16. Short n’ Creepy

The Dream Team discusses the vulnerable nature of revealing one’s own psyche on a public platform, then proceeds to invite…...

The Dream Team discusses the vulnerable nature of revealing one’s own psyche on a public platform, then proceeds to invite their entire listenership over to Victor and Olivia’s house. Victor dreams about an unkillable doppelganger ghost while Zach is rattled by a disturbing dream about ritual sacrifice. Both are relatively short and extremely creepy, but the DT manages to find a happy ending to the ‘sode. 

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14:44 Victor's dream

38:42 Zach's Dream

About Dream Bible:

Dream Bible is a free online A to Z dream dictionary dedicated to helping people understand the meaning of their dreams. Unlike other dream interpretation websites or books we extensively research dream symbols by interviewing people about the events occurring in their lives at the time of their dreams.  Inspired by the work of Gillian Holloway Ph.D, we are using a database of over 350,000 dream reports to create the world's most practical dream dictionary based on the waking life experiences of regular people.


Dream Bible entries used in this episode:

Doppleganger: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Doppelganger

Ghost: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=ghost

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Ritual Sacrifice: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Ritual+Sacrifice

Episode Transcript

16. Short n' Creepy

[00:00:00] Olivia: Welcome to The Jung and the Restless. I'm Olivia. 

[00:00:03] Zach: I'm Victor. 

And I'm Zach. And this is the podcast where you can share a sheep with your mind.

[00:00:18] Victor: We're

watch F video interviewing small kid. He at talks about whatever the toaster mom is there. She interjects about how she heard the things his mom said to him when he was a baby, and she thinks that must affect him even though he was a baby. Victor is showing me this video. I'm in put bed office. Am I having a stroke room?

It's messy. I think I get that thing where he is blurred with Nick. He says something about the video being about how aggressive babies turn into aggressive, a teens suss . I see the interviewer crossing names of kids off a list. I'm learning into a stroller, hugging a little boy and parentheses 

[00:01:24] Zach: ata . 

[00:01:28] Olivia: It's really hard to type at three in the morning.

That's when you wrote 

[00:01:33] Zach: that? 

[00:01:34] Olivia: I think so. I don't remember writing it, but it happened last night. 

[00:01:38] Zach: 3:00 AM is switching hour. Maybe it wasn't you, maybe it was a demonn that wrote. Maybe 

[00:01:43] Victor: the toaster 

[00:01:44] Olivia: mom is there. ? 

[00:01:46] Victor: Yeah. Stop giving demons your phone password. Um, I 

[00:01:51] Olivia: just can't, 

[00:01:52] Zach: or letting them. They're just so cute though.

Or letting them possess you and then riding on your phone with your mortal vehicle. They're always 

[00:02:00] Olivia: like, I don't like that as much. They could have the password. Just 

[00:02:04] Zach: not my body. . All right. What, what were you saying, Victor? About, uh, something about something. Do you remember? Oh, yeah. What 

[00:02:12] Olivia: were you saying?

About something? About something. 

[00:02:14] Victor: Oh, yeah. Um, we, we try when we feel like we see it coming, to avoid getting into dreams where we're not gonna feel comfortable unpacking them, right? Mm-hmm. , uh, or that's something that has been on your mind lately cuz we don't want to spend a bunch of time analyzing a dream and then be like, sorry, we can't talk about it guys.

Um, and so Olivia this morning was like, oh, we got an episode. What am I gonna talk about? Oh, can't do that dream. Oh, I can't do that dream. I think I know what that's about. Not gonna do that dream. And then she was saying the other day that like the dream bible, it's like you can search for symbols and then find their meanings.

And she was like, I wish there was a way you could search for meanings and find symbols. And I'm like, you motherfucker, you're trying to write fake dreams so you don't have to get into . No, 

[00:03:04] Olivia: no. It, that's not what it, that's not, 

[00:03:07] Victor: she's not really, that's not the 

[00:03:09] Zach: spirit of the podcast, Olivia. She wouldn't do that.

[00:03:11] Olivia: I wouldn't do that. Is that a, I don't need to do that. I have other dreams I 

[00:03:14] Zach: can do. Is that a bottle of wine in your hand? 

[00:03:18] Olivia: Yes.

[00:03:22] Zach: We, we must be doing a heavy one today then

[00:03:27] Olivia: I mean, if we're gonna get into it, 

[00:03:29] Zach: but no speak. Do you have anything, Zach? Speaking of drinking? Um, that, I mean, that's how I approached it, like, There was, I want the, the Epi episode. Episode, the episode that just came out, um, as of recording. This was the one about with my drinking dream, the, the PCP Vape Dream Uhhuh

And, uh, yeah, I remember, I think I dodged it one week cuz I kind of like had recently, like I had just figured out what I thought it meant and I wasn't ready to talk about it, but I took a week to think about how I wanted to talk about it, like how I wanted to articulate myself around that topic. And, uh, I mean, some, some topics maybe, you know, you can't do that in a week.

You might, you might need like several therapy sessions to get there. But, um, I was happy with the way that turned out. Yeah, that 

[00:04:21] Olivia: was a good episode. Um, I think so what, the thing that I, I keep seeing. Or I guess like there are symbols that are, um, alluding to something for me, and that's that I keep seeing, like I keep having beach dreams.

And, um, that in particular seems to be about what is the, the dream. Can you pull up the dream Bible 

[00:04:50] Zach: thing for that? I went through a phase of beach. I went through a phase of B dreams. 

[00:04:53] Olivia: Yeah. It, it seems like what that means is that there's like stuff that you're not conscious of. Oh, really? I thought that is, does it?

Or like you're standing on the, the conscious side and like the water 

[00:05:08] Zach: is like, oh, yeah. I was gonna say, I, I remember being like precipice kind of thing. Yeah. Like you're on the verge of something. But it also kind of depend, like remember I had a couple dreams where like there was a tide coming in that I thought was gonna be like a tsunami, but it turned out to be like a little, a change, a little splash.

And we. 

