30. The Wobbly Room (pt 2)

Victor and Olivia have big news! And The Dream Team is able to decode Olivia’s wobbly room dream from last…...

Victor and Olivia have big news! And The Dream Team is able to decode Olivia’s wobbly room dream from last week, now that they’re able to talk about it. But first, they have to talk about The Twilight Saga for a while. Then they discuss the significance of some recent synchronicities, as well as the ways in which Zach is a cosmic baby. 

0:00 Intro 8:46 Big News! 16:47 Back into the Wobbly Room  46:44 Synchroni-CITY! 54:59 Zach was a Cosmic Baby

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Episode Transcript

30. The Wobbly Room (pt 2)

[00:00:00] Victor: Welcome to the Jung and the Restless. I'm Victor. I'm Zach. 

[00:00:04] Olivia: And I'm Olivia. And this is the podcast where as an AI learning model, it would be 

[00:00:09] Victor: unethical for us to interpret your dreams.

[00:00:33] Olivia: And boy, do we have a part two for 

[00:00:36] Zach: you. Oh, you're just gonna dive right 

[00:00:37] Victor: in. Yes, we do. How? How about you? 

[00:00:42] Olivia: I was gonna ask you how, how you guys are doing. But yeah, this nothing new. Just right 

[00:00:47] Victor: up. Nothing new. Nothing 

[00:00:48] Zach: new 

[00:00:49] Olivia: is on. It's in the rhyme zone right up front here. This is a part two. If you're turning this on and you haven't listened to the wobbly room, part one, go back.

Uh, part 

[00:00:59] Victor: dose. Don't be blue 

[00:01:02] Olivia: anyway. How are you? Me? 

[00:01:05] Zach: Yeah, you, so last night I decided to get really high and watch Love on the Spectrum. Oh, you guys ever seen that show? Yeah, a little bit. Yeah. It's, it's, it's. It's a good show. I enjoy it. It's, it's, it's heartwarming. Mm-hmm. Um, but you know how it's like, cuz it is a spectrum, you know?

And, and I feel like that show does a pretty good job as far as I can tell of representing like, you know, every shade of, of autism. Um, but last night, like after like an, like halfway through the second episode, I was like thinking, man, they must have, it feels like everybody has the exact same diagnosis this season.

And that's when I realized that I was watching the Australian version. 

[00:01:50] Victor: Wait, tell me more, what's different about the Australian version? I, or you just mean the accent. 

[00:01:58] Zach: I'm saying I was so high that I, that I couldn't tell the difference between Australian and like that I thought that, I didn't realize that they were speaking an accent.

I thought that was part of. I can 

[00:02:12] Olivia: understand what type of high that is, where you like confuse basic things. Do you get some wires, real crops? Yeah. I 

[00:02:19] Zach: forgot what an Australian accent was. I just thought that that was part of their, the way they talked. I mean, it, it is, but not because they're autistic. 

[00:02:27] Victor: I.

Just like, oh, this is so cool. It's this autistic person in this autistic family, in this autistic town. Oh, everyone on TV is autistic. Yeah. Oh, everyone they encounter is also autistic. How neat. 

[00:02:39] Zach: Yeah, it was just, I, I, I, I, uh, 

[00:02:43] Victor: whoa. The narrator's 

[00:02:44] Zach: autistic. I kind of lost my mind laughing, but it was at, it was at myself that I got so high.

I forgot that Australia was a place. 

[00:02:53] Olivia: One time I was at a zoo, which, um, I don't typically go there. I don't really approve of them. But anyway, I was at a zoo and I was very high and I saw what I believed to be a rhinoceros and I got so upset and I was yelling about how I don't think they're supposed to have that, and that seems fucked up.

Um, it was a pig, it was like a warthog, like a like pba, like timon and PBA style warthog. Um, but like my brain saw that and was like rhinos. 

[00:03:36] Zach: Was it, are they huge? 

[00:03:38] Olivia: No, it was like a, it was a pig. Oh, okay. I was very high. 

[00:03:43] Victor: We've been, uh, powering through the Twilight Saga. 

[00:03:47] Olivia: Oh yeah. We have been doing that. We've been hate watching Twilight.

Yeah. It's worse than I remember. Yeah. And I remember it being terrible. Sounds like a good use 

[00:03:58] Zach: of time. 

[00:03:59] Olivia: Well, so I'm really curious about, um, Like I, I don't think, I think I saw the first two, um, but I like was I, I like hate read the books 

[00:04:11] Zach: an even better use of time. 

[00:04:13] Olivia: Oh yeah. Uh, but like, I'm very curious how this like vampire half vampire baby thing plays out in film cuz like so much of what they do in that series is not.

Very translatable. Um, and so I'm just curious from 

[00:04:30] Zach: book to screen you mean? Yeah, yeah. I, I was working at a movie theater the night, the first Twilight movie. Like, I, I had to work that midnight premiere. Oh God. Um. I'm sorry. Yeah. And there were, I remember there being like a few, uh, like dudes, like in my demographic, like 30 year old dudes that came to see it cuz they just, all they knew was vampire and they, oh man, is that 

[00:04:55] Olivia: enticing to 30 year old dudes?

The horror 

[00:04:57] Zach: is, oh, okay. Uh, I mean, and they, they, they, I remember two guys in particular that were these two regulars that loved horror movies and they came in cuz they had no idea what Twilight was. They just thought it was a vampire movie and they looked so crushed when they left. They're not even really 

[00:05:14] Victor: vampires, like they don't have any of the downsides of vampires and they're, they're kind of X-men.

Mm-hmm. Basically. Yeah. They each have a unique power. They live with like a guy that like took them all in. Yeah. It's, it's kind of X-men. Yeah. 

[00:05:32] Zach: Like if, um, like if Degrassi took place at, uh, professor Xavier's school for the 

[00:05:39] Victor: gifted or whatever. Yeah. Like less cool than that. Yeah. That was actually a 

[00:05:42] Zach: pretty good idea that I just pitched.

[00:05:45] Victor: I mean, cut that out. Write that down. 

[00:05:49] Zach: Yeah. We had a major meltdown that night too. At the, at the movie theater, like all of the, um, cuz behind we had like a bunch of different concession stands and all those soda lines go back to one room that is just full floor to ceiling on every wall with, um, soda boxes hooked up to tubes.

And, uh, a bunch of 'em like burst that night. I can't remember what Oh, I thought you, 

[00:06:12] Olivia: I thought you were saying that like somebody had a meltdown. Many 

[00:06:16] Zach: people had a meltdown melt. Um, but it was because there was six inches of, of suicide. Big gulp on the floor. Oh God. Uh, mixing with all the popcorn and, and other concessions.

Um, yeah, never forget.

[00:06:34] Victor: I know. So I, I, I didn't, I did not read the Twilight books. I know that I saw one in theaters, but I have no memory of it whatsoever. I like fully blocked it out, so it, I'm really experiencing it all for the first time. And everything everyone said about them was accurate. They're, they're bad in exactly the way I thought they were gonna be.

