[00:01:19] Olivia: Yeah, it's pretty 


[00:01:21] Zach: they've, they've been making content about it that, you know, obviously if they had it in the budget, like I would have gone with, and. been handling the technical side of that, but, um, it was, it wasn't in the budget and also it was like to last minute to coordinate something like that. Um, have to catch up on all the alien news.

[00:01:40] Victor: There's a lot of alien

[00:01:42] Olivia: Yeah, there's uh, there's an obscene amount of alien news.

[00:01:45] Victor: Do you want us to fill you in on the alien news? We can like get you up to speed as best as we can.

[00:01:52] Zach: Um,

[00:01:53] Olivia: So there's these black cubes in a clear sphere. With all points of the cubes touching the sphere.

[00:02:02] Victor: apparently they're all over the place. They're seeing 'em all the time up there.

[00:02:06] Olivia: All, all the time. Yeah, to a point where it's like part of their pre flight... Preamble, they like, they're like, Now, you might see some aliens.

[00:02:17] Victor: If you do, don't say

[00:02:19] Olivia: Don't say anything. It's not a good look. You should watch the hearing. It's super, super interesting.

[00:02:27] Victor: Yeah, it's entertaining.

[00:02:28] Zach: Yeah, for sure.

[00:02:29] Victor: Just because it's the weirdest thing you're ever going to see in like a C Span

setting. Yeah.

[00:02:34] Zach: Yeah. No, I've, I've been dying to watch it. I've, I'm, I'm getting antsy that I haven't been able to, 

[00:02:39] Victor: Remember in high school I was like, it's not like I watched C Span, but I think I was like flipping through channels and I ended up on like C Span 2. And it was, like, uh, British Parliament, but, like,

I was like, they were, like, very like, harumphy. It was, like, Somebody was trying to talk, And then they were just like, screaming and jeering and, like, tearing them down. And I was, like, This is awesome. I wish Congress was like


[00:03:07] Zach: You were a kid with the thought, I wish Congress was like

[00:03:10] Victor: Like It would be more, like, it would be more,

interesting. I don't know. It's


I would watch it.

[00:03:16] Zach: Yeah.

[00:03:17] Victor: I wasn't a kid I was like in high school, you 

[00:03:19] Zach: Oh, okay. I was, I was not watching C SPAN in high school. I was still watching Nickelodeon.

[00:03:26] Olivia: Victor was into Buddhism and watching C 

[00:03:30] Victor: No, no, I was just flipping through I think I watched like the Daily Show a lot But I wasn't like watching, I wasn't like into politics But like, I don't know, like British parliament, they're like entertaining. I don't know. They're 

[00:03:44] Zach: I thought I was, I thought I was into politics in high school. It turns out I just listened to Rage Against the Machine. That was

[00:03:52] Victor: tells you most of what you need to know.

[00:03:53] Zach: as far as it actually went. Now, I read a few books that I learned about from Rage Against the Machine songs.

[00:04:05] Victor: Do you remember Paul Ryan? 

[00:04:07] Zach: Yes, that's what I was just gonna say. There was a

politician who stood for like the opposite of what they stood for that was using their music. That's what you're gonna say, right?

[00:04:14] Victor: Yeah, yeah, He was like a, he was like a Republican. I think he was the speaker or something, but he was, uh, he said rage was his favorite band.

[00:04:23] Zach: Right. Yeah. I don't know if he actually used their music in any like,

[00:04:26] Olivia: Did they come for him?

[00:04:28] Zach: Oh yeah. Yeah. They fired back.

[00:04:31] Olivia: I love when that happens. When, like, some asshole's like, Oh, that's my idol. And they're like, we hate you.

[00:04:39] Zach: Yeah.

[00:04:40] Olivia: how must that feel?

[00:04:42] Zach: when one of the Kardashians did a photo shoot in a Slayer shirt then like shortly thereafter, uh, one of the members of Slayer wore a kill the Kardashian shirt on stage. That was pretty metal.

[00:04:54] Victor: Yeah. feel like you'll hear those stories like fairly regularly of like, bands asking politicians to please stop playing their songs at campaign rallies.

[00:05:03] Zach: Yeah. Cause half of the system is You know, conservative and Republican and almost all musicians, except for like Ted Nugent, are left leaning.

[00:05:16] Victor: Yeah.

[00:05:17] Olivia: I'm just thinking of Steven Crowder's Foo Fighters

[00:05:21] Victor: Oh

my god. 

[00:05:23] Olivia: Oh, you haven't seen that?

[00:05:25] Zach: No,

[00:05:27] Olivia: Uh,

[00:05:27] Zach: who's Steven Crowder?

[00:05:29] Olivia: uh. 

[00:05:30] Victor: you sweet summer child,

[00:05:33] Zach: Is that a politician?

[00:05:35] Victor: No, he's like a right wing talking head. Like, like a guy with a podcast, basically.

[00:05:43] Zach: Yeah, I don't like that. I'm already turned off. I'm already flaccid.

[00:05:47] Victor: Yeah.

[00:05:49] Zach: Yeah, it's the, the right's biggest innovation in, in comedy is fucking trolling. That's, that's their idea of the pinnacle of funny.

And so when you pair trolling with, parody song making, it's hard to imagine something less funny than that. Only one person is allowed to make parody songs is Weird Al.

[00:06:12] Victor: that's right. 

[00:06:13] Olivia: true.

[00:06:13] Zach: And have it be funny, I mean.

[00:06:15] Olivia: No, no one else is allowed.

[00:06:18] Zach: Yeah, that's true.


[00:06:20] Zach: I had a, like an interesting conceptual followup to last week's. Yeah. Yeah. Last week's episode,

[00:06:44] Victor: You have like a follow-up dream or just a follow-up reflection?

[00:06:48] Zach: a fall, a dream that followed up conceptually.

[00:06:53] Victor: Okay. 

[00:06:53] Zach: So it wasn't like a part two, but it like ties. It relates.

[00:06:58] Olivia: Yeah.

[00:06:58] Zach: Last week I did the, the one about the paintball fight in the, in

[00:07:02] Victor: That's right. 

[00:07:03] Zach: the camera, right? this isn't a whole segment or whatever, I'm just, this is more like an update on my thoughts. Uh, I had a dream recently, cause it, like, all I have is a piece of this dream. Um, where I was in... A body of water, kind of Lake Washington esque. I feel like I dream about Lake Washington a lot.

Probably because I used to live by it and I went there all the time. Um, but I was in like an inflatable pool floaty thing. And I had a fucking crossbow. And I remember feeling like I'm supposed to do something. With this weapon, but I'm looking around and there's like a ton of people splashing around and having fun. And I'm like, what do I do? Like, no one looks like a target. Everyone looks completely innocent. And, and, and there's nothing, there's no threat. There's no danger. If I do something with this crossbow, like I feel like I'm supposed to, it's going to be, um, dark and bad and like ruin the trajectory of this, moment or this dream, which, you know, I know I was dreaming at the time was not lucid. Um, and finally I settled on, it must be for self defense. I think what I'm supposed to do is just lay here in this pool floating, and if anything happens, then I have a crossbow. Uh, and, and, and waking up, it felt significant in relation to that. Dream from last week because there was what I interpreted to be a situation.