[00:05:26] Olivia: I had the opposite dream of that last night. Uh oh. . . But so that's the thing is like, it's not that I'm necessarily like not willing to go there, it's, it's a, um, this, these dreams seem to be about something that I'm not like, fully aware of yet. Mm-hmm. , and then I'm not sure how I feel about, like, becoming aware of what it means on the podcast.

[00:05:55] Zach: Yeah. I mean, we can always cut stuff, but 

[00:05:57] Victor: we can, yeah. Should I read the beach entry? Sure. Yeah. Okay. Uh, to dream of the beach represents a time in your life when you are confronting negativity or facing uncertainty. It may also represent transition from a familiar setting to an unfamiliar one, confronting a current difficulty, confronting a hard reality after first believing you wouldn't have to.

Negatively dreaming of the beach may be a sign that you were confronting a serious crisis moment in your life, possibly a sign that you are not doing enough to take a serious problem or crisis seriously enough. 

[00:06:28] Olivia: Oh, and I also just remembered another recurring theme, uh, a recurring symbol in my dreams lately has been ice.

And that is straight up just means like repressed memories, . 

[00:06:40] Zach: That makes sense. That's a solid symbol. I had a beach dream the other, or it was like the beach of Lake Washington, and it was super upsetting. . It was like the most upsetting dream I've had in a while. Hmm. Just the imagery in it. I don't know what it means, but Yeah.

So you're cons are, you're gonna be cryptic about it. . Well, I don't know. Maybe we'll get into it. I'm not sure. Oh, good. Um, all right. So your, yeah. Your concern isn't, is less about like getting too personal and just more about letting , you're worried about making bad content. Because he'll cuz he won't know what you're talking about.

And then if you fi figure, guess that's part of it. If you figure it out on air, it might like, it might be too personal, but it might just also be sloppy cuz you're figuring it out for the first time. Yeah. 

[00:07:30] Olivia: Yes. Agreed. I mean, yeah, that's how I feel. 

[00:07:35] Victor: Gotcha. I feel like, because I dream so rarely, I'm doing all of this on a delay for you guys.

So like, you guys have already gone through the phase where you're sharing a dream where you're like, oh, that was weird. That was, I, I wonder what that means. And then get hit with like, you know, the, the school bus of what it actually means a couple of times. And you, you're both now at this like veteran stage where you can be like, oh no, I, I can see a trouble dream a mile away.

I'm not getting into that. Or I'm gonna, I'm gonna time it right where before I, before I do that on the podcast and I'm over here like, guys, I had the weirdest dream last night. Can't wait to share it with you guys. Oh yeah. 

[00:08:24] Olivia: Yeah. Victor had a weird dream last night. I had a weird dream. Oh, you did? Yes. Yeah, he did.

I love when Victor has a dream. 

[00:08:31] Zach: Yeah. That creeped me out. Yeah. Mine was creepy too. Do you? And, and mine was short. Let's do that podcast. Short. Creepy Dreams. . Welcome to Short and Creepy

[00:08:45] Olivia: You're Tinder Bio

[00:08:49] Zach: I am six feet tall. Uh, yeah. . I didn't deny the creepy part though.

[00:08:59] Olivia: I wasn't, I was talking, I wasn't talking to you. You more like, uh, the um, 

[00:09:06] Victor: The listener. Yeah. . We're all short. I'm talking and creepy you. Short creeps, , 

[00:09:11] Zach: the royal. Yeah. That's why, you know how some podcasts have like a word for their fan base? Like, uh, you made it weird of Pete Holmes. They're called weirdos.

So the fan, the listeners. 

[00:09:27] Olivia: So are the Yeah. And Mor the Morbid podcast listeners are also weirdos. 

[00:09:34] Zach: Oh, okay. Ours are short creepers. Short creepers. 

[00:09:38] Olivia: I mean, obviously they're dreamers though, right? Sweet dreamers. 

[00:09:42] Zach: Think Sweet dreamers. 

[00:09:43] Olivia: Yeah. That's 

[00:09:44] Zach: cute. Um, I guess speaking of the, uh, the, the alcohol episode that just came out, a buddy of mine texted me, he's like the most on top of it.

He's like waiting for episodes to drop and listening to him like the second they do, which is precious. I love. Bless, which is precious and also interesting cuz he has like, ADHD and told me that like, podcasts usually don't agree with him or it's just, it's hard for it to like, for, for a podcast to keep his attention like that.

But anyway, he texted me when, when that one dropped to be like, elephant in the room, finally . He was, he didn't say in in those words, he was very sweet about it, but he was like, I thought you were gonna talk about that in episode one with the, remember what the, my episode about pooping in the liquor store.

Okay. He was like the metaphor, it was right there. You didn't . And I was like, to be fair, Victor and Olivia know me now like he knew me back when I was drinking like a fish. Pooping in liquor stores. Yeah, pooping in liquor stores. , because they say employees only in the bathroom. . 

[00:10:55] Olivia: That's funny. Like somebody, one of our friends was talking to us about, um, the podcast recently and like, Like, they're also like keeping up and really excited about new episodes and, and, and whatever.

But they're saying that it's like they got to, they were, it was nice to be able to like skip the part of listening to a new podcast where you're like getting to know people. Getting to know the people. Yeah. Getting to know their voices. It's like that is like, I didn't have to do that. I know you two and like, you guys know Zach, so it was just like


[00:11:29] Zach: worked out. Yeah. I always have to Google image the podcasters. Once I, if I start getting into it or I'm like, okay, now I'm hooked. I have to go to Google Images and see what they look like before I like live with the wrong image in my brain for too long. Cuz then it's weird. 

[00:11:46] Victor: And that's why we're inviting each and every one of you to come Stay with us January 27th through the 29th in our home.

You'll get to know us each and each listener personally. address in the description. Don't do that. We can 

[00:12:02] Zach: get away. Slumber party. Party. You don't want this. 