I, I actually went in thinking like, maybe the negative, uh, hype is overblown. Maybe these are gonna like, win me over a little bit, or they'll have like, redeeming qualities. But no, they're just bad movies. Like, and 

[00:07:09] Olivia: so toxic too. The relationship is like seriously messed up. 

[00:07:14] Zach: Yeah. I mean, he's like a thousand and she's 17, 

[00:07:18] Olivia: right?

Yeah. And like he's just constantly like lying to her and like making her insecure and being like, I have to leave you. I'm gonna leave you. And making her like beg for him to You deserve better. Yeah. You could really tell what turned Stephanie Myers on. Mm-hmm. Like, she was like, you can tell when it's like doing porny things for her.

Cuz it feels like a fan fiction. 

[00:07:44] Zach: Yeah. One then didn't do porny things for the, uh, the author of 50 Shades of Gray. Yes. Yeah. That's, that's a 

[00:07:51] Olivia: why like Fan 50 Shades of Gray was a Yep. Mm-hmm. That's correct. I haven't seen that one. Maybe that's next. 

[00:07:57] Victor: Yeah. Did they leave any of the Vampire stuff in for that or did they cut all of that out?

[00:08:01] Zach: Vampire Bondage, that's their genre and a half anyway. 

[00:08:05] Olivia: Enough about that. Yeah. 

[00:08:08] Victor: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I got one last thing. Okay. I'm gonna describe a monster to you when you tell me what kind of monster it sounds like. Okay. Invincible, uh, skin of stone, uh, in the daylight, nothing happens. Uh, can read minds. Uh, 

[00:08:25] Zach: Edward.

[00:08:31] Victor: All right. Now we can.

[00:08:46] Olivia: So if you listened to the part one of this, uh, two-part, uh, series, what would you call it? Yeah, two-parter of this, two-parter. Uh, you may remember that we cut it off short because it was. It became clear to us that that dream was about something we were not talking about yet. But now we are talking about it.

Hell yeah. And it's about damn time. Mm-hmm. 

[00:09:12] Victor: Do you want me to say it? Do you wanna say it? Uh, 

[00:09:15] Olivia: you, you, you go for it. 

[00:09:17] Victor: Yeah. Oh, Victor and I are having an affair. 

[00:09:23] Olivia: This podcast is over. 

[00:09:26] Victor: Olivia is dying. 

[00:09:31] Olivia: That's not funny, but I am dying. And so are you Actually, everyone's dying. We're all dying. We're all dying. Um, I'm dying a little bit faster.

[00:09:40] Zach: I'm dying of anticipation. 

[00:09:43] Olivia: Um, yeah, I am. Yeah. 

[00:09:47] Victor: Olivia's pregnant. 

[00:09:50] Olivia: Olivia's pregnant, and she's been pregnant for a little while. And it's been really hard to do dreams because obviously they're all about that. 

[00:09:59] Victor: So now we can talk about it. Yeah. Now we can talk about it. So we're out of the Adderall era and we're into the pregnant era.

[00:10:06] Olivia: Yeah. And we're out of the era where all my dreams are about do I wanna have kids? And we're into the era of where my dreams are about. Oh fuck, why did I have kids? We're having kids. 

[00:10:18] Zach: You're not quite in Y yet. 

[00:10:22] Olivia: No, we're in, we're in the, oh fuck. What did we do? Do about 

[00:10:25] Zach: 15 months, you'll be, 

[00:10:27] Victor: how do I have kids?

How do we keep 

[00:10:30] Olivia: them? Yeah. Alive. 

[00:10:31] Zach: No, that's exciting. Obviously, like I've already given my congratulations and, and like had my reaction because I already knew. Right? So 

[00:10:42] Olivia: we can't keep secrets between the three of us. That's should really podcast wouldn't work. Stop digging 

[00:10:46] Victor: through our trash stack. 

[00:10:50] Zach: I'd be like, what the fuck?

Why are you guys not doing any dreams? Um, just be over. It'd just be week after week of me talking about my jerking off dreams. Like, this feels really one-sided. Guys. I wish you'd tell me what's going on.

[00:11:08] Olivia: Yeah. So that has been, um, what's going on in our world lately. We're, uh, excited. I know we've talked a lot about like not, you know, going back and forth and not, and me not knowing if that's something I wanted to do, but, um, here you are. Yeah. Now that it's real, it's kind of cool, I guess. 

[00:11:31] Victor: Yeah, it's fine. 

[00:11:35] Zach: In case, in case case, your future kid is listening.

I'm excited for your existence.

Uncle Zachs excited to meet 

[00:11:45] Olivia: you, uncle Zachs Exci. Uncle Zach's excited to meet you. We are indifferent. 

[00:11:51] Victor: So this may be the first time we're meeting. Uh, we're your parents. You may never have heard our voices before listening to this recording, but, uh, um, 

[00:12:02] Olivia: no, but I should clarify, just so people aren't deeply offended or concerned.

We are excited. Yeah, it's cool. Um, it's 

[00:12:10] Zach: also super scary though. Yeah. I, I feel like that's what I'm picking up is a little bit of a. It's 

[00:12:15] Olivia: actually now, now that we're here, it's just kind of like weird to be talking about it in this setting. Sure. Like, yeah, it's fine, but like I'm doing like a guarded thing, 

[00:12:26] Victor: I guess.

Yeah, no, we're excited. We're trying to do all the prep. We're talking to the people we need to talk to and getting our plan together and everything. And I'm more just like lots of towels and like how do, how do we deal with like there actually being a baby? And then, you know, like that's like, uh, that, that changes everything right now.

It's like this is all preparatory, but then there's going to be a baby that I have to keep alive and I'm a little freaked out about that. But, uh, I'm 

[00:12:56] Zach: excited You taping styrofoam to corners of coffee tables and 

[00:13:00] Victor: stuff like that. Yeah. That's coming. Yeah. 

[00:13:02] Zach: Okay. Lots of sleep now. 

[00:13:04] Victor: Right. 

[00:13:06] Olivia: Yeah, I am. I did sleep.

I slept like 14 hours in one day. Or the first trimester is no joke, man. Like I feel like I had heard that it's like intense or whatever, but like I thought surely like the pregnancy symptoms happen more the more pregnant you are. No, the first trimester is the worst 

[00:13:27] Victor: apparent. Really? She's having a time.

Yeah. She can't look at leafy greens without puking. Hmm. She's sleeping 14 hours a day. 

[00:13:37] Olivia: Not every day. That happened one day. It's getting better, but like, yeah. So tired. So hungry, but also wanna barf. 

[00:13:46] Zach: Yeah. So hungry for, are you getting weird cravings? Like not leafy greens? 

[00:13:53] Victor: She's just adopted my cravings.

She's just cream like into the garbage that I like to eat. Yeah. She's like, she wants like nachos and ice cream. Hell 

[00:14:02] Olivia: yeah. I've been eating, I've been like, s cottage cheese has been keeping me alive. Actually, I've never like been like a cottage cheese person. Oh man. But it's like, so protein pack and it's like that's what you need.