I thought it was World War two and I ended up killing an innocent guy

with a rock and in this dream I felt like maybe our conversation about it had sunk in and I was like Even though I feel like I'm supposed to do something with this crossbow Like, I felt like it was given to me for a reason. Maybe that reason is just self defense.

Maybe I'm not supposed to fire it. And I, and I just chilled the rest of the dream.

[00:08:50] Victor: I think that's great. Yeah. I think you're 

[00:08:53] Zach: like a good sign, right. 

[00:08:54] Victor: it does. Yeah. It feels like, you were being like challenged with something. Your brain's trying to like prep you for, for, not having a big reaction or something. And you, you did that in the dream. Not shooting anybody. You're, you're, you're worried you're gonna shoot somebody.

[00:09:13] Zach: Yeah, it didn't go so far as to give me a challenge like... It didn't present it as World War II, like in the last stream, like it didn't give me a false threat, but, but it did, but it did give me the seed of like this crossbow is important, and

[00:09:28] Victor: Yeah.

[00:09:29] Zach: I really felt like I was compelled to fire it, but I, but none, none of the, in no direction around me did it seem safe or favorable to fire it.

[00:09:39] Victor: brain was like, paintballs, like a good enough hint, right? And then it wasn't. And then it reeled back to like, okay, let's have a chill beach day.

[00:09:48] Zach: Yeah. 

[00:09:49] Olivia: Okay. 

[00:09:49] Victor: Let's start there.

[00:09:52] Zach: And instead of having to like roll a rock at somebody, you get a full on

[00:09:57] Victor: Right.

[00:09:58] Zach: weapon. Yeah.

[00:09:59] Victor: Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah, no, it does sound like that's stuck in your brain or like that that's,

Like that, that.

to me says like there's a underlying pattern there that you're trying to like work through, you know? Yeah. Yeah. It's that thing where your brain's running simulations, trying to prepare you for something like I was having with the, uh, with my like overreaction dreams. I still haven't figured out what they mean, so I'm probably still having them and just dunno about it.

[00:10:25] Zach: Yeah. I mean. The tie in to reality is still pretty nebulous to me, but

[00:10:30] Olivia: I mean, it could be like, uh, you're in a state where like, you're kind of worried about a lot of different things and, it could just be like a sign to like, just chill. And when there is a problem, you're prepared to deal with it. Um, but like, just float. 

Everything's, everything's good right now.

[00:10:52] Victor: Yeah. Just float until you need to act in self defense.

[00:10:56] Olivia: Yeah, that's what it sounds like.

[00:10:59] Zach: Yeah. Don't just go firing off the crossbow at the lake.

[00:11:03] Victor: Right. 


[00:11:05] Zach: you have a crossbow. Heh heh.

[00:11:07] Victor: yeah, we're not preemptive striking here. 

[00:11:10] Zach: Oh! I shoulda led with this. I did my homework, you guys.

[00:11:17] Olivia: Ice cream?

[00:11:18] Zach: I had soy sauce on ice

[00:11:19] Olivia: What'd you think?

[00:11:21] Zach: Uh, it was good.

[00:11:23] Olivia: Right?

[00:11:24] Zach: I'm kinda, when I had it I was like, uh oh, I'm not gonna be the tiebreaker that they're looking for.

[00:11:29] Victor: What do you think? Right?

[00:11:30] Zach: Because I kinda see both points of view. Like, it was really tasty. But it didn't, like, blow my mind. And so I was like, I see what Olivia's saying, but I also kinda see what Victor's saying.

[00:11:40] Olivia: For someone who doesn't like soy sauce, I understand why you wouldn't like it. Cause it's not like it doesn't taste like soy sauce at all. Like, you can taste the soy sauce. 

But no, Victor doesn't like soy sauce.

[00:11:52] Zach: yeah, yeah.

[00:11:53] Olivia: Um, but I like soy sauce. 

So it works for me.

[00:11:57] Victor: I thought, like, okay, it did, I did taste like the caramel thing that you were talking about.

It did kind of make the ice cream taste like caramel, but like slightly off. Not enough that it tasted bad, but slightly off. It was a, it was like good, but the whole time in your brain you're like, I'm eating ice cream with soy sauce all over it. Which to me, I'd rather just have caramel on my ice cream.

[00:12:21] Olivia: Well, it's different from it's not the same thing as caramel. It's a different experience, 

[00:12:26] Victor: same. It's different. 

[00:12:27] Zach: I, uh, I did this homework with Shelby. We were at the store,

and I was like, oh, I have I have an assignment. I need to get, uh, vanilla ice cream. I already had soy sauce. 

[00:12:38] Victor: well, 

[00:12:38] Zach: That's another thing, I got I have this, like, imported, like, really nice Soya sauce with a really distinct, like, fermenty kind of flavor. So that might have thrown the experiment a little.

It wasn't

[00:12:50] Olivia: Yeah,

[00:12:51] Zach: or whatever. But anyway, I told her about my homework and she was like, Oh, that's definitely a pregnant lady snack.

And I was like, a liv 

[00:12:59] Olivia: saying.

[00:13:00] Zach: Olivia insists that it isn't.

[00:13:02] Olivia: It's not well, okay, like That it might 

[00:13:05] Zach: solely that.

[00:13:06] Olivia: Yeah, like it, it might have started as that, but like, see like, I'm seeing people in like, Facebook due date groups posting things like, like someone posted a picture of a bowl. Of hot Cheetos in pineapple juice.

[00:13:23] Victor: Really vile. Yeah.

[00:13:24] Olivia: Like, that's the kind of thing people are, like, into when they're pregnant.

And it's like, I feel like if it stands, like, aside from 

me being pregnant, then it's like, it's not just that. But,

[00:13:39] Zach: No, that's reasonable compared to... You mean like, Hot Cheetos soaking in pineapple

[00:13:43] Olivia: yeah, yeah.

[00:13:45] Zach: Ugh.

Cause I can see, I like spicy and pineapple in the same dish, but...


[00:13:50] Olivia: No, it was like soup.

[00:13:52] Zach: like,

paper mache. Uh, she

[00:13:54] Victor: Alright, I'm gonna

[00:13:55] Olivia: Did Shelby like the ice cream?

[00:13:57] Zach: doesn't like soy sauce.

[00:13:59] Olivia: Oh yeah, so there you go.

[00:14:01] Zach: but she understood the, and this is the other thing, because it scratched the salt, like the vanilla ice cream was salty, like the caramel thing, like it scratched that itch, but for me it lacked a little bit of the texture that usually comes with that, because for me it's usually

like peanuts or, um, pretzels, or like french fries or something, like those are the salty things that I put in ice cream.

[00:14:23] Olivia: Okay, I gotta think about what crunchies go in, in 

my soy sauce sundae.

[00:14:31] Victor: French fries, of course.

[00:14:33] Olivia: Hmm, I don't 

[00:14:34] Zach: those already have salt on them, usually.

[00:14:37] Olivia: something, gotta be something like kind of neutral. Saltines.

[00:14:41] Victor: Oh 

[00:14:42] Zach: Rice Krispies,

[00:14:44] Olivia: Ooh, yeah, Rice Krispies. Ooh.

[00:14:49] Zach: or Corn Flakes,

some kind of neutral y cereal.

[00:14:52] Victor: Mm-hmm.

[00:14:53] Olivia: Okay.

[00:14:54] Zach: That would be good. I don't think I've ever just, like, covered a bowl of ice cream at Rice Krispies, but I bet that would be good.