[00:12:04] Victor: No, no, no. It's fine. I, I've made the decision. We're doing this. Oh, meet. And it's 

[00:12:08] Zach: not a very Victor meet 

[00:12:09] Olivia: and greet and sleep. Not a very Victor lead 

[00:12:11] Zach: decision.

We do a, uh, a dream summit, a meet and creep , meat and creep. . You, you, we all sleep in your home. And then discuss our dreams over breakfast. 

[00:12:25] Victor: I don't care. I don't care how short or creepy you are. . You're welcome. Welcome to Stay here as long as you'd like

[00:12:37] Zach: You guys are gonna get stalkers, . 

[00:12:41] Olivia: We already told them our city, like I think, uh, the name of the, the city that we live in was on an episode and I'm like, Hmm, it's a town of 6,000 people. I'm probably one of two 

[00:12:51] Victor: Olivia's here, I think. I didn't catch it. Don't remind them . 

[00:12:55] Olivia: I won't tell them where it is.

They'll have to go listen again. I think I bleeped 

[00:12:59] Victor: it, didn't I? Nah, it was you bleeped like Seattle, so it was like, no, no. I bleeped. I bleeped you bleeped, 

[00:13:06] Olivia: you bleeped the place that we used to work. Yeah, but you didn't bleep the place that we currently live. 

[00:13:13] Zach: Yeah, well I already for which is fine. I already forgot what it was.

Of course. I'm not a, the, 

[00:13:21] Victor: a Brier . 

[00:13:23] Zach: I'm not a stalker, so I'm not, I I probably would've retained that information if I was trying to watch you sleep. 

[00:13:30] Victor: Oh man. This podcast really needs to not take off now. That can be a problem. Yeah. 

[00:13:37] Zach: All gonna get Mark, David Chapman.

[00:14:02] Olivia: I've been waiting all day to hear Victor's dream. Yeah, 

[00:14:05] Victor: I haven't told her anything. 

[00:14:06] Olivia: Let's do it. Go, go, go, go. 

[00:14:11] Zach: Okay. No pressure. No pressure, but go, go, go, go, go. . 

[00:14:17] Victor: But text me for deets on that. Um, that sleepover that we're planning. , sorry. 

[00:14:23] Zach: Victor's number is 

[00:14:25] Victor: two. Two, two. There's a few of them. 2, 2, 2, 2, 2. Two. Uh, Pound sign.

[00:14:32] Zach: I don't know, because Victor is a, Victor is a runs a cab company. , 

[00:14:36] Olivia: Seattle area codes 2 0 6. I bet you can guess the next what? Uh, seven numbers . 

[00:14:44] Victor: Um, okay. Uh, I titled this one apparently, uh, double. I'm in the kitchen cooking something. I myself, Victor, walk in and try to grab a little snack from the stovetop.

I shove my hand away. I watch myself walk out to the living room. This registers like a ghostly experience so far. I yelled to Olivia that I just watched myself walk into the kitchen. She says, yeah, I didn't like when he did that. Meaning she saw it happen in the living room too. I turned back and the dogs are going for a drawer, so I stop them.

They're like trying to pull open a drawer, like get something out of it. Uh, and then my doppelganger walks into the kitchen again and goes for the damn stove top. I pushed myself and then I grab myself and I start choking myself. Uh, and as I'm like choking this clone of me, uh, it goes all limp and like doesn't put up much of a fight.

And while I'm choking it, it's neck gets thinner and it goes limp and is like flipping around. And every time I stop choking it, it starts coming back to life. Oh, . Uh, and I choke it until I think it's dead and it's neck is like totally stretched out like taffy and it seems like kind of like faceless and shriveled.

And I take it upstairs and I toss it on the ground, like near you, like kind of in our working space or whatever. Cuz I think it's done. And then it starts like coming back again. Like I can see it starting to like revive, uh, and I don't know what to do. Uh, and then I have an idea

I yell YouTube to elo, and she sells. She yells YouTube, YouTube, YouTube to YouTube. And then she, she runs off trying to find a camera while I try to keep the thing in check. And then I wake up. Uh, and then I have like post dream notes, uh, that the dream felt super real. The dogs and Olivia all were acting like themselves.

I felt like, uh, it was like a ghostly or supernatural experience. Uh, and once I attacked the thing, I was stuck in kind of a stalemate where as long as I was holding it was harmless, but it would escape if I turned my back. And it never said anything. Uh, and it creeped me out, but it wasn't like threatening in any way.

I never tried to hurt anyone. Um, and it really creeped me out. And I like didn't go back to sleep for like an hour. 

[00:17:23] Olivia: Um, that really creeped me out. That was very creepy. 

[00:17:27] Zach: I think it was about masturbation, 

[00:17:29] Olivia: I think it was about your relationship with our cat. You, 

[00:17:32] Zach: you, you grabbed yourself and choked yourself and you went, you went limp the chicken.

[00:17:37] Victor: Mm-hmm. . 

[00:17:38] Olivia: Mm-hmm. . I was picturing like a rubber chicken 

[00:17:40] Victor: at a certain point. . I did Kind of, yeah. Kind of . Yeah. No, it did feel like that kind of thing where like my brain, like we've talked about how like dreams can feel improvisational at a certain point. And I think I like caught my own brain off guard with like attacking this thing.

And then I was just kind of stuck in this situation where there was nothing else to happen. My brain didn't know what else to do. Um, and then the YouTube thing was very much like a, oh, like I caught a crypted, or, or like, I caught a ghost. And it's like, well, and that is what we would do. . Yeah. Put it on because I didn't know what else to do.

It was like, well, Yeah. At least I have proof of a creepy thing that I can try and like document and like prove something. 

[00:18:26] Zach: What did Olivia do after you said YouTube to her? She got a camera, was that 

[00:18:31] Victor: She was on the same page as me. So like she was running off to try and find something so that we could start to document this thing.

Okay. While I was like in charge of trying to keep it disabled, 

[00:18:43] Olivia: my favorite part is when I say, yeah, I didn't like when he did that 

[00:18:49] Victor: it again. It's like the what? The message I got from that was like that I had just seen a ghost or something and then I tell you about it and you were like, yeah, I saw that too.