Mm-hmm. Like you need protein or, or you feel like you're gonna die. And so I just like need a spoonful of cottage cheese every like two 

[00:14:22] Zach: ounce. Yeah. Back when I ate dairy. That was one of my favorite snacks was dipping like, uh, what are they called? The really thick kettle chips. Like dipping kettle chips and cottage cheese.

Dude, that's the shit. All right, let's 

[00:14:34] Victor: break for 45 minutes while we go get that snack for Olivia. What? The 

[00:14:39] Olivia: salt and pepper ones? Yeah, 

[00:14:41] Zach: like uh, boulder chips. So they have those in Seattle? No, 

[00:14:45] Victor: we got Tims out here. I dunno if that's everywhere. 

[00:14:47] Zach: What about It's gotta be crunchy. Mm-hmm. Fuck. Sounds good, doesn't 

[00:14:53] Olivia: it?

I'm gonna try not, try not to think about. I just ate, but I'm hungry now. 

[00:14:59] Zach: Yeah. Well, you're eating for two and you're allowed to, 

[00:15:01] Olivia: I feel like I'm eating for four. You 

[00:15:03] Zach: should be going to town, but you just, you just confirmed it's only one, right? Yeah. 

[00:15:07] Olivia: There's only one in there. Yeah. So, so last time we recorded, we, um, we were going in for the first ultrasound the next day and we didn't want to like announce before we knew for sure that like.

You know, everything looked okay and everything looks okay. And so, you know, we're talking. See, I'm in 

[00:15:28] Victor: a mortal vampire, uh, and Olivia is, IM mortal. So, uh, we, we didn't know what was gonna happen with the baby. Um, like if it was gonna be like a freak or something, but, um, like a super baby, like maybe like a animatronic doll.

I think 

[00:15:46] Olivia: that's the next one that we're gonna watch. I 

[00:15:48] Zach: mean, canonically, it's going to kill her, right? 

[00:15:51] Victor: Yeah. Well, that's okay. I will turn her when the time we, we argue all the time about whether I should turn her or not. I, I don't believe I have a soul. Um, but I think she should keep hers. So, 

[00:16:05] Zach: you know, I was thinking about cutting all that twilight stuff out.

Now I can't.

But yeah, so that's what the wobbly room dream was about. That's 

[00:16:19] Olivia: what the wobbly, Dr Wo Hmm. That is what the wobbly room dream is about. 

[00:16:26] Zach: Weepy. One more take for safety. 

[00:16:29] Olivia: Excuse me. That's what the wobbly room dream is about. Uh, and we didn't really dig into it too much off air. We like talked a little bit about it, but, um, and there's, I think there's still some pieces to connect, like, I'm not sure what the boat part means and, um, anyway, what we can get into it now.

Um, so do we re recap the dream? What do we, how should we jump into 

[00:16:55] Victor: this? It's like a quick recap probably. 

[00:16:57] Olivia: Okay. All right. So the dream I had started off in a boat, there was. A couple there that we are friends with in real life. They were arguing. Uh, I kept going in and out of the boat and um, the last time I came out it was suddenly sunny.

And there was a captain who said, this is Cozy Cove. I don't usually stop here because it's dangerous. And then, uh, everyone got back into the boat and we were at suddenly at a haunted house. Where I needed to get a code for my email to get in the door. And there was a curated music, uh, to the tastes of the people who were in the group with me and we were going through the haunted house.

It was a little spooky. And at the end was this wobbly room where you felt the wobbles deep deepen your core, not like a mushroom trip 

[00:17:52] Zach: at all. Okay. Good way to preempt that. 

[00:17:57] Olivia: Um, And there, there was a woman there who was like the host and she basically explained that the Wobbliness was a, a new technology to make life more enjoyable.

Um, and then she had us all vacuum and it was super fun. And then everyone jerked off and then, uh, we were getting tucked into beds and I thought, this is a cult. Mm-hmm. And then the whole dream repeated, uh, because I have recently started retelling my dreams immediately after they happen, while I'm still dreaming.

Um, and so I was telling the whole thing over again to somebody. There were only a few key differences. Uh, one was that there were sharks in Cozy Cove. Um, and then there were two boats of people. And then when we got to the haunted house, I was in a new group. I was in a group with people that I recognized, and they were really scared and I felt responsible for them having a good time.

Like I, I had dragged them to this haunted house and I knew what was coming, and they were scared, and I, I felt responsible for that. Um, and then at the end when we got to the wobbly room, uh, it ended differently. We just got there and the, the host introduced herself, um, as earlier, earlier, earlier, E A R L I A.

Uh, and then she complained that that name is, uh, Becoming more popular on the baby name charts. And I, I remember me telling her like, huh, try being named Olivia, which is the number one name and has been for like, the last three years. And that was it. Uh, in a nutshell, it's kind of hard to like briefly recap that cuz it's, yeah, 

[00:19:39] Zach: no, the good memory.

You hit a, like, more of that than I thought you would, quicker than I thought you would. Well, 

[00:19:45] Olivia: I just edited the episode and it also just came out. That's true today. Um, this day that we are recording. So yeah, that's what we're working with. Um, and then when we were talking about it last time, Zach like sent us a chat and was like, I think I know what this is about.

And we had to kind of stop the whole thing. Yeah. Um, so if you wanna get into that 

[00:20:08] Zach: Well, a little bit. I don't remember specifically what I was thinking because it, I was responding in real time to the things we were talking about point by point. Right. Um, and also, I don't know if you had already in your head come to that conclusion before I sent you that message?

[00:20:25] Olivia: I had not. Um, but here's the thing. So we did the gestalt method to try and figure this one out, right? And 

[00:20:33] Zach: I, that was when I, when it hit me. Yeah. 

[00:20:35] Olivia: So, so doing it from the perspective of the host, I had said like, oh, this is a cult. And like, looking at it from that perspective was like one thing. But when I did.

The gestalt method, it all was like very positive and warm and like, um, 

[00:20:52] Zach: yeah, cuz you had painted her as a cult leader. And I think, uh, we even compared her to, to Teal Swan or I did Teal. Teal Swan 

[00:21:00] Olivia: was brought up. No, I did. Yeah. Yeah. Because that was the, the feeling I got was, but that like, that's me intellectualizing this dream and then when I like Right.

When got into it from that other Yeah. Perspective. 

[00:21:14] Zach: Yeah. I remember that was what really tipped me off that it might be about that because you talking from her perspective didn't feel cult leadery. I felt like motherly. Right. Um, and it felt like a. An endorsement of motherhood. Like, it, it none of your answers to the que, if I remember correctly, none of your answers to the questions were overtly about motherhood, but they all seemed 

[00:21:36] Olivia: very, no, it was all about like guiding, like and taking care of the, the people that were going through the haunted house and like, like it was very 

[00:21:47] Zach: nurturing.

Yeah. Like maternalistic. 

[00:21:50] Olivia: Yeah. And I think at one point, Victor, you were like, did this person have mommy energy? And I was like, No, I don't think so. What do you mean by that? And then like later after we did the gestalt method, I was like, oh, I see exactly what you meant when you asked that. 

[00:22:06] Victor: Do you have the Gestalt notes, Zach?