[00:14:59] Olivia: I think I'm gonna do that. 

[00:15:00] Victor: bet that's good. Yeah.


[00:15:01] Olivia: Uh, do we want to jump into a dream?

[00:15:16] Victor: Yeah, let's do it.

[00:15:19] Zach: Do you have one you want to get into?

[00:15:22] Olivia: Um, I have, I always have plenty. I'm just gonna leave it, like, open for anyone if anyone else really wants to do something, but I have, like, a litany of dreams at this point, so.

[00:15:34] Victor: I got nothing. All

[00:15:36] Zach: Well, I did one last week and then I gave you a little update on it. So I feel like it's, uh, all you.

[00:15:42] Olivia: Alright, so people were having sex in a swamp, and...

[00:15:46] Zach: As people do.

[00:15:49] Olivia: Yeah. It had the vibe of like, like, uh, make out Cove or like, what is it? 

Make out 

[00:15:57] Zach: out point. 

[00:15:58] Victor: out point. 

[00:15:59] Olivia: Yeah. . Um, and I'm in,

I'm in the swamp and there's like a bunch of people hooking up around and, um, I hear someone yell, croc, like crocodile and everyone like, Ducks under the water and I go under the water and I can see Like it's it's pretty clear under there is green like a swamp, but it's pretty clear

and then I feel a crocodile like come up like it's gonna Bite me.

 but somebody like grabbed a hold of it, of its mouth before it could like chomp on me. And, and like I looked, I turned around and it was not a crocodile. It was a chupacabra.

[00:16:50] Victor: And,

[00:16:51] Olivia: Uh, sorry, I'm like reading this and I'm like trying to translate it. It says, I struggle with the chipper crap cobra. The chipper crap, the chipper crap cobra,

[00:17:08] Zach: The elusive, cryptid, the chupacobra. 


[00:17:14] Olivia: chipper crap cobra, um.

[00:17:17] Victor: an episode title

[00:17:24] Olivia: Um, I should read these ahead of time. It's like half nonsense. Um, but so I'm like struggling with the chupacabra and I get, I eventually get out of the swamp and I think I like throw the chupacabra back into the swamp and I see it get eaten by a crocodile. and then I'm like, on the bank of the swamp, and there's a cute little campfire happening.

And, um, we're all sitting around this campfire, and there's, there's two, two girls there who I know, um, from real life. They're not friends in real life, but in this dream they were kind of like, They were like sitting together and like kind of in their own little world like, uh, giggling. I like got the sense that they like did drugs together or something like they did like took Molly together or something.

And um, we're sitting there and then I'm looking across and I see there's a bear like kind of coming up behind someone and I say, bear. And like people start to get worried and then I, I reassure them, Oh no, it's a black bear. Like they're. Um, they're chill, , he's fine, he'll be fine.

 I noticed that he looks really skinny and cold and I, he's like shivering and I, and I like ask him if he wants to sit with us. 

[00:18:45] Zach: The bear? 

[00:18:46] Olivia: Yeah, yeah, and he said, my animals have been like, talking, full on talking in my dreams lately, um, and he's like, oh yeah, like, okay, don't mind if I do, in like, this kind of shy, coy manner, and comes and sits down at the campfire, and, and, Really quickly, um, he starts, like, talking to everyone, and and then it turns into, like, some nonsense, and he's, like, kind of maniacally laughing and, like, singing, and it was, like, kind of scary, and I, like, instantly regretted inviting him to our campfire, he was totally ruining the vibe, and...

He said some shit about everyone there having an addiction. And, um, and then he said, this is, sorry, this is really bizarre. He says,

He said, and to the people with eating disorders, here, I will use the shards of my body like glass to cut you.

[00:19:49] Victor: And

[00:19:50] Zach: Jesus.

[00:19:51] Olivia: And then, he turns into this like, red devil thing. And, and he has this big skull head, and he like twists it and pops it off. Um, it was very disturbing. And the last thing I remember is looking out over a lake, which is on the opposite, like, there's a swamp on one side and then there's a lake on the other side.

And over the lake I see, like, books and candles floating. And that's it. That's the dream.

[00:20:21] Zach: Well, in typical Olivia fashion, it's full of animals, some, a mix of some real and some urban legend.

[00:20:30] Olivia: Yeah, I guess that has been happening, huh?

[00:20:33] Victor: Yeah, you get, like, fairytale dreams. Talking bears. Like, what was the talking bear situation like? Like, was his mouth moving,

or were you just, like, 

[00:20:43] Olivia: he was talking. 

[00:20:45] Victor: just talking like a guy?

[00:20:46] Olivia: He was kind of, like, a little bit anthropomorphized. Like, he was, like, sitting in a camping chair and, like, sitting upright.

[00:20:54] Victor: He looked like a regular... it wasn't,

[00:20:56] Olivia: Yeah. He 

was, like, kind of skinny and, like, yeah. 

[00:21:00] Victor: was, he that guy from the 

[00:21:01] Olivia: kind of like a, like a he was like a meth y kind of bear.

[00:21:05] Victor: Have you seen that picture going around of like the guy in the bear suit that's supposed to be the attraction at the

[00:21:11] Olivia: Oh yeah, I sent that to 

[00:21:12] Victor: Yeah. 

[00:21:13] Olivia: Oh, you know what? I wonder if we watched Cocaine Bear before I had this 

[00:21:18] Victor: a bear before Perhaps perhaps

[00:21:20] Olivia: Meth, meth bear. Bless 

[00:21:24] Zach: oddly, the bear is very judgmental of people with addiction

[00:21:28] Olivia: Yeah, well, I, I 

don't know that he was judgmental. It was weird. It's hard to explain the whole vibe of that. Um, 

[00:21:37] Zach: I guess I was extrapolating from the threat against people with eating disorders.

[00:21:41] Olivia: No, yeah, that sounds like it should be a judgmental. It seemed like it was like a devil disguised as a bear. It wasn't judgmental as much as it was just like evil. 

[00:21:52] Victor: I'm gonna non judgmentally cut you with my body like shards of knives.

[00:21:58] Olivia: it just seemed like, 

[00:21:59] Zach: hey.

[00:22:00] Olivia: I should, I should gestalt the bear.

[00:22:02] Victor: Sounds like it. Mm-hmm.

[00:22:04] Zach: the bear. Yeah. Yeah, that was a confusing character.

[00:22:07] Olivia: Yeah.

[00:22:08] Victor: Mm-hmm.

do you wanna start there? Do you wanna like, get into symbolism

[00:22:12] Olivia: I mean, we can, like, talk about it a little more, but I do I think I do want to start with the bear, with Geshelding the bear, pretty much, like, I I don't know, I have a lot of feelings about this, like, I I feel like yeah, like, at first, I felt sorry for him, and, like, he just needed, like, a place, like, to warm up by the fire, and then he really quickly, like, took over the whole situation, and, like, ruined the vibe, and was being, like, chaotic and unpredictable and, um, and weird, I don't know what, I don't know what any of it meant, um, the stuff about, like, everyone here has an addiction and, 

[00:22:51] Victor: The two girls on drugs and then the crazy guy at the campfire made me think of that story. Of yours, of that guy that like, you want to tell that story?

[00:23:05] Zach: I kind of have to now.