[00:19:01] Olivia: Um, did this feel like, I don't know. Something about this reminds me of dreams that have, I feel like I've alluded to the alien cats over and over again in this podcast, but we haven't actually talked about the alien Cats in an episode. Um, But it reminds me of the alien cats that sometimes show up in my dreams where they're like very creepy and they feel like supernatural.

Like, did it feel like it stuck with you in a weirdly vivid way? Like, cuz I, when I've had dreams like that where it feels like, uh, I ran into some weird dream shit. It, and it keeps me, it like keeps me up. Like I'll wake up from that and I'll not be able to go back to sleep cuz I'm so freaked 

[00:19:46] Victor: out. Yeah. It did feel like that.

It, it didn't necessarily feel like, um, there was anything, uh, like you've described the cats, uh, your, your dream alien cats is like feeling like outside of your dream or like an oth like some other entity that's not supposed to be in your dream. Mm-hmm. , I didn't have that feeling with this thing, but it was like, it was very creepy.

Like I said, I, I didn't go to sleep for like an hour and I kept like, Kind of feeling like I was gonna see this thing come around a corner at any time while you were 

[00:20:18] Olivia: awake though, right? Yeah, yeah. No, but that's, that's the thing though, is that like I can have a really scary dream that is frightening, but then once I wake up, like it was just a dream.

And it's like that feeling goes away really quickly and it's, it creeps me out when I have that feeling. Stick around as if it, 

[00:20:39] Zach: yeah. Reminds, I don't know, it reminds me of childhood cuz that when I was a kid, that would happen with every nightmare. Like I would wake up and be scared for like a while, but since adulthood it, it has been like, oh, just a dream.

Except, you know, occasionally. Right. Um, and you said part of what disturbed you was like, like it cuz it didn't do anything right. Like it, it didn't do anything aggressive. Like it sounded like it didn't, it sounded like you were disturbed by the fact. In the dream. You were the aggressor. It was 

[00:21:14] Victor: like, um, that's how I took it.

It was an interloper. I kind of reacted to it the way, like, I mean, I try and save spiders sometimes, you know? But like sometimes like you, you know, if you see a bug in like just the wrong place where it's like, I have to kill this immediately. Yeah. Uh, it was like, it was creepy in the way of something had like invaded my space in a way that like, I could not stand and I had to react to it.

Just wanted 

[00:21:41] Zach: a snack, didn't it? 

[00:21:43] Victor: It did. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. It was just trying to get a little snack. 

[00:21:46] Olivia: Yeah. But like, no . Yeah. I don't like the deflated neck thing. Yeah, that's really creepy. It 

[00:21:54] Zach: was really weird. Yeah. The creepy part to me is that it kept, it would come back if you stopped, so it seemed like you're blow up again.

Like it's easy to win, but it's relentless. 

[00:22:03] Victor: Yeah. And it was like slow, it wasn't like immediately It's fine. It was like, I could see it kind of reforming into me. 

[00:22:12] Zach: Yeah. It's like, it, it follows where it's like it moves slow so it's easy to get away from, but it's relent, like it'll never stop. Like that's the scary part.

Yeah. That's 

[00:22:21] Victor: what it felt like. It was like, well, there's no solution here. Uh, but I think at, at the point where I was yelling YouTube, I was like, I was kind of more concerned about like it getting away. Like I didn't think it was going to continue to bother me in this instance, but it was like I wanted the problem solved and that was not an option.

[00:22:43] Olivia: Can um, would you look up choking? In the Dream Bible Also, actually, I don't think you're allowed to read your own dream Bible. Okay. 

[00:22:52] Zach: Entries for your dream. Is that a rule? So 

[00:22:56] Olivia: yes, we made that rule. Um, okay. So kind of the first and the second paragraph. So, to dream of being choked represents emotional suffocation, feeling unable to express yourself at all or make your own decisions to dream of choking someone else represents your disinterest or hostility to someone else expressing themselves.

It may also be a sign that you don't want someone else's ideas considered at all positively. It may reflect your attempt to cut off negative thinking patterns that are stifling progress. Okay. Did it feel like it, it didn't feel like the, I don't know. Did it feel like that thing was 

[00:23:39] Victor: you? No, it wasn't me.

It was like a doppelganger. Yeah, it was like a it, like I know that it was like it was a physical thing that I was interacting with, but like Ghost feels more accurate. Let's look at Ghost 

[00:23:58] Zach: there. There is an entry for doppelganger too. Well, let's look at 'em both, but I don't know. Is a doppelganger like a physical entity or is it a ghost?

I think if 

[00:24:08] Olivia: Ghost feels more 

[00:24:10] Victor: accurate, that's, I think it's worth looking at both of 'em. Yeah. But yeah, I came away from it feeling like, yeah, ghost resonated 


[00:24:18] Olivia: dream of. A Ghost represents issues from your past that are unresolved and still affect you. Painful memories, guilt, unfulfilled romance, people you can't forgive, hate, anger, or embarrassment, a problem that still haunts you, jealousy from the past that you can't escape.

People often dream of the ghost of a deceased loved one after a murder or violent death. This is most likely a reflection of their feelings about the tragedy that haunts 

[00:24:45] Zach: them. Those are just actual ghosts. Yeah. . 

[00:24:49] Victor: That's not a dream at all. Hmm. There's to dream of being a ghost. Ooh. To dream 

[00:24:56] Olivia: of being a ghost represents your feelings of being unable to do what you wanted, something sacrificed your spirits, hopes and wishes, and left you feeling incomplete or unsatisfied.

Feelings of being completely overlooked and ignored in 

[00:25:12] Zach: life. Well, that part sort of tracks with the, the choking stuff with the, like, you know, suppressing, um, an expression. I mean, I mean, like, tho that those things together make me, uh, think of the redneck Willy Wonka dream. 

[00:25:33] Olivia: Yeah, I was actually, I was just gonna say that this maybe is like a work dream for you, but, um, but let's keep.