[00:22:09] Zach: Not unless Google Chats saves 'em somewhere. Cuz I type them in the chat to you guys. Oh, 

[00:22:15] Victor: that's okay. Um, so maybe what we can do is we can go, I 

[00:22:19] Olivia: can remember them if you ask them again. I had just listened to the episode. 

[00:22:23] Victor: Yeah. Um, okay. Do you wanna do that? If 

[00:22:26] Olivia: it's helpful, I can. I just need to see the questions.


[00:22:29] Victor: Um, those are the questions. Okay. I don't 

[00:22:33] Olivia: remember exactly, but it, it was like, it was like, my purpose is, it was either to like lead them or to show them. Uh, they're okay. Some of them were like to show them the truth and that the truth is beautiful. Um, to lead them home was also one of them. I think that was the first two.

Perhaps my biggest fear was losing them. I love showing them the light. I hate nothing. I didn't feel anything for that. Right. And then I wish. To create a better place that those were the answers that I gave. I don't know which one was the first and which one was the second. Yeah. But they were, that 

[00:23:13] Zach: all 

[00:23:13] Victor: rings a bell, those two.

Yeah. Um, okay. So with that context, um, maybe we run back through the dream, but um, with like, it being about motherhood being like the key Yeah. To see if it kind of comes together from that perspective. Yeah. And I do think, like at the time when we were recording this, I was really interested in the, um, the repeating the dream thing, but that is since, since emerged as like a thing that's happening a lot in your dreams.

So maybe that's kind of a red herring as far as like looking for meaning there. It might 

[00:23:47] Olivia: be. Um, I do think it has something to do with doing this podcast. Yeah, that makes sense. But. But what was, okay, so the thing that was interesting to me about the repetition here was that the second rendition of this dream was me trying to recreate an experience that I had had for other people.

I was trying to like, facilitate my experience for them. And so, like, to me, right, that feels like trying to, like, something about that tr feels like trying to like bring other people along on this trajectory a little bit. Like, cuz it, cuz misery loves company. No, but like, cause. Because it's like a huge thing that is going to, um, change how I'm able to relate to other people.

Uh, so a few episodes ago we had, we did one of my dreams where I was, uh, I like was visiting like somebody that I used to know a long time ago and they were very different. And like when we AltEd him, it was all about like trying to reconnect with people, trying to like, um, connect with people when you're like growing in different ways and like on different life trajectories.

Yeah. And I felt like that dream was about being pregnant, but we were able to say it, kind of connect it to some other stuff. Yeah. I couldn't say it at the time, but, um, but yeah, I think 

[00:25:16] Zach: that, but that is a un that's universal part of growing up. 

[00:25:19] Olivia: Yeah. Um, yeah, totally. It is. And, and like I do feel that in other parts of my life, but like in this dream, I do think that something about like.

Trying to bring other people along for this and like show them that it's really cool and great is like a little part of me that's like, all right, everyone else is coming along too. Right? 

[00:25:38] Zach: Yeah. That was, I remember when you were doing the just stall feeling like that was, I. Saying the dream is about just motherhood.

It's pretty vague. Uh, I, I remember feeling like, and obviously we didn't get to talk about it, but this, the specifically, what about motherhood? This was about, was a, like a, a shift in, in feelings was my, my guess. Or, or what I would've talked about. Could we talk about it? Uh, because you know, at, at some point early on when all your dreams were about, do I want to have kids?

I remember you, you. You didn't overtly compare like parenthood to, to being in a cult, but I did. 

[00:26:19] Olivia: Yes. I, I actually 

[00:26:20] Zach: did. Oh, you did? Okay. That's where, that's where I got that then. Um, but so it seems apropo that this would be a cult leader that you're then embodying. And it's like, now, now that I'm on this side of it, I want people to understand that it's.

What it, what it's like, or, or 

[00:26:37] Olivia: Yeah. Something you said resonated like that. It's about a shift in feeling. And, um, so I had this thought today when I was listening to the episode. Um, cause I wanted to like have this fresh in my head before going into recording part two, but like, the wobbly room, so like the wobbly room.

What, I don't know if I've like said this strongly enough, but that was like the whole thing for me. Like, the wobbliness was so cool and fun and like that's what, that, that had more energy than anything else. And it was like, It was a thing I had never felt before. Um, which I guess is kind of like hallucinogens in a, in a sense.

Like it didn't actually feel like, I don't know. Anyway, you said 

[00:27:24] Zach: the difference was, it wasn't about your perception visually. It was a, it was an internal thing. It 


[00:27:31] Olivia: like, the reason why I didn't wanna compare it to that is because I can't compare it to anything I've ever felt before, which I can say the same thing about hallucinogens, but like, Not I, so I can't compare those two things to each other.

Yeah. But, um, but what they have in common is that they're very unique experiences and, um, I can't compare them to anything else. So, uh, like that to me felt like, like it was kind of like a shift in perspective, right? Like, like seeing and feeling something totally new and foreign and, um, like the euphoria of that was so intense.

Um, and I can just like comparing that to like, becoming a parent. I can see, like, you hear people talk about how it's like you'll never, like you won't, you won't know what it feels like until it's happening. True. But yeah, so like that whole second part of the dream, the everything from the haunted house makes a lot of sense to me.

Like it's, there was this like maternal guiding figure, like kind of shepherding people through something that was like scary, but it was controlled. Like there were challenges and like the, the haunted house itself was like frightening at times. But she never like, didn't have a handle on it. Like I think she represents like a.

My idea of a, like what I would want to be as a maternal figure for my kids. 

[00:29:08] Zach: Right. I think I remember us or someone saying that, that the, the haunted house, like the, the scariness of a haunted house, like that could be emblematic of, of parenthood. Cuz it is, it can't be a scary thing. Um, but it's ultimately, ah, nevermind I'm losing the thread.

I felt 

[00:29:25] Olivia: like I was the kid. I was like in, in the child's position. Wait, 

[00:29:30] Victor: what kid was there? A kid? 

[00:29:31] Olivia: No, I just felt like I was in, me and the other people in the haunted house were like kids. We were like the kids. Yeah. In this metaphor. Yeah. And, and we were like the kids going through like childhood. 

[00:29:48] Victor: I mean, I guess, uh, to me it makes sense of like the haunted house is maybe the anxiety you've felt about the scariness of, of, um, being pregnant and then giving birth and then being a parent.

Um, and then the big, like unimaginable reward at the end is like trying to tell you that it's ultimately very worth it and that all of the, the haunted house stuff will seem small and silly compared to the rewards of doing the thing, you know? Yeah, no, that 

[00:30:19] Olivia: makes sense. 

[00:30:20] Victor: And then this mother figure is like maybe a version, maybe the part of you that knows that, or maybe, maybe it's like Mother Nature, you know, it's like the, the, the, um, positive aspects of this are like the, the like, uh, just the natural elements of this, of this being a normal part of life mm-hmm.

That you're 

[00:30:39] Olivia: doing. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That does feel true. And I don't know if this makes sense, um, but what feels really true is that the experience of going through the haunted house was both a metaphor for. Being a child and being a parent. Like I see what you're saying. And I feel that too, that it was like me going through the experience, the scary experience of like becoming a parent.