[00:23:07] Olivia: Okay, so, oh man, yeah, it was like that. It was just like that. Oh my god. Um, okay, so one time, many, many moons ago, in my early, early 20s, um, I was at a music festival. And I was with my friend and we had we were like coming down off of acid. So like, we were in great spirits. We're having a great night.

but we were sitting, we were, it was like after all the music, so we were at the campground and we were sitting. Around talking with our friends and this guy comes up and was like, Hey, do you guys have water? Can I have some of your water? And so we're like, sure, like, you're, you know, here's a bottle of water.

and he sits down and like, really quickly starts, like, telling his life story, and it, it was, like, really weird, and he started talking about how he, like, lived on a farm and was really into the devil's lettuce. Like, he kept talking about the devil's lettuce, and my friend and I just, like, were...

Like, so giggly and, like, cannot, like, sit there with a straight face while this guy is, like, going on and on about the devil's lettuce and, like, we're sitting there trying not to laugh but not doing a very good job and 

[00:24:28] Zach: Meaning weed. 

[00:24:30] Olivia: Yeah, yeah, he was talking about weed but, like, how, in, like, a negative way, I don't know, it was, it was strange and we were, like, super giggly and, like, could not contain ourselves from, like, laughing because...

We were coming off of drugs and so we left we like went for a walk and

[00:24:49] Victor: and

[00:24:50] Olivia: then we came we came back like 40 minutes later and sat back down with everyone and we were like what was with that guy? That guy was so weird, that, that was so weird and we could not contain ourselves, what the fuck was that about?


My friend goes, what guy? And I go, you know, the guy who came and asked for water and sat down and talked about the devil's lettuce. And I look and he's still sitting right where he was

[00:25:23] Victor: he was sitting

[00:25:24] Olivia: when we

[00:25:29] Victor: last night.

[00:25:29] Zach: I knew he was either going to be still there or never there.

[00:25:32] Olivia: left. Oh my god. Um, yeah. And so we left again. Came back about ten minutes later and the guy was gone.

[00:25:43] Victor: It's like a more menacing version of that story.

[00:25:46] Olivia: Oh my God, it was, no, but it was like that. Like I was like kind of mortified by this guy sitting there like, or this bear sitting there, like kind of being really weird and like interrupting our vibe.

[00:26:02] Victor: How is everybody else reacting?

[00:26:04] Olivia: Um, I was actually really focused on how I was feeling. This is actually reminiscent of other things that I feel in real life. Like. I have a hard time if, like, even if I'm in a group of strangers, if somebody is, like, like, I can feel that everybody else there feels that someone is being, like, weird, or, like, bringing weird energy to the vibe, like, I...

I get real worked up about that. Like, I feel, like, anxious and, like, have to leave 

[00:26:36] Zach: I have the opposite thing. I have to. When I've been in scenarios like that in the past, I have a a tendency that nobody likes to like engage that person and I'm like, well, let's get to the bottom of this weirdo. and, uh, I don't know, I, I think I find discomfort and awkwardness, like, more amusing than I should.

[00:26:58] Victor: I feel like I'm kind of the same. If someone seems like really coming from a different place than I am, I just ask a lot of questions. I'm just trying to figure out what goes on in this person's brain.

[00:27:09] Olivia: It's the chaos that, like... Is not good with me. Like you ever,

[00:27:14] Zach: Yeah, that's

what's funny to me about those situations.

[00:27:17] Olivia: I don't know, man. Like if somebody shows up and is like way more like a, like a stranger shows up and is like super, super drunk and the rest of us are like not, and they're like insistent on like spending time with us, that happens kind of often, but, um, yeah, no, that makes me uncomfortable.

I don't, I don't care for that. Um, anyway, that's what it felt like with the bear.

[00:27:41] Victor: Okay, now tell me what the chupacabra looked like.

[00:27:44] Zach: I

think you mean the chip or crap cobra. 

[00:27:46] Victor: Yeah, this chipper crap cobra, what did that

[00:27:49] Olivia: Looked just like a chipper crab Cobra,

[00:27:51] Zach: Which one though? The, the, uh, The, Where's the original chupacabra from? South America, right?

[00:27:57] Olivia: Mexico.

[00:27:58] Victor: Yeah, I think of it as 

a Mexican thing, but. I don't know if it's from somewhere else originally, but what did it look like in your dream?

[00:28:05] Olivia: It looked like a

[00:28:07] Victor: Describe it.

[00:28:08] Zach: why we're asking, because I saw a chupacabra one time,

[00:28:11] Olivia: What?

[00:28:12] Zach: but

[00:28:13] Victor: forget what her dream chupacabra looked like. What did your real chupacabra look like?

[00:28:18] Zach: what I saw was a weird fucked up dog in, uh, northern Maine, where I grew up. And I hadn't yet learned what a chupacabra was, but I knew the terms. I was like, was that a chupacabra? Like, like way too excited. And I looked it up and there is like a quote unquote Canadian chupacabra that looks like this weird dog I saw. It was like, super tall and had like three different colors of fur and it was like skinny like a fox but the size of a wolf and I think it it's totally something that could and probably does exist in in the real world with uh

[00:28:54] Olivia: I know that there are in, in, um, the Northeast, there's actually a, a decent population of koi dogs and koi wolves, um, where like a coyote breeds with a wolf or a dog and you get some fucked up weird looking dogs.

[00:29:12] Zach: yeah but then it had like fur like a fox it was it was weird

[00:29:15] Olivia: Yeah, I believe you.

[00:29:17] Zach: and and there I remember at the time I mean I was like in middle school and this thing came up to like Like it's back was like up to my chest on my bicycle. I saw it out in the woods, like on a, on a trail in the middle of winter. Um, and yeah, according to this Wikipedia article I found at the time, that's, that's the Canadian chupacabra, but. But I don't know what the other one looks like, the, the, the OG

goat eater 

[00:29:44] Olivia: like a Xolo dog. X O L O.

[00:29:47] Victor: dogs. Like

[00:29:48] Olivia: Kind of, but like more fucked up and mean.

[00:29:51] Victor: Okay, kind of like, uh, do you remember the weird dog things in like, uh, Ghostbusters?

[00:29:58] Olivia: Hmm, I don't remember what they looked like.

Yeah, it looked like a cross between that and a Xolo dog.

[00:30:05] Victor: Okay.

[00:30:07] Olivia: I have more thoughts about this dream, but, uh, maybe we gestalt the bear.

[00:30:13] Zach: Yeah, and then do you eventually want to get into the alligator part?

[00:30:16] Victor: wait, what are we doing? I'm fully on Cryptics now.

[00:30:19] Olivia: We're, we're, we're, we're gonna gestalt the bear.

[00:30:23] Victor: Ah, okay.

[00:30:23] Zach: gonna, we're gonna pivot into a cryptid

[00:30:27] Olivia: we do that sometimes, 


[00:30:28] Victor: angling for that for like a year.

[00:30:31] Olivia: From the beginning. Victor never wanted to do dreams.

[00:30:35] Zach: podcast.

[00:30:35] Olivia: Always Bigfoot this, centaurs that.

[00:30:38] Victor: Anyone wants to co-host a Crypted podcast with me right into the Young and the Restless pod at Gmail

[00:30:46] Olivia: 

Okay. Let me get into my. Bear brain.

[00:30:49] Zach: Rawr. Did that help?