Let's look at doppelganger two. Dream of your own Doppelganger To Dream of Your own. Doppelganger represents your concern about being misrepresented or replaced, feeling that someone may take over in your name. It may also reflect your feelings about being helped behind your back, not liking being spoken for someone re representing you in a dangerous manner without your permission.

Negatively. Seeing your own doppelganger may represent self-reflection over your negative actions. Shocked to learn that you did something bad or unpleasant, like hearing a story about yourself, drunk or snoring. , yeah, feeling framed or set up your feelings about a lie told about you. 

[00:26:23] Zach: I only snore when I'm drunk.

[00:26:25] Victor: It says that alternatively, seeing your own doppelganger may represent jealousy or feeling stupid that you didn't do something for yourself first. Um, and I think maybe, maybe that resonates. I don't know. Um, I guess, um, hearing these things, I can, I can think of things in my life that feel like they connect to some of these things.

Mm-hmm. , but, um, I'm not having like a feeling of like, yes, that's it. That's what the meaning of the dream was. It's like, uh, yeah, they're not co I can take these symbols and put 'em together into something connected to my life. Right. 

[00:27:00] Zach: But kind of like broadly. Yeah. Like they don't coherently point at one thing.

Right. I thought of the redneck Willy Wonka dream. Cause I, some of the, the stuff in these entries, uh, made me think of like conversations we've had about, uh, music and creative stuff in the past and the, um, you know, the like artistic drive to always be doing it, but then also the artistic self sabotage of, of being like, well, who am I to like spend my time, you know, creating, um, you know what I 

[00:27:32] Victor: mean?

Yeah. I think. Yeah. Um, what, what this is bringing up for me or the, like, talking about these symbols is bringing up for me is like, I, I guess I've, um, off and on experienced like a frustration that, you know, just as part of being an adult and like working a full-time job and having adult responsibilities, I, I don't feel like there's enough time to do the things that like I care about or interest me or matter to me, you know?

Um, I just feel like I'm just like barely able to like, eek out a little bit of time to work on the stuff that feels like it's constructive for me as a, as like a, um, like in like a fulfilling way, you know? Mm-hmm. . Um, so those, those couple of dream Bible injuries, that's what that made me think of is like my, my strong desire for more time.


[00:28:28] Olivia: How did you, did you feel like the ghost stuff 

[00:28:31] Victor: related. Yeah. To dream of being a ghost represents your feelings of being unable to do what you wanted, something sacrificed your spirit's, hopes and wishes and left you feeling incomplete or unsatisfied. Yeah. Yeah. That, that feels connected to what I was just saying.

Yeah. Like, yeah. Yeah. 

[00:28:49] Olivia: That's what I was thinking when I said that this felt like a work dream, cuz I feel like that it's tied in right. Yeah. 

[00:28:56] Victor: Well, I, I think, um, work feels like a barrier between me and the things that I, um, care about doing in some ways, you know, in that like, you know, I am sitting at a desk, working at, you know, doing X, y, z when it's like, I would love to be playing music or, you know, we keep talking about, um, wanting to be able to travel and it's like, I just can't find a way to make that work.

[00:29:26] Zach: You know? Even though you work from home, you're still working from home, right? Yeah. 

[00:29:30] Victor: Yeah. But it's like, Yeah, I, I could, I could do a working vacation maybe, right. Uh, where I'm sitting there for. Yeah. It kind of 

[00:29:38] Olivia: is like, why spend the money though to travel? 

[00:29:42] Victor: Yeah. I mean, anyway, I feel like this, this is pretty, pretty normal or like pretty relatable.

A lot of people are, um, you know, don't have the time to do the things that, um, they really wanna do. That's how I feel lately. 

[00:30:00] Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. I, I think that, that, that interpretation makes a lot of sense. 

[00:30:06] Victor: You cruel, bummer. Real 

[00:30:08] Zach: downer. . So do you think the, the Doppel ganga ghost was like a bad thing then? Because I, I don't, it almost feels like, um, the way it's laid out, it's like that was like representative of the things he would like to be doing.

But you're like choking it out and suppressing it cuz you're, no, it kind of is because you're like, I don't have time for you. But it just keeps coming back. It's relentless. It's like, no, you need to, uh, make 

[00:30:35] Olivia: one of the things, make things that we've like, kicked around as a, like a project that the two of us have thought about doing was like a found footage, horror thing in the form of like a, a YouTube channel kind of thing.

Or we were talking about like ARGs and stuff. Like it's in line with that. So it's like, it's just funny that, it's just funny that like, that came up that way because that YouTube is maybe the thing that we would wanna be doing with our time. Right. 

[00:31:09] Victor: Yeah. I suppose, huh. I guess for me that felt more like I'm, I'm the kind of, we watch a lot of horror movies and stuff and I, I find, uh, like crypted stuff.

Interesting. And it's like the thing you always think is like, fuck. Document it, get it documented. Right. And I think something for me in that moment, because of all of that, uh, like frustration watching movies or whatever is like, how's my chance? Or yeah. It could 

[00:31:36] Zach: also No, that makes sense. Be emblematic of like, if this thing is your drive to do stuff besides work and you're, you know, you're choking it out.

Cause you're like, no, I gotta work. When it, you do have like a moment, it makes sense that you would be like, I need to capture this document it, put it out there. You know what I mean? To like preserve that expression. I don't know if 

[00:32:01] Victor: that makes sense. Yeah. I mean I get, I can kind of see it in like, okay, so I'm, I'm cooking well hmm, let's look up cooking in the dream 

[00:32:10] Olivia: Bible.

Yeah. Yeah. The only reason I made that initial connection though is because that what. The thing that we were kicking around with, like a YouTube channel was literally like, oh, these people are being haunted in, in our house by a ghost, and they're documenting it and putting it on YouTube. Like it is literally that, you know?

[00:32:32] Zach: Yeah, yeah. There's your premise. 

[00:32:35] Victor: Do you wanna read the cooking entry 

[00:32:36] Olivia: to Dream of Cooking represents an experience or a situation that is being prepared. You or someone else that is getting ready to do something, the potential for something to happen. You may be making plans or organizing something.