And it's scary and then, but it's also very rewarding. But at the same time, there was this maternal figure who I felt was like guide. I really felt like she was guiding her children through an experience in a safe and controlled way. Yeah. 

[00:31:21] Zach: That's why. Okay. So that's why I never minded myself a second ago.

Cuz I was gonna say maybe the, the reason it was a haunted house, cuz you, you mean like a haunted house like you would see on Halloween, 

[00:31:32] Olivia: right? Yeah. It was like a spooky 

[00:31:34] Zach: mansion. Right. Which is like a facsimile of something dangerous. You know? It's, it's a planned mm-hmm. Uh, thing that's not actually dangerous.

And that's why I said nevermind. Cause I was like, well, parenthood and, and childhood, um, to your point. Are potentially, I mean, they're real things with real stakes. Um, so that parallel doesn't actually work, um, unless what you just said, there's a figurehead guiding you through it, that, that, that does feel more resonant with the idea of what a haunted house means to me.

That does 

[00:32:09] Olivia: feel true. It felt like the experience of going through the haunted house was supposed to be challenging and frightening at times. And that we were supposed to know that there was somebody there who was taking care of us. Yes. It was ultimately safe. Yes. Um, so like that, that all feels very true about the, the second half of the dream.

I don't know what the boat stuff is about yet though. Like, we haven't gotten into that. 

[00:32:39] Zach: Um, we've talked about boats on this podcast a few times, but mm-hmm. Yeah. But that's where every, that was the whole setting, right? That's where the whole, the whole dream took place on a boat, right? 

[00:32:49] Victor: No, this is the first half.

It was, um, oh. She ends up getting off the boat and on into the haunted house. I thought the 

[00:32:57] Zach: haunted house was on the boat. 

[00:32:59] Olivia: It was a much smaller boat. It was like a speed boat. Oh. Um, 

[00:33:04] Victor: he had a captain on a speedboat. Yeah. 

[00:33:09] Zach: Yeah. And at one point in the last episode, you described yourself as being at the front of the boat.


[00:33:15] Olivia: Okay. So 

[00:33:15] Victor: at, 

[00:33:16] Zach: at the beginning of the dream. So I was picturing the big boat, I was picturing you on the front, like the mermaid on the bow. 

[00:33:21] Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. I was on the bow. But it was like, you ever see like a bow rider? Like where it's like there's seats in the front of the boat, like in front of the windshield.

Yeah. It was like that. Um, and then I kept going, like, it also kind of had like a, like a hole, like, um, like you could go into the boat and I kept going like down. It was like, maybe it wasn't a speedboat, it was like a small yacht. I don't know. It had like a ferry. I don't know. No, it was like, it was like someone's personal boat.

It was like I was going into an area where there was like one bed and then coming back out onto the bath anyway, um, yeah, it was a small boat. Uh, and I, I'm including it. I don't know, I don't know if it's relevant, but like seeing the couple arguing, like I guess I'm just like, in including anything that I, I came back around the second time and, and mentioned when I retold the dream within the dream, you know, cuz like I feel like there were a couple of things I excluded the second time or like changed and maybe those were the less relevant pieces or like, I found better ways to like tell that the second time.

But the, the continuity between the first and the second time. Or like the parts that had continuity I feel like are important. So the first thing was that there was a couple arguing. She was mad at him. And that did happen 

[00:34:46] Victor: both times? Yes. Okay. Um, so the last time we were doing this dream, I had 50 Dream Bible tabs open and you were like, too much.

Too much. I don't wanna hear it. Don't, it can be dream Bible entries. So do you want me to do. Dream Bible stuff, or should we not? 

[00:35:06] Olivia: We can. I just think I, I wanted to, I don't like piecing a huge dream together by doing that, by doing it that way, but once we have, we have a little bit of a key now. And so I think looking at those through the lens of it being about motherhood is, um, a good way to approach it.


[00:35:24] Victor: So just tell me what you want me to look for and I'll pull stuff up. I guess Let's start with boat. Okay. Uh, to dream of a boat represents your ability to cope with negative emotions or deal with negative situations, how you're navigating negativity in your life. Your method of confronting problems are getting through difficult problems safely, safely, avoiding troubling situations that says, consider the condition of the water.

Alternatively, a boat may reflect your readiness to confront problems or deal with negative aspects of yourself. Hmm. That's all we got. We got sinking boat. We've got missing a boat. Less boats. Okay. 

[00:36:01] Zach: That's boats. 

[00:36:02] Olivia: Okay. Yeah, I'm not really connecting anything 

[00:36:05] Victor: there. Yeah. So far we haven't connected to any negativity, although there was like an arguing couple.

Right, that's true. So maybe that's, there's some negativity there. Hmm. Okay. Yeah, we might come back to it. Yeah. 

[00:36:19] Olivia: Um, we looked at sharks. Should I pull it up? Um, sure. 

[00:36:23] Zach: Yeah. Okay. And those were only present in the second half, right? 

[00:36:27] Victor: This is true. Uh, sharks are terrifying vulnerabilities or feelings of impending doom.

You may feel like you can't do anything except wait for a negative event to slowly ruin you. So more negativity 

[00:36:39] Olivia: that feels like, um, maybe like if we're gonna connect that to parenthood, like the fear, right? 

[00:36:46] Victor: Yeah. Sharks or symbols that often appear when people are having very difficult life situations where they fear terrible consequences.

Are having doubts feel that a problem is leading straight to failure while they can do nothing about it? 

[00:36:58] Olivia: Yeah. That feels like the fear of. Like what parenthood could be like, and you hear people talk negatively about having a, a new baby. Like all the ti, like so much, there's so much negativity around that.

Like it's hard not to absorb like the Oh, you're never gonna sleep again and like get used to like feeling like shit and going 

[00:37:21] Victor: crazy. I think this is, this next second paragraph, um, is totally connects to what you're saying. Sharks may also represent people or situations that you perceive to be relentless.

Mm-hmm. Or that have no remorse. It may also represent your own drive to have it all at any cost. Oh 

[00:37:40] Olivia: yeah. No. Cause like, I do feel like a determination to like do, uh, like Victor can tell you, I've been like super focused on like learning, learning the things that you need to know to like maximize your positive experiences, um, with like a newborn and be being pregnant and giving birth and all of that.

Like, um, and like maybe that's not, maybe that's not healthy because I think you can also like, Do all of that, and it still is gonna be really hard. Uh, but like I definitely have a drive to like, make it 

[00:38:22] Zach: good for us. Yeah. When hard and good aren't mutually exclusive. 

[00:38:26] Olivia: That's true. It's definitely gonna be both of those things.

[00:38:30] Zach: Um, and the, the shark, the sharks only came in the second part of the dream, right? Yes. Uh, and the haunted house was in the second part of the dream, right? 

[00:38:40] Olivia: N no, no, no. The haunted house came in Both. Okay. The, the, the sharks were only in the second in the retelling of the dream. That's what I meant, but Okay.