[00:30:52] Olivia: Mm

[00:30:54] Victor: remembering scenes from Cocaine Bear.

[00:30:58] Olivia: hmm. I didn't like that 

[00:30:59] Victor: Yeah, I wasn't that 

[00:31:00] Zach: You didn't? it.

looked fun. The

[00:31:02] Olivia: It's just like I don't know. It was just a bear killing people That's all it really was there was like no plot really outside of that

[00:31:10] Zach: plot is bear did cocaine.

[00:31:13] Victor: Yes,

That's the other half of the plot. 

[00:31:15] Olivia: the whole thing. Someone dropped cocaine from a plane bear does cocaine bear kills people

[00:31:21] Victor: It's like, it's fine.

[00:31:24] Zach: Sounds like a work of art, but...

[00:31:26] Victor: It's like, it's one of those things where you kinda get everything you need from, like, just hearing the premise, and then actually watching it executed is like, okay, I get it. Are you in the mind of the cocaine bear?

[00:31:39] Olivia: No

Give me a sec.

[00:31:41] Zach: The Devil's Lettuce Bear?

[00:31:43] Olivia: Mm hmm.

[00:31:44] Victor: Do you feel like it was truly a bear, or truly a devil?

[00:31:50] Olivia: felt like it was I was, that's what I was just trying to work out is like, I kind of feel like the bear didn't have much of a choice in what happened to it when it sat down and like,

[00:32:01] Zach: Like it was possessed?

[00:32:03] Olivia: yeah, kind of,

[00:32:04] Victor: Do you think there was a bear, or was it just, like, an illusion?

[00:32:09] Olivia: it kind of felt like an illusion.

[00:32:12] Zach: Or Skinwalker?

[00:32:14] Olivia: I don't know. It felt weird. It did feel like there was a poor, sad, cold bear at the beginning, but, um, once he got started talking, he just, yeah.

Okay, we can, we can do this.

[00:32:27] Victor: Okay. You ready? Give

[00:32:29] Olivia: No. Give me a sec.

[00:32:31] Zach: What?

[00:32:32] Olivia: I keep saying, give me a sec. And then you guys keep talking to me.

[00:32:35] Zach: You just said we can do


[00:32:37] Olivia: I was talking to myself.

[00:32:39] Zach: Okay. Okay.

[00:32:41] Olivia: Okay.

[00:32:43] Victor: My purposes.

[00:32:45] Olivia: Uh, I want to say to get in

[00:32:49] Victor: My goal is,

[00:32:51] Olivia: to scare them.

[00:32:54] Victor: my biggest fear is,

[00:32:57] Olivia: what came to me was that they'll go on being happy.


 Feeling alone.

[00:33:14] Victor: What can set them free? I wish.

[00:33:18] Olivia: Uh,

to have control.

[00:33:22] Victor: Okay. My purpose is to get in. My goal is to scare them. My biggest fear is they'll go on being happy. I love power. I hate feeling alone. And then I desire to have control.

[00:33:39] Zach: So the bear is...

[00:33:43] Victor: Me. Sounds just like me.

[00:33:46] Zach: The

[00:33:50] Olivia: Well, the bear is a part of me, right?

[00:33:52] Victor: Right.

[00:33:53] Zach: bear is a show on Hulu.

[00:33:56] Olivia: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

[00:33:58] Zach: That's what this is about.

Well, it could be a part of you, but it could be you're like the way you see a person in your life, right?

[00:34:06] Olivia: don't know, like, do we subscribe to, I, I, I do kind of feel like, Everything in a dream is, like, an aspect of

yourself. At least that has checked out for us so far.

[00:34:18] Zach: Yeah. Yeah. I guess even when you're like literally seeing somebody else as like a part of you, just that has to do with that relationship to that person or how you see that person or, you know, et cetera.

[00:34:30] Olivia: Yeah. Hmm.

[00:34:32] Victor: I mean, I think, um, sometimes like a character in a dream serves the purpose of like playing a role, right? Um, but, but behind that, is an element of yourself, right? It's like there's a part of yourself that might be like playing a character

[00:34:50] Olivia: Yeah.

[00:34:51] Victor: and there's a reason why that part of yourself is dressed up in that role on this like dream stage, you know?

I think like the feeling alone thing is really interesting. It doesn't seem to like connect with the rest of this

[00:35:06] Olivia: Yeah.

[00:35:07] Victor: and so I think maybe that like feeling alone maybe connects to something more real.

[00:35:13] Olivia: Yeah. No, I think, like, the rest of this, uh, looks like

Like, honestly, this looks like Okay.

 This paints a picture of like an insecure or like narcissistic person, right? Like, where there's all these outward portrayals of like wanting to have power and like Not wanting other people to be happy and I'm wanting to control the situation But like whatever what it really boils down to is you hate being alone.

You're like insecure or whatever It comes down to something that's a little more real and actually about you

[00:35:54] Victor: Yeah, and there are people for which, like, their narcissistic behavior is a response to trauma,

you know? 

[00:36:03] Olivia: certainly

[00:36:04] Zach: Yeah. And I mean, you use the word power, but, uh, you've talked in other episodes about like, how as a kid that you were, um, you felt like you were grasping for control.

Which could be a synonym for power or power could be like a perverted or um, alternate interpretation of the idea of control. So I'm, I don't know, I'm just thinking if the bear is you, you know, that could be where those messages or that messaging comes from.

[00:36:35] Victor: I think this also, like, it raises the question of, like, who... The people the gathering are or like what they represent like my 

fear is that is that they'll go on being happy Yeah, the the juggalos having the sex party in the swamp. What do they mean?

[00:36:51] Zach: That sounds like them.

[00:36:54] Olivia: yeah Yeah, so the only other two people at the campfire that I remember Recognizing are the two girls that I, um, I, I know them from real life. They aren't friends. They do know each other. and they, yeah, in the dream, it felt like they took Molly. And I remember saying to them, like, I, I remember saying to them, like, that's not really fun for the rest of us, like for you to be in your own little world or.

I don't remember exactly what I said, but I said something to them about that because it felt like they were like, that everyone else was excluded from what was going on with them. Um, and I also remember feeling like the comment from the bear about people with eating disorders was directed at these two people specifically.

[00:37:49] Zach: Hmm.

[00:37:50] Olivia: Um, Which that honestly that stands out to me like the most in this whole dream like that's don't know what to make of that. Um, exactly. But, uh, the 

[00:38:03] Zach: Do you feel like that comment had any like, weight of truth to it, or do you feel like it was a um, hyperbolic, cutting comment, like designed to, to hurt them?

[00:38:17] Olivia: Oh, 

[00:38:18] Zach: you know what I mean, like did it ring true, or did it ring as a, uh, just a hurtful thing to say?

[00:38:22] Olivia: Yeah, I think that it meant it was meant to be like scary but like when you say that I'm like, what I was about to say is like that that's. That's such a fucked up thing to say like first of all to like, uh, to talk about that to me rings as something that's like, you 


[00:38:40] Zach: a serious yeah, that's a serious thing.

to invoke, 

[00:38:43] Olivia: Yeah. And it's like, um, to like, bring that up and the, as, and like in such a threatening manner is like, so, um, super, cruel. And, and, yeah. Um, and it was really uncomfortable in the dream, and I was, like, uncomfortable, reflecting on the dream, like, that was the most, disturbing part.