Careful planning. 

[00:32:52] Victor: Yeah. I think that that connects to this here. So, um, again, it doesn't, like, I don't, I don't know that I'm like getting a feeling where it like clicks for me, but like I can, I'm starting to like intellectually see how this connects of like, okay, cooking. Like, like I, um, I do very much feel like I'm always like in the preparation.

Uh, phase of getting to be the, the version of me that gets to do the stuff that I want to do and has the time that I want to have, you know? Mm-hmm. and I spend a lot of energy trying to, um, you know, figure out how I'm, how I'm gonna get there. Right? So like, if there's, if like you have me preoccupied with preparation and then you have another version of me float through, like, unattached to anything that's just like, I'm just gonna snag something that you're working on here and dip out, you know?

Um, yeah. That could be connected to like a tension I feel within myself between my responsibilities, practicality, like day-to-day life that I have to, that I'm committed to, um, versus like, you know, the things that I, I wish I could be doing if I didn't have to worry about any of that stuff. Yeah, 

[00:34:14] Zach: totally.

You looked like you were gonna say something, Olivia. Well, 

[00:34:18] Olivia: I, okay. I, um, so I was just, I was looking at if, if this isn't clicking for you, um, and this might also not click for you, but that's fine. Um, thinking about, so choking, um, so choking someone else represents hostility towards someone else expressing themself.

And, um, if the, if the ghost is like, issues from the past, painful memories, guilt, um, then you choking the ghost is like hostility towards that expressing itself. 

[00:35:03] Victor: Do you think there's something there? 

[00:35:05] Olivia: I mean, it's, it's kind of, um, I feel like you're the, the only one who can say, if that feels. True. I'm only going off of that cuz you said that this, you're not getting the clicking feeling, 

[00:35:16] Victor: you know?

Yeah. Um, man, I feel like the, the weird thing with our release schedule right now is that we're constantly listening to episodes that we recorded a couple months ago. So like, that's front of mind for us. So it's like our, our episodes are slowly becoming like, oh, let's, let's do a, uh, episode 13 is always gonna be about what we listen to on episode nine.

Yeah. Episode 14 is always gonna be like, Hey, remember episode 10? Uh, that kind of feels like the rhythm that we've gotten into, but we were just reviewing an episode before release where we talk about, um, like, um, me wrestling with like some past stuff or whatever. And, um, yeah. So it's possible that like listening to that episode planted something in my subconscious that then came out as, um, A dream about, like a tension between, you know, maybe some unresolved trauma and versus a me that is like, uh, you know, trying to, trying to operate in a way where, um, like I'm not burdened by that.

Right. Um, yeah. So that's possible that it's like a, that that's the tension there. You know, it, I mean, I guess what it seems like is like the surface level interpretation is like, I have some inner tension, right? Some inner like, yeah. Conflict. And I acted that out as like, like a violent encounter for whatever reason.

And then the end result of that was not like me overcoming this other side of me or whatever. I ended up in this weird stalemate situation where there was no. Overcoming the other side of me, it was always going to come back. And the best thing you 

[00:37:08] Zach: could do was, uh, to document it. , 

[00:37:10] Victor: right? . Which is, which is what, uh, art is all about, isn't it?

Yeah. . 

[00:37:15] Zach: It is suffering. Art is suffering. Yeah. I mean, that makes sense. I, I think if, you know, if there isn't one thing happening in your life that's like dominating your subconscious or like piercing through it, it, it makes sense that a Dr your dreams would be 10 toward like your overall state of affairs and your feelings toward them.

It's what I have, like so many work, like every dream might do, is just about like wanting to move things frustrated with the, like, slow progress of my career. And it's rarely about, like one specific inciting event is just the state of affairs. 

[00:37:55] Victor: I, I think this is very much the same kind of thing, right?

It's like I'm, I'm in a place that I'm in. And it's not bad, but like I have aspirations for, uh, something else and I am constantly wrestling with frustration that I haven't achieved that thing yet, whatever that would look like.

[00:38:42] Zach: Okay. So the other night I had a dream that, um, there was a, it took place at Lake Washington, which as, as you're well aware, is like, it was in the summertime. So it's, it's very busy, very active in the summer, a lot of people hanging out on the beaches. And I don't know if they actually have, do they have lifeguards out there?

It depends. They have lifeguard towers, but anyway, in the stream, probably sometimes in the stream. A lifeguard was, I, I caught a female lifeguard kidnapping a child. Um, it was like she saved them from the water, but then like ran off with him. Uh, and I followed her and I don't remember the like, pursuit, but I remember where it ended up is in this like auditorium almost like where you might see a play.

Um, and she was on stage and this is the really fucked up part trigger warning. Uh, she was on stage and the audience was full of parents and she had the child up on a, almost like a lifeguard tower behind her, facing away from her with like a rope. Around its neck and she was holding both ends of the rope facing the audience.

And she fucking like, did this. I know listeners can't see what I'm doing. She's like jerking her fists forward so that the rope would snap the child's neck. Oh my god. Uh, so like in the dream was very vivid, like the way it whipped back and then the fucking, the whole crowd cheered. It had the feeling of like, you know that movie trope where there's like a detective or whatever trying to uncover, like trying to solve one crime and they uncover like that the whole town is in on it.

Cuz I remember trying to like, call the police or like put a stop to this and everyone was like, had this attitude of like, what are you doing? This is what we do. This is what our town does. You're, you're the outsider. You're like, they were upset that I was causing a ruckus about this. Yeah. 

[00:40:55] Olivia: That's, uh, it's interesting that you both had like, uh, 

[00:40:58] Zach: like choking.

Yeah. Choking neck, neck related injuries. Yeah. Yeah, 

[00:41:04] Victor: that's, uh, that's grim. Yeah. 