Yeah. The haunted house happened two times. Okay. The first time we all jerked off, 

[00:38:56] Victor: but the captain did say that there was danger in the water the first time around. We just didn't see the danger. Yes. Well correct. Could have been sharks the whole time. 

[00:39:07] Olivia: Yeah, it did kind of feel like just, um, 

[00:39:09] Zach: that does seem like, like that's like a parallel to to pre and post-pregnancy life.

Right. The first time around we just jerked off. We didn't see the sharks there The second time you were like aware of the danger. 

[00:39:24] Olivia: I'm just trying to get other people to join me. Yeah. And to 

[00:39:26] Zach: understand that it's, come on, have a kid to understand that it'll be just a haunted house. Like you'll be fine. Um, but that, I don't know that negativity you're talking about or those negative attitudes surrounding, um, parenthood mean I can't speak for previous generations, but it's definitely like a very much a millennial thing.

[00:39:45] Olivia: Yeah. No, I think that, um, I think that millennials are more honest about how difficult it is and our like parents' generation are like, oh yeah, you won't sleep, but you know, it's so great. Do it. Uh, whereas millennials might be like, Yeah. You know, not for me. Uh, and maybe not for you. And that's okay. Like, there's more acceptance in it being like a really difficult thing that is not for everybody, you know, which, like, that comes with negativity and like, negative perceptions of it.

It, it's just like less expected of everyone to do it, you know? 

[00:40:27] Zach: Yeah. And I feel like not pressuring people into it is, is good, but the cynicism does feel a little shark like, yeah. I 

[00:40:34] Olivia: don't know that that's helpful, but I, but I also do think that, like, I see. I see that, and I actually think that there's value in people like speaking honestly about it.

Like, um, I don't know. Like there are probably people who regret having kids and, and I think that people should be allowed to talk about that. Mm-hmm. That's like, I think for a lot of people, especially older generations, that's like the worst thing you could say. It's like, that's so fucked up. Why would you say that?

But it's like, that's a valid feeling to have. And I, I like, I respect people talking openly about, um, how difficult it is and they're not wanting to do it. Um, yeah, I 

[00:41:15] Victor: mean that put Totally agree. Sorry, go ahead. 

[00:41:20] Zach: I mean, I get the, I get the notion that would put me in therapy if my parents openly talked about regretting having me.

[00:41:27] Olivia: Yeah. I mean, 

[00:41:27] Zach: I'm, I'm not in any way, shape or form that I could access. 

[00:41:32] Victor: You really need them to, to be excited about it or like grateful. It's fine if they, if they're like, oh man, what did I do? That's fine. They don't need to. You exist independent 

[00:41:42] Zach: about it, but regret is a pretty strong fucking word, especially at 33 age years of age.

You don't 

[00:41:51] Olivia: understand, Zack. Some people's kids really suck. 

[00:41:55] Zach: Yeah. So that would be the implication. 

[00:41:59] Victor: You just got one over on them, you know? Yeah. You get to exist after three decades. They're like, and they have suffer the consequences 

[00:42:05] Zach: after three decades. They're like, not worth it. No. I guess I'll just find acceptance within.


[00:42:17] Olivia: Um, okay. Uh, could you go back to boat again? Okay. It was like, na, how you navigate negativity, your ability to cope with negative 

[00:42:27] Victor: emotions. How you were ne neg navigating negativity in your life. I can't, negativity navigated. So 

[00:42:36] Olivia: this is one of those like, How entries, like, it's about like, like looking to, like is the boat sinking?

You're probably not navigating your negative emotions very well. Right. Um, so like maybe looking to how the boat, I feel like the boat was doing fine this whole, there was a lot going on, but I felt like the boat was never a problem. You know? 

[00:42:59] Victor: Um, we can keep exploring it, but like the boat could just represent the same thing that the haunted house did.

Mm-hmm. Because dreams sometimes like take a couple different angles of trying to deliver the same message. And so like the anxiety of the, the shark infested waters could have just been like another way to represent the same thing as like the haunted house that had something positive at the end. 

[00:43:22] Olivia: Right.

I guess I was wondering that because my other, my trolley cult dream, my, that was also a two-parter. Um, I was wondering if this also maybe like followed the same trajectory in both. 

[00:43:35] Zach: Um, yeah. Cause they both do feel like appropriate for a two-parter, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like, they both have like a, a pivot point, you know, this one being when you told the dream within the dream to another person.

Mm-hmm. Um, and I, I'm having a hard time like connecting it all in a way where I can like defend this theory, but I. From where I'm sitting, it, it, it feels like a, a dream about the shift that happens when, when you realize that you are like, this is gonna happen for you guys. Mm-hmm. You know what I mean?

The, the, the first round of the dream being about the, the, the pre impending parenthood life, and then the second part of the dream being about the impending parenthood life. 

[00:44:17] Olivia: Oh. I think you're totally 

[00:44:19] Victor: right. Sure. Cuz uh, you said, um, there were boats that left. Right. And so it's like you were in the water the second time around, you chose to go ashore and go into the haunted house.

You just lost that part the first time around. Right. So it's like the, the water would be like where you're at before you decide to have kids. Yeah. The haunted house is like, you're on the track of actually being pregnant and deciding that you wanna have a family. Mm-hmm. Um, and then there's the reward at the end or whatever.


[00:44:52] Olivia: Yeah. No, I think that's actually, I think that's 

[00:44:55] Zach: it. And there's this mother figure sort of guiding you through the whole thing. 

[00:44:58] Olivia: Yeah. And then the retelling of it is like, the whole time I was retelling this dream was like I knew exactly where it was going and I was trying to like show these other people that it was okay.

I was Oh. And that's what I said, um, in the Gestalt method was like to show them the light to like show, show them that the, show them the truth and that the truth is beautiful. I was doing the cult leader thing the second time. 

[00:45:27] Victor: Yes. And so it's like, um, maybe reaching a point of acceptance of like realizing that you are happy that you've made this decision.

Mm-hmm. And that like you have no regrets or No, uh, hesitation about us, like going down this road. Yeah. 

[00:45:44] Olivia: Yeah, that feels totally 100% true. Yes. 

[00:45:49] Zach: Cracked it. I'm really glad that that landed because that makes this like the perfect like, uh, dream for you to have like announced your pregnancy or the perfect episode to have, uh, announced it on because, because you've been dreaming about it for a minute.

You know? Yeah. And we've just been connecting it to other things or being like, I wonder what that's about. Right. You know, which we can bring some of those up and like maybe retroactively, um, crack 'em, but, but this seems like, you know, ha knowing what those were about, this one seems like a good one to, to, uh, actually landed it on.


[00:46:26] Olivia: Yeah. It's kind of perfect. Cool.

[00:46:45] Zach: Yeah. Speaking of things we've talked about in the past that relate to your news this week, did you wanna talk about those synchronicities? 

[00:46:53] Olivia: Oh yeah. Yeah. Should we recap that for 

[00:46:56] Victor: people? Yeah. Yeah. Um, okay. So it's 

[00:47:02] Zach: an interesting story. 