[00:39:07] Victor: Did

you have,

the sense, um, when that threat was made that, like, There were specific people there that that applied to? Like people you,


were there people there you knew had eating disorders?

Did you have an eating disorder in the dream?

[00:39:24] Olivia: Um, no, but yes I felt like it, it was directed at the two girls who were on Molly, 

[00:39:30] Victor: Okay. 

[00:39:31] Olivia: and, um, I, Yeah, but, like, when I was thinking about this, like, I, like, I, that is not something that, um, is, like, a part of my story or my struggle, but, like, these two people both had talked to me at one point about that being a part of their struggle in real life.

Um, which is why, like, at first I was like, oh, that's weird that, like, it would put them together because they're not friends, but that is, A thing that they have in common.

[00:40:02] Zach: So,

something your subconscious may have reached for is like, whatever this bear is trying to do, like if it's trying to cut deep, that would be like a common thread.

[00:40:12] Olivia: yeah, and the only, I was like trying to think about like why that would, why it would reach, why my brain would reach for that in particular, um, because it's not personal to me. Um, and I think, what resonates about that is that, like, currently, I'm, my body is changing a lot, and, like, that has, is bringing up some weird insecurities that, like, I was not, like, anticipating feeling, like, During pregnancy, you know, um, so like, I don't know if it connects to that, but that's been something that's coming up in my dreams lately.

And, um, this is maybe like the first, like, it's gotten more overt since then, but 

[00:41:01] Zach: What, like physical insecurity? Sure,

[00:41:04] Olivia: yeah, like, I'm, I am currently in real life having feelings about the changes that are happening to my body. It's like, really fucking weird that my body is changing the way it is. Um, and so. Like, that's maybe something, that's maybe what that is, like, pointing at.

[00:41:20] Victor: pointing at.

[00:41:21] Zach: I could see that. speaking of pregnancy, this dream started with a crocodile, or alligators.

[00:41:28] Olivia: Crocodiles.

[00:41:29] Zach: Uh, which immediately made me think of, I know they're different lizards or whatever, but

[00:41:35] Olivia: But barely.

[00:41:36] Zach: it made me think of your alligator show dream, which turned out to be about, it was pre pregnancy, but you were, the, the dream was about thinking about it, you


[00:41:46] Olivia: Well, and since then, alligators have been really linked to babies in my mind.

[00:41:53] Zach: Right. And, and so, uh, from the way he told the dream is like, that feels like the setting.

[00:42:01] Olivia: Yeah.

[00:42:02] Victor: going to read the crocodile entry in the Dream Bible real quick. Okay, here it is. Please see alligators.

[00:42:10] Zach: There you go. That would be weird if they were radically different.

[00:42:17] Olivia: My first thought is that a crocodile would just be like a bigger, badder alligator, right? Alligators 


[00:42:24] Zach: they bigger and better? I don't 

[00:42:25] Olivia: yeah, they absolutely are. They totally, I mean, alligators can be pretty big, but like crocodiles are, they can be monstrous.

[00:42:33] Zach: just know that alligators you see later and crocodiles you see in a while.

[00:42:39] Olivia: That's the 


[00:42:40] Victor: key difference.


Yeah, do we want to do we want to get into some of the other symbols here?

[00:42:47] Olivia: sure. Let's do it.

[00:42:49] Victor: Well, I don't want to I want to ask you questions about that.

So do you feel like do you feel like the bear? Demon was there because of the two girls

[00:43:00] Olivia: No?

[00:43:01] Victor: Okay, the bear was just there for everybody

but then called out the two girls specifically

[00:43:08] Olivia: Yeah, it, the bear said, everyone here is here because they have an addiction. And then, like, spat out that, the line about, I'm gonna use the shards of my body like glass to cut you, that's what he said. And that felt like a, just like a... Biteful kind of like, like it felt like it was intended to scare them specifically.

[00:43:34] Victor: What do you feel like your addiction was in the dream that was being called out?

[00:43:40] Olivia: I have no idea.

[00:43:42] Victor: I'll think about it for a second.

[00:43:43] Olivia: Okay.

[00:43:44] Zach: Vanilla ice cream and soy sauce.

[00:43:47] Victor: Bubble waffle.

[00:43:50] Olivia: I actually want one 

[00:43:51] Victor: Yeah, okay, we'll do that.

[00:43:53] Zach: Also, when, like after tying the, um, that comments into the dysmorphia thing into pregnancy, And alligators in the pregnancy. Do you feel like this is a pregnancy dream or do you feel like it's about something else and it just happens to be wrapped in a pregnancy


[00:44:14] Olivia: it I think, I think it's about a few things. I just haven't, like, exactly tied how it is about those things. I think it, there's a big part of it that is about, um, like, pregnancy and, um, like, I think there's a big part of it that's about, like, childhood stuff for me, um, and, Honestly, gestalting the bear, like, like, I think that that gives me some information. I'm not totally sure how to talk about it on the pod. 

[00:44:50] Zach: Side note, does Victor's sweater have bears on it?

[00:44:53] Olivia: it does.

[00:44:54] Victor: It does.

[00:44:55] Zach: Hey, synchronicity.

[00:44:57] Victor: Mmm. 

[00:44:58] Olivia: Like, I do think that like

dream characters and symbols are all like coming from a part of me. Um, this feels like a reflection of a person, who I have challenges with in my life. Um, and maybe like, maybe it is a reflection of how I, I see that person and maybe that's the part of it. That's me. 

[00:45:21] Zach: You're

not talking about Victor, though.

[00:45:24] Olivia: It's Victor. Yeah, he's a real, he's a real piece of shit.

He just rolls into parties super loud and obnoxious and just,

[00:45:34] Zach: already said he was the bear, and then he has bears on his shirt.

[00:45:37] Olivia: yeah.

[00:45:38] Victor: Well, okay, I only do that because my biggest fear is that they'll go on being happy.

[00:45:45] Zach: you're scared of being alone.

[00:45:46] Victor: Right. So I just, I want to

Get in.

and scare them.

[00:45:52] Zach: threaten

them all. Threaten them all, call them out on their addictions.

[00:46:00] Olivia: The little shrug. I love power!

[00:46:04] Zach: I'm just a little power hungry boy.

[00:46:10] Olivia: You know, those dreams that are just like, here's like a picture of what's going on with Olivia right now. I feel like it's just, it's, it's like, there's a few different things in there that are all, like, pretty present on my mind right now.

[00:46:27] Zach: It's a bit of a mosaic.

[00:46:29] Olivia: Yeah. Yeah, but it, it really felt, um, it felt really, like, dark and, like, fucked up and unsettling, and

[00:46:38] Victor: we

[00:46:38] Olivia: We were talking about it, like, um, before we started recording and like, Victor was like, oh, we don't do a lot of nightmares for a dream podcast and, and I was like, well, well, it wasn't quite a nightmare. And I was thinking about like, what makes it a nightmare?

You know, what makes a dream a nightmare? And I think it's like, how afraid you are, right? Like this was really weird and, and unsettling and uncomfortable. Um, but I wasn't like terrified at any point during this dream. Um,

[00:47:09] Zach: person's nightmares, another person's like, fun action dream.

[00:47:12] Olivia: right. Yeah. And like, it just depends on the night, like, or what your brain is trying to tell you. Right? Like, because sometimes I'll have a dream that's like, pretty mundane seeming, but I'm like, really terrified. It feels like that was a nightmare, you know?