[00:41:07] Zach: But had this whole like, circusy atmosphere to the, to the proceedings, it almost felt like, um, like a culty kind of like sacrifice ritual, but for like entertainment purposes, 

[00:41:22] Victor: I'm just, uh, I'm just plugging in dream bible 

[00:41:24] Zach: entries.

Child lifeguard. 

[00:41:28] Victor: You miss child. That's a good one. Because, 

[00:41:30] Olivia: yeah, I think children are ideas and that that's a different type of idea. If it's a 

[00:41:35] Zach: boy or a girl. This was a little, the victim was a little boy, but I got the impression that this was a regular event, that she was snatching children all the time.

So I've got 

[00:41:44] Victor: lifeguards, children, um, audience, neck sacrifice, and cult. Is that a good place to start? Is there 


[00:41:54] Zach: else I should, I think those are probably in the order of most relevant. Okay. The way you said them. 

[00:41:59] Victor: All right. So lifeguard to dream of a lifeguard represents behavior that responsibly prevents others from going overboard or becoming overwhelmed by an uncertain situation, keeping others from hurting, hurting themselves.

An emotional backup plan or safety net to stop you from drowning in your problem. Correcting a situation if it doesn't stay safe, a choice or option that allows you to escape emotional hardship, objectivity that never allows you to completely succumb to a problem or feeling that something or feeling that something is permanent.

Confronting an uncertainty or a negative situation responsibly, making sure someone else doesn't go too far or get embarrassed by facing their problems. Awareness of potential dangers, precautions being taken. Negatively dreaming of a lifeguard may also reflect you or someone else that is responsibly, allowing others to break the rules without going overboard.

Making sure, making sure dangerous behavior. . Um, the dream of expecting a lifeguard to save you may reflect your expectations that someone will responsibly intervene on your behalf if you get overwhelmed by a problem. 

[00:43:11] Zach: Hmm. Yeah. Not a lot about a lifeguard, like actively doing the opposite of what they're supposed to do.

[00:43:19] Victor: Doing harm. Yeah. Uh, was the kid swimming at some point? Yeah, 

[00:43:23] Olivia: she did save the kid, right? 

[00:43:26] Zach: I think so. I I don't remember feeling like the kid would, would've, it felt, it felt more like a kidnapping. 

[00:43:34] Olivia: So is the swimming relevant you think? 

[00:43:37] Victor: Um, 

[00:43:38] Zach: maybe that's where it started. Yeah. In, in the lake where everyone was swimming.

Were you swimming? You know, if at the beginning it felt more, um, third per, like, I was watching a movie. Okay. And then once I got to the auditorium, I was a char. I was like a, yeah, a 

[00:43:55] Victor: character. I think. Let's put a pin in swimming cuz we got a lot to, to look at. Um, we've got children. We're not looking at your real life children.

If you have more than one child in the real life, no. To dream of children that aren't your children negatively. Dreaming of children may reflect feelings about yourself or others Being helpless, powerlessness to overcome big challenges. An experience that prevents you from facing difficulties because problems are too big.

Alternatively, uh, from a negative perspective, children may reflect problems that are out of control. New developments that are becoming frustrating, feeling like an innocent victim. Vulnerability. 

[00:44:34] Olivia: I, um, I think the boy entry might be a little more relevant here. It's an, it's a different, a separate entry.


[00:44:44] Victor: child you have. Yeah. Um, to dream of a child dying represents a loss or unpleasant change to some area of your life that had potential. Positively. A child death may reflect a growing problem that has finally been dealt with. Okay, let me look up. Boy, to dream of a boy represents a masculine aspect of yourself that is developing or inexperienced, assertiveness, anger, dominance, or insensitivity a part of your personality or a situation that hasn't reached its full potential yet.

Um, any of this clicking at all for you so far? Not really. Hmm. Yeah. Okay. So just to recap, um, negative dreams of a lifeguard reflect you or someone else that is responsibly allowing others to break the rules without going overboard. Making sure. And then it says, making sure dangerous behavior. So I don't know.

Usually I try and work around Dream Bible typos, but I don't know what to make of that sentence. 

[00:45:49] Zach: Making sure of Dan. Yeah, I don't know. 

[00:45:53] Olivia: Um, it's like they didn't finish 

[00:45:54] Zach: the thought. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I can What, what, what were the other symbols you had, Paul? That, 

[00:46:00] Victor: uh, we've got children which represent ideas, habits, or developments that have potential and, um, dying children represent a loss or unpleasant change to some area of your life that had potential.

And then boys specifically represent a masculine aspect of yourself that's developing or inexperienced a part of your personality or situation that hasn't reached its full potential yet. 

[00:46:25] Zach: Yeah, I don't know. I might be trying too hard to tie it into like, I don't know. It's not bringing up anything.

Specifically, but I do know I had this dream, I've, I've been having a lot of financial stress lately by just not knowing how I'm gonna, like, make bills and stuff, because my, uh, kind of freelance work has, it's, it's a slow season. Um, and, you know, coming off the holidays, I traveled, like, I've just been super stressed about money and I had this dream, uh, while Shelby was here.

She came to visit in, in the like four or five days that she was here. Every waking moment was super pleasant. Um, and I wasn't thinking about those stresses, but every single morning I woke up with like, tension in the back of my neck. Like I immediately woke up stressed. Um, and this stream happened one of those nights.

Yeah. And I know that, that stress on the back of my neck, like the thing that I'm like actively, like constantly worried about, Well, I'm awake. Is is money? Mm-hmm. . So I, I think maybe I'm trying too hard to like tie it into back cause I'm like, it has to be that, you know, but that's like working backwards cuz it, it, maybe it could be something totally different 

[00:47:45] Victor: that I'm not seeing.

It definitely could be that though. I, I feel like the, um, I feel like the lifeguard entry so far feels like kind of a red herring to me. I don't feel like there's anything there. Um, I I kinda wanna keep chipping along at what we're doing. Um, audience, should we check out? Sure. Audience, negatively Dreaming of an audience may reflect issues with showing off or making people pay attention to you.