[00:47:03] Victor: I can give, like, let me see if I can give, 

[00:47:05] Olivia: like, it's interesting that it ended the way it did.

[00:47:08] Zach: Yeah. I can't remember what we said about it on the pod 

[00:47:12] Olivia: it at, at the time. It was weird. At the time it was all weird and we didn't know. Yeah. 

[00:47:17] Zach: So maybe we did like kinda, um, present it with, its. Given weirdness of the time, but now it seems especially impactful. 

[00:47:25] Olivia: So yeah. And for people who haven't heard that episode, maybe Yeah.


[00:47:29] Victor: just, so I'll try and I'll try and hit all the points succinctly. And then Olivia, you can 

[00:47:34] Zach: chime in. I also can't remember what happened, so I'm, I'm also just curious. 

[00:47:39] Victor: So something Olivia has said felt like meaningful was like, you know, as we've said, we are off, we were often, uh, talking about w if and when we were gonna have kids.

Um, and there was a night where she was like, Especially dotting on the dogs and looking real happy with, uh, our dog Friday, who is essentially a baby. This is a very cute little pit bull. Um, and I, I said to Olivia that I thought she would love being a mom, uh, which is not like something that I say a lot or said a lot or whatever.

It wasn't like that. I was saying that all the time. It was like a, we had a moment where I told her that. Um, and then that night Olivia and I both had kind of vivid dreams. I can't remember if they ended up feeling relevant at all, but Vivid Dream night, I think mine was about like reconciling with somebody.

And Olivia, do you remember what yours was about, kinda 

[00:48:41] Olivia: generally? Uh, I had a sister named Spencer. I don't know. 

[00:48:46] Victor: Yeah. Since just a couple weird dreams, but when we woke up in the morning, uh, I had a message from an ex-girlfriend that I hadn't talked to in like a decade. Um, and she said like, Hey, I had a dream about you last night.

I dreamed, or I dreamt that, um, Your wife, uh, or Hmm. No, it was actually, it was that me and my wife were having a baby. We had, uh, we were using a surrogate. The surrogate was a friend of, um, this ex that reached out to me. Uh, and my ex was the doula. The midwife for the 

[00:49:25] Olivia: midwife. She said for this, like she said, she's a mid a midwife in real life.


[00:49:29] Victor: she is. Yeah. And um, so she shared that with us and then, uh, we talked about it and Olivia was like, Hey, tell her that. Like, that's, that's crazy cuz we've been discussing that and we've even been discussing maybe doing a surrogate for the reasons we don't need to get it into. Uh, and then, you know, so we, we said that, uh, and then my ex came back and said like, well now that you mentioned that, that feels like, uh, relevant to you.

Or like, that clicks for where you guys are at. This is just a thing, I believe, but I believe that like, when you get dreams like this, uh, it can sometimes mean that like there is a, there's a spirit, there's like a, there's an entity that wants to, uh, come into being and is trying to, trying to choose a. You as like the opportunity to, to receive life, you know?

Uh, and so we thought, Hey, that's cool. Uh, and she was like, 

[00:50:26] Olivia: maybe you should try and get pregnant. 

[00:50:28] Victor: Yeah. She said like, maybe now is a good time to try, and we thought maybe now is a good time to try. Um, and then Olivia felt like she was having like a really surreal day. Like it felt like there were a couple weird, uh, synchronicities coming up.

I think like. Alligator kept coming up for you in a couple of different ways. 

[00:50:46] Olivia: Yeah, it came up like three or four times in a matter of like, just a couple of hours after 

[00:50:51] Zach: the alligator show dream. 

[00:50:53] Victor: Right? Right after that. Well, so like we had the alligator, the alligator dream. Then this day for Olivia Alligator keeps coming up, keeps coming up in her head.

She keeps seeing it everywhere. Alligator is a thing. Uh, and then we're on the road and we hear from Steve, and Steve is saying something about the Alligator Show Dream. I think that was actually when we made the agreement to have him on, is a guest. Um, but Steve brought up the alligator show episode and it clicked for Olivia of like, wait, alligator represented a baby.

This is all baby symbolism that I'm getting hit with all day. Um, And then over the course of like, I think a week or so, Olivia was getting into like tarot readings. I think she was like doing tarot, like in the car on the way up to Bellingham when we were going to, going up to a party up there. Um, and she kept getting like the same, not exactly the same, but like, like she kept getting like repetitions of cards as she did like multiple readings.

Like she would shuffle the deck and she'd be getting the emperor card like multiple times. Which is a, was emperor, right? Yeah. 

[00:52:01] Olivia: I got the Empress card in the, like, so I'll, I'll draw like three cards and it's like past, present, future spread or whatever. I two times. From a shuffled deck drew the empress card in the present position.

And that card, if, like in the guidebook is like, this card is all about motherhood, you might be welcoming a new birth. Yeah. Um, which was a little weird. 

[00:52:29] Victor: Yeah. Just, and then, and then, um, so Olivia's not on, or, well now really not, but, um, Olivia's been off of birth control for a while and uses something called Natural cycles, which is a way to track your, your ovulation window.

Right. Basically. Um, and so it's like a non-chemical way to, to do birth control. Right. Which is pretty cool cuz birth control can have all sorts of health effects 

[00:52:55] Zach: for some people. Yeah. And, and condoms feel like shit. 

[00:53:00] Victor: Well they still gotta use those part. Yeah. I still gotta use 

[00:53:02] Zach: them. Even with you're using those with the natural 

[00:53:05] Olivia: Well, so it like tells me when I like, 

[00:53:09] Victor: and so yeah.

Um, no, actually I'm, I'm, I was very good about that, uh, and was very on top of making sure that we were being careful. Uh, and 

[00:53:20] Zach: so it's not like you pulled the goalie or anything? 

[00:53:24] Victor: No, it was, uh, so then after all of this happened, so Olivia has a very good understanding of what's going on with her cycle cuz she's got this app and so then she sees, what the fuck, I am ovulating a week early, which never happens to me.

[00:53:40] Olivia: Like I could feel that I was ovulating and, um, and like we were waiting for the app to confirm it. But like, I felt it happened and it, it has never happened early before ever. Um, 

[00:53:53] Victor: so like we were in the window where pregnancy was possible. We were getting bombarded with all of this. Like, you should have a baby.

Stuff. Um, and uh, we decided to try one time. Uh, and it worked One, 

[00:54:10] Olivia: one time. You one 

[00:54:11] Victor: and done. I had been telling her for a while. Oh. So when we tried, it'd 

[00:54:14] Zach: be one and done. So you did try one and done like no. Right.

[00:54:20] Victor: Uh, yeah. We, we decided to, to do, to try that one time, which usually takes people a lot more 

[00:54:28] Olivia: effort to. Yeah. And it was also the day after I ovulated, which you have a much lower chance of. That working, but it, it literally was like, it just felt like a, there's all these weird signs. Let's just get like, give it one opportunity.

Right. Just like, because, and, uh, 

[00:54:49] Victor: yeah, so it's not like a miracle baby or anything, but like there's some, there was some interesting stuff happening pointing us in that direction. And then we tried it and it worked. So now we're gonna see what kind of a weird cosmic baby we end up with. We're gonna come out, like, I have a message for you from the future.