[00:47:27] Zach: I feel like before we started doing this podcast, I had more nightmares because I was more afraid of my dreams.

[00:47:32] Olivia: Hmm,

[00:47:33] Victor: feels like that.

[00:47:34] Zach: And, uh, approaching all of them with like an analytical mind makes them less creepy, I feel like.

[00:47:40] Olivia: yeah, 

that is interesting because I used to like, fly away when something was like, icky in a dream. Like, if something was too creepy, I would just like, leave. And maybe I don't do that as much. I don't remember the last time I did that.

[00:47:55] Victor: That's really cool if it's like doing this podcast and talking about this this way is like making us more active and like Getting more out of our dreams like we're growing more from our dreams because we're like can more like connected to them

[00:48:12] Olivia: Yeah, I mean, remember you didn't, dream at all when we started. I mean, you haven't been dreaming very much lately, but there was a good period of time there where we were, like, alternating, like, you would have one every third episode, you know?

[00:48:27] Victor: yeah Maybe that'll come back

[00:48:30] Olivia: I also, like, I remember I was telling somebody, I was talking to someone that we had just met about our podcast, and she was, like, insistent that she has, she had one really scary dream when she was a little kid, and she has not remembered her dreams ever since. And I was, I told her like, I 

was like, Oh, I know.

It's super interesting. We were talking about it. Um, but like, she was like, no, I've never, I don't remember a single dream. I've never had a dream sense.

 I was like, you should try just, like, in the morning, instead of, like, hopping out of bed, just, like, lay there for a second.

Or, I don't know. Like, if you, she was asking, like, how do you remember your dreams? And I was like, I don't know. You just kind of have to, like, try and remember them. And like, she came back to me like a week later and was like, I had a dream. I'm like, that's crazy. You have not had a dream in like 20 something years and you're, you're dreaming now.

Like, I think that just engaging with dreams can, help you to remember them and, 

[00:49:27] Victor: Yeah, dreaming is like sleep paralysis. Talking about it makes it more likely that it'll happen to you.

So, remember to think about that tonight, listeners. 

[00:49:37] Zach: I think my dream from last week could have been another period of time in my life classified as a nightmare.

[00:49:46] Victor: mm,

[00:49:48] Zach: Maybe not a nightmare, but like, it felt spooky. I mean, especially when I woke up and I had the hallucination of a hand touching the back of my head. I mean, that, that's, that scared me in real life, but but being, yeah, being constantly engaged with it, like on a week to week basis makes it feel as, um, I don't know, foreign.

[00:50:10] Victor: Well, like that, that fear response is you really not wanting to look at something that's coming up in a dream.

And the anxiety, like the, the like uncomfortable dreams are like, well this is an uncomfortable thing for you to think about or process, but like, because we're all kinda coming to this trying to be open and trying to be self reflective and everything, it's probably making it less likely, like, less likely that we're running into something that we really like, reject as like, there's no way that I'm gonna look at that or think about that.

[00:50:43] Zach: Yeah, exactly. When I have like something impactful, especially if it's like kind of spooky or eerie, that's when I'm most likely to, to roll over and write it down because I'm like, Oh, this is good. This one will be, this, this one is rich for, for us to talk about.

[00:50:59] Victor: Yeah.

[00:50:59] Olivia: Yeah, and like, I approach this like, I'm going to bring whatever dream I think is going to be interesting for us to talk about. And if we run into something that I don't want to talk about on the pot, like, I'm pretty open, but there's stuff that I'm going to like, keep, Private and like, you know, when we run into that stuff, I will acknowledge that we've run into that thing and we will usually like move past it and in a way that it's hopefully somewhat graceful, but like, 

I'm never trying to avoid talking about it or like coming up trying to like make up another thing thing that it might be, you know?

[00:51:37] Zach: yeah, I was just thinking, like, either you're getting better at recognizing that ahead of time, or you're getting really accustomed to, uh, or really graceful about talking around it, because we haven't had to take a full on break in a long time in order to, like, figure out how we're going to talk about shit. That used to be, like, a thing we had to do, like, semi frequently, where we had to, like, full stop the episode, be

like, how

do we talk about this? And then like edit around that and we haven't had to do that in a while. It's been pretty seamless,

[00:52:07] Olivia: Yeah, I mean, sometimes I feel like I need to do that. But, um,

I kind of feel like I'm sharing what I'm good with sharing and like, yeah, there might be gaps for the listeners in certain areas, but, uh, it's meaningful for me to figure out what

[00:52:29] Victor: what

[00:52:30] Olivia: some of these things mean, even if I can't like fully get into it for the world to hear.

[00:52:35] Zach: but I don't know if that's the important part. I think even just the sharing of the dream and the analyzing of it. Um, hopefully for people, it's like enough to like get them engaged with their own dreams or even engage with your dream. From a theoretical standpoint, like the, the, the details may even of your own personal life may be, um, kind of irrelevant

to them, not to you, but

[00:53:00] Olivia: Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:53:01] Zach: know what I mean?

Like, I don't think it's like, necessary to the pod for you to spill every last gut,

[00:53:08] Olivia: No, but I'm, like, I am comfortable going there. I'm pretty much comfortable going there unless it, like, involves other people. Like, that's kind of where I draw that's the only the only times we've ever had to stop, the only times I'm, like, talking around something is when I'm trying to, like, 

[00:53:23] Zach: Spare the innocent 

[00:53:24] Olivia: I don't wanna, like, be talking about people.

[00:53:27] Zach: without their 


[00:53:29] Olivia: talk about people. Yeah, um,

[00:53:32] Zach: for sure.

[00:53:33] Victor: but 

[00:53:33] Olivia: for the most part, like, I'm, I'm happy to get into most things on here. when it's uncomfortable.

[00:53:42] Victor: Something we all have in common and maybe something that helps this podcast work is we all, we're all Inclined to like throw ourselves under the bus first where like if there is anything going on

It's Like, it was me, it was my fault. Let me explain. I apologize.

ahead of time, you know So

We're all pretty

willing to be like, oh, yeah I did this wrong or I made this mistake or I have this fault

[00:54:06] Zach: Yeah, we're not exactly buck passers for better or worse.

[00:54:12] Victor: But 

[00:54:13] Zach: But yeah, how you, feeling on that dream, Olivia?

[00:54:16] Olivia: Um,

[00:54:17] Zach: we're going to say Victor.

[00:54:19] Victor: Uh, I was going to say, I, I, I agree with you. You know, it's great that we have, uh, hundreds of thousands of listeners now and big sponsorships, and, you know, this podcast has really taken off, but it's not about the listeners all the time. It's about our personal growth, our ability to grow and change from doing this together as friends.

[00:54:37] Zach: That's right. But thank you for listening. Tell your friends,

rate us on iTunes.

[00:54:42] Olivia: yeah, I think there's still things here for me to

unpack, I guess. I feel like there's like a few key things that I feel, like the streams about and I have dots to connect.

[00:54:55] Victor: Are there any like, big symbols that came up that you're like, either really curious about, or like, think are really important, or also are just really curious what they might mean?

[00:55:06] Olivia: Candle.

[00:55:07] Victor: Candle. Okay. Did the candle seem to have like, a lot of weight at the end there?

[00:55:11] Olivia: It was just interesting, like, that the dream ended, like, with this peaceful shot of, like, of, like, books and candles floating out on the lake.