Showing off with lies or unprovable claims. Problems with accepting something that will make you jealous if you choose to stand by and allow it happen. Jealousy of someone else getting more attention than you. Hmm. To dream of being part of an audience, negatively may reflect feelings of jealousy, that you are powerless to control a situation and must watch only, sorry.

Um, it's a dream of being part of an audience. Negatively may reflect feelings of jealousy, that you are powerless to control a situation and must watch. Only feeling forced to watch other people win while you lose jealously, watching other people achieve things that you can't achieve. A dangerous situation that you are choosing to watch instead of attempting to stop it by getting involved.

Hmm. Well that feels, yeah, 

[00:49:02] Olivia: that last sentence feels like what was happening 

[00:49:05] Zach: there. Well, now I was trying to get involved, but everybody was, um, 

[00:49:09] Victor: yeah, that's true. Yeah. Not let, not let you were returning to other people. You were, you were asking other people basically to do something. You weren't like hopping up on stage, 

[00:49:18] Zach: right?

I don't know. Yeah. It could be like grappling with a feeling that like, I have caused this stress. By virtue of not, um, uh, having like a more reliable job situation. Neck. 

[00:49:32] Olivia: That's an let's read that. 

[00:49:35] Victor: Yeah. Um, to dream of a neck represents the interface between your thoughts and feelings. What you feel and what you actually choose to do in life about those feelings.

The connection between your thoughts and actions. Often a symbol for your total commitment to a relationship or situation negatively. Next symbolizes issues where you may feel one way but acted in another sacrifice to dream of making sacrifices or giving up something. Um, negatively making sacrifices may a sign that you are giving up too much to eliminate something undesirable from your life.

Oh, wait, we have a ritual sacrifice that's more Oh, yeah. Accurate. A dream of a ritual sacrifice represents something in your life that is being completely given up for a greater cause. Giving everything you have to a person or situation. You may feel that a very big change you are making is special.

There's somehow inexplicably no negative for ritual sacrifice. Yes, . 

[00:50:31] Zach: It just, it's always a good idea. And 

[00:50:35] Victor: then negatively, a cult may reflect diluted ideas or points of view that are dangerously never questioned. Giving up your individuality for the sake of someone or something that you feel can't be judged.

It may also be a sign that you are, that you feel the negative aspects of a person or situation are being ignored due to manipulative tactics, feeling that alternative ideas or choices are not allowed. Feeling that someone or something is too possessive. Lot of, lot of concepts here, questioned 

[00:51:05] Olivia: devotions to ideas people are situations.

Yeah. Um, I, I had like several cult streams in a row a little while ago, which was interesting. Um, yeah. Does anything, any of that connect 

[00:51:20] Zach: Zach? Yeah, kind of similar to Victor's dream where it's like, I think a lot of stuff resonated, like generally of my situation, but like I'm having a hard time articulating specifically why, but that's okay.

Yeah. Bec well, cause I have this, this one job that is, um, exciting, but it only, you know, it's only a couple days every couple weeks, but it, it's probably gonna turn into something, uh, more solid in the future. That's the hope anyway. Um, so I'm really working around that to like, That's why I don't just go and get like a whatever job to pay the bills.

You know what I mean? Like I need, I've been relying on this, uh, on freelance stuff to fill in the gaps, but I get to make my own schedule with that. Um, but that's dried up. And I am currently, I'm about to start like a more regular job tomorrow that I did not want to get. But because it's Monday through Friday, it's gonna be very hard to work, work to, to have the two work together.

But it's like, I don't, I have to pay the bill. You know what I mean? Like, I have to Yeah. Yeah. To do this, this thing that I don't want to do that actually might get in the way of like bigger future success, more exciting future success. Yeah. Um, so like, that all feels, like everything that we've read feels like it plays into that situation.

Yeah. Um, but it's hard to articulate why, 

[00:52:53] Victor: what, what I'm getting from what, um, you're describing. There is that, um, e even though like you're doing the best you have with what's available to you, it's still, it, it has the feeling of maybe feeling like kind of a bystander in your own life, you know, of like, because you are, um, do just like doing what has to be done to survive.

You don't get to like, you know, make a choice. You're not allowed to make a choice here. Right. Or you don't feel that you're able to make a choice. And so you're just kind of like watching things play out in maybe a way that you wouldn't like them to. Yeah. Where like if maybe this new job gets in the way of this cool opportunity, you feel like, well, what was I supposed to do?

[00:53:36] Olivia: And, and like you maybe feel like you're having to sacrifice. Like, yeah. The new opportunities and po potential, potential opportunities and, um, new ideas and what, which, that's what boy like children are, right? 

[00:53:53] Zach: Yeah. That, I think that was part of it. 

[00:53:54] Olivia: So, yeah. So you're sacrificing the children that, that kind 

[00:53:58] Zach: of makes sense.

Yeah. Well, and the, the lifeguard is, which I feel like what I'm latching onto with that is like, that's like responsibility and, and safeguarding. Mm-hmm. like that is, so, yeah. I feel like I can like build a narrative here where the, the sacrifice that's happening, or that I'm worried will happen with this, uh, with this new job is the, that the, the, the, the need for survival.

The, the lifeguard is going to actively destroy the new, young, exciting thing. And the audience, the cult is like capitalism, that, that's like, How society's built. So it has to be this way. And they're not gonna, they're not right. They're not gonna accept my ob 

[00:54:37] Victor: objections. Right. You're the only one that sees the value in the 

[00:54:40] Olivia: child.

Yeah. Right. Right. And the neck entry too is like, the neck is, um, like the connection between your actions and your, and your emotions or your feelings and your, your thoughts and your actions. And is like negatively. The neck is like where you may feel one way but act in 

[00:54:59] Zach: another. Oh, she, yeah, yeah, yeah. So she, she's breaking that, um, that barrier or not the barrier that the, the freeway between uhhuh , 

[00:55:07] Victor: right.

[00:55:08] Olivia: Between the brain and the, that all actually makes a lot 

[00:55:10] Victor: of sense. It does. And so that actually brings the lifeguard entry kind of into focus. Mm-hmm. like, uh