[00:55:07] Olivia: It's gonna be one of the, it's gonna be one of those kids that's like, Was on the Titanic, 

[00:55:14] Victor: right? Yeah. Oh yeah. He's gonna like 

[00:55:16] Olivia: Zach, 

[00:55:18] Victor: me. Yeah. You're one of those, you're one 

[00:55:20] Olivia: of those toddlers where everything was new yet strangely familiar. Yeah. 

[00:55:27] Victor: What do you mean? You told us a whole thing about you being a ghost baby.

Oh yeah. You're like, you forget about it all the time. But we'll never forget. I'll never forget about You're a goddamn ghost baby. 

[00:55:39] Zach: I don't remember what I said. 

[00:55:42] Olivia: You said that you, when you were a three-year-old, you saw like a photograph of your like, great 

[00:55:48] Zach: Oh yeah. My great, my grand uncle grandfather's, uh, sibling who died.

[00:55:53] Victor: Yeah. 

[00:55:53] Olivia: Yeah. And you were all freaked out. And that's me. And it like looked just like 

[00:55:57] Victor: you. Yeah. It freaked me 

[00:55:58] Zach: out and it made, it made me cry and get a nosebleed. 

[00:56:01] Victor: Oh, and then you were talking about childhood and you were like, you know, I think all kids feel like everything around them feels like vaguely familiar.

New, new yet somehow, like you've experienced it before now. And I was like, Zack, that's not 

[00:56:16] Zach: universal now I remember this conversation. Yeah, because, because I've, I've continued to go about life thinking that that is universal. And that's why I forgot. I don't think so. That's why I forgot this conversation.

Yeah, no, yeah. I, I do remember childhood being like, here we go again. Like, see, 

[00:56:33] Victor: that's what I'm talking about. Remember this? Commit this to memory. Yeah. You have a message for someone or something 

[00:56:41] Zach: Like, if, if I'm reincarnated from that kid, I mean, that kid died at like, I don't know, like two. Um, so like that was, I mean, that actually shit, that actually would explain a lot.

Yeah. Because, because it was up until like, I don't know, a a after I became, after, uh, I exited the toddler years, then, then shit started to feel new, but, 

[00:57:02] Victor: okay, so write all this down 

[00:57:05] Zach: please. Um, and when I get too high, like, like the couple times I've done edibles, that's what it feels like. It feels like being a toddler again and being like this close to death.

Huh? Just being this close to birth and being this close to death. I, I feel like are the same feeling, huh? Goddamn, damn ghost baby. I dunno if I'm making any sense. You're a ghost baby. 

[00:57:24] Victor: Yeah. I'm unlike my third beer. You're, you're making sense, but also you're like a compelling case for reincarnation. 

[00:57:32] Zach: I just think it's all fluid, man.

Life, death, I mean, what are the boundaries really? Right. It's, uh, I, I don't know. I'm, yeah, I'm very interested in that kind of stuff, but, uh, also terrified by it, so I don't know how to explore it. Yeah. I think other people, 

[00:57:49] Olivia: well, I have one living inside me right now, so that's a little 

[00:57:52] Zach: terrifying. Yeah. Well, I'll ask them when they come out.

Am I mistaken that the father's biology is what determines gender? Is that a, is that a misnomer? That's correct. That's correct. Yeah. 

[00:58:18] Victor: But how, how, yeah. 

[00:58:20] Olivia: I think that, uh, each sperm either has an X chromosome or a y chromosome. So it's, and 

[00:58:27] Zach: it's, it's nothing that you could determine from the father. Like as a man, there's nothing, you can't look at him and be like, oh, this dude has a lot of fucking estrogen.

He's gonna make a girl. 

[00:58:38] Victor: I don't know that there's any like signs that sounds like bro science. 

[00:58:42] Olivia: They say that if you fuck, like on ovulation day, um, or a after like that, it's more likely to be a boy. But if you, how does that work? No, it's how fast they swim. Oh, 

[00:58:57] Victor: okay. But like more 

[00:58:58] Olivia: motivated, like the Y guys swim faster.


[00:59:01] Zach: my guys, I also read that the egg. It's not up to who swims faster or stronger. The egg actually will let that Too different sperm in. Yep. You're correct. Like the egg. The egg chooses based on whatever 

[00:59:13] Olivia: the wand chooses. The wizard.

[00:59:21] Zach: It's a, it's a sorting hat situation. 

[00:59:25] Victor: It's like the egg sack. Like Bella, here's a fun thing and the egg is trying to choose between the different, you're trying to go back to twilight right now, like you got the Edward sperm, but then you've got the, we've got a Harry Potter 

[00:59:37] Zach: thing going on and you're forcing a twilight thing.


[00:59:40] Victor: Thicker is a twilight guy now. He's a twilight guy. It's been like eight hours on twilight this week. All right. It's in my brain. I get to talk about it 

[00:59:49] Zach: and now it has to be the intro. I thought I could have cut the previous thing. And now it's a main vein through the episode. Here's a fun thing you can say.

If somebody corrects you, you know how that's annoying? Like when you say something mildly off and somebody's like, Hmm, actually, and they correct you. Yeah, the well 

[01:00:09] Olivia: actually guys, 

[01:00:09] Zach: yeah. A fun thing you can say to those guys is, oh, 10 points for Griffin Dork. I've been doing that and it's a lot of fun.

[01:00:22] Victor: I feel like you can only say that one time. Per person. Per person. Yeah, though, yeah. Yeah. There's 

[01:00:27] Zach: a lot of people like that in the world. 

[01:00:30] Olivia: There's a lot of Griffin dorks out there. Yeah. 

[01:00:34] Victor: This feels right. What do you 

[01:00:36] Zach: mean? 

[01:00:38] Victor: I mean, I'm at peace. Ready to go inside, smoke a little weed and watch uh, what New Moon or whatever the is called Cold.

[01:00:49] Olivia: We're on Breaking Dawn part one. New Moon 

[01:00:56] Zach: Radio. Watch Blood Meridian or whatever

before we kill it though. I do think I'm gonna cut the whole thing about, uh, love on the spectrum

[01:01:16] Victor: that in

[01:01:22] Zach: number one, I thought I was gonna be funnier and well, now that, now I don't know if I can cut it because it, it, it led into the twilight stuff, which was apparently a theme. And that's on you guys that you're, you're, you're coming out as new parents. Episode is also a twilight episode. 

[01:01:41] Victor: I love that. I don't know, I don't know what you want.

[01:01:45] Zach: Uh, but no, you may feel like that's an episode. Yes. Yeah, 

[01:01:50] Olivia: I think we, I think we got there. 

[01:01:54] Zach: Yeah. Yeah, that felt like an ending. Thank you for listening to The Jung and the Restless. 

[01:02:02] Olivia: You can follow us on social media at the Jung and the Restless Pod and submit your dreams for interpretation to the Jung and the Restless Pod at Gmail.


[01:02:10] Victor: as we always say, Olivia was the whole time.

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