[00:55:21] Victor: Okay, I have two questions for you. Um, was it a burning candle?

[00:55:26] Olivia: Yes.

[00:55:28] Victor: Was it a red candle?

[00:55:29] Olivia: No.

[00:55:31] Victor: Okay. To see a burning candle in your dream represents hope or possibility. A positive outlook or belief during an uncertain time. Beliefs that give you confidence in difficult situations. Alternatively, you may be experiencing some good luck during a hard time.

And there's negatively.

[00:55:50] Olivia: It felt positive. 

[00:55:52] Victor: And it

wasn't a candlelight dinner.

[00:55:54] Olivia: No. Yeah, no, it felt like The dream literally, it, it like, cut from this like, maniacal, bear, devil, like, screaming and threatening people, and then like, twisting its head and popping its head off. It just like, it was like that, and then like, 

cut to peaceful, like, night time shot, the crickets are chirping, the candle is floating.


[00:56:22] Victor: There's an interesting, um, decapitation is kind of an interesting entry.

[00:56:27] Olivia: Hm.

[00:56:28] Victor: To dream of decapitation represents decision making that has been cut off. The severing of control. An aspect of your personality or your projection of a situation that is being cut off from making choices. It may also reflect the severing of relationships.

Cutting yourself off from bad habits permanently. A dramatic positive change in your life. That's

[00:56:51] Olivia: That does resonate, like, I feel like, um, I'm currently in a place where, 

[00:56:59] Victor: like, 

[00:57:00] Olivia: what I've talked about in recent episodes of like, working on, engaging differently in my life, like, with setting boundaries with people and like, Um, there's a few other things, but like, uh, cutting yourself off from bad habits permanently, dramatic positive change, like, that resonates for me.

[00:57:22] Victor: 

Just out of curiosity, let's take a look at the, uh, at the alligator dream. Alright, the alligator meaning. dream of an alligator represents a situation in your life that you feel is dangerous. Feeling that a problem has rocked your sense of balance or safety. Feeling shaken by something or struggling to contain a problem. An alligator may also reflect a powerful fear that you have. An alligator may be a sign that you need to put more effort into confronting your fears or speak to someone about your problems. 

[00:57:51] Olivia: The alligator never got me. It was a, it

[00:57:55] Victor: it's a monster,

[00:57:56] Olivia: a chupacabra. And then, and then I fed the chupacabra to the crocodile.

[00:58:03] Zach: Chupacabra entry?

[00:58:05] Victor: No, I, I had found a generic monsters entry,

[00:58:09] Olivia: That feels more like, the bear felt like a monster.

[00:58:12] Victor: Yeah,

[00:58:13] Zach: we haven't talked about how this whole dream started with you saying there was a bunch of people fucking in a swamp.

[00:58:19] Olivia: Yeah, what's a swamp?

[00:58:21] Zach: And what does it mean to have group sex in one?

[00:58:25] Victor: This is actually, I think this is relevant. To dream of a swamp represents issues or situations that feel stagnated or impossible to escape. There may be something in your life that makes you feel trapped or in over your head. Unbearable feelings of never getting to make progress that you are permanently stuck. Feeling stuck in situations you don't like. Feeling stuck in a job you don't like. Difficulty with getting through a problem that feels like it won't ever let go. The unbearableness of wondering if you are ever going to get through a problem while you keep trying your best anyway.

[00:58:58] Olivia: Yeah. I mean, like, that, um,

that resonates, like, I, I feel like whatever you're struggling with, whether it's anxiety, like, anxiety is a thing that, like, you can work on, you can work on, like, dealing with it better, but it's like, it's so fucking hard when your brain has, like, developed to be a certain way, um, and, like, That's, you know, I'm in, I'm in therapy right now.

And like the things I'm working on are like part of how my brain is wired. Um, I'm working on rewiring my brain. That feels pretty impossible a lot of the time.

and that is conscious incompetence, right. Um, which can feel like being stuck, but. It's not. It's just like, progress is slow.

[00:59:52] Victor: Well I think we, we nailed it as uh, you know, Olivia always wants to go to these bog swamp parties where everyone's fucking and I just burst in and yell at everybody

[01:00:03] Olivia: never wants to go to Bog Swingers with me.

[01:00:05] Victor: yeah,

[01:00:06] Zach: He's just a big bear about it.

[01:00:08] Olivia: Swamp Swingers.

[01:00:10] Victor: swamp swingers.

[01:00:11] Zach: Big industry in Florida.

[01:00:14] Olivia: Yeah. I think this dream has a lot, like, a lot to unpack. and... Yeah, I do think it's kind of just like a picture of where I'm at right now. Like, the things that I'm struggling with and like, the things that are really... present on my mind right now. Um,

and it also kind of has like a hopeful ending there, which is also kind of how I feel. Like there's a lot, um, it's kind of hard to feel like stuck when I know that like,

like having a baby is going to be like, like everything's going to change and it's going to perpetually change, you know, like there's going to be so much change and a lot of forward momentum all the time. Um, and it's going to be hard and exhausting, but it's like, There's a new chapter, like, right on the horizon, so it's kind of hard to feel like I'm actually, uh, stuck in a bad place.

Even though there's, like, hard things that I'm grappling with right now,

[01:01:14] Zach: Yeah, there's a lot of stuff you should, I assume you feel like you should do, but the actual act of giving birth is gonna happen either way. Right. The, the, and everything after that is going to happen.

You know, There's,

nothing you have to do to make that actually happen.

[01:01:36] Olivia: yeah, there's no putting it off either. 

[01:01:39] Zach: Right. 

[01:01:39] Olivia: just, we're on a, we're on a timeline here,

[01:01:44] Zach: And there's all the research you need to do or, you know, have been doing to, to make it go as well as possible. And I'm sure that that feels like a time crunch and that's stressful, but you know, like you were saying, you can only feel so stuck when you know that like it's underway

[01:02:05] Olivia: right? And, like, I guess it feels like... like the stuff that, uh, that is like stressful and like weighing on me. Like, yeah, obviously like there's like researching baby stuff and like, how the fuck am I going to take care of a newborn? But that is like all kind of like doable. Like I know that that's doable.

People do it all the damn time. Um, the stuff that is like. Heavier is like, you know, my own shit and like, like childhood stuff and like, like just stuff that has been like that is not going to work itself out like in the next four months, five months, how many? I don't know. God. It's going by quick, um, but, uh, yeah, that stuff is still gonna be there when the kid comes, but I'm gonna continue to work on it, and everything is evolving.

Okay, bye!

Thank you for listening to the Jung and the restless. You can follow us on social media at the Jung and the restless pod and submit your dreams for interpretation to the Jung and the restless pod at Gmail.

[01:03:17] Victor: we always say.



courage, ya sea dog.

[01:04:14] Victor: Think we can still make it to the Swamp Sex Party here.

[01:04:17] Olivia: Are you, you down to go?

[01:04:18] Victor: Yeah. Still time.

[01:04:20] Olivia: Alright, Victor's had a change of heart!

[01:04:22] Zach: Hey, what hors d'oeuvres do you even bring to a swamp swinger party? I

[01:04:26] Olivia: I'm picturing like pieces of ham that are rolled up in cream cheese, like a little spiral

[01:04:34] Zach: just gagged a little.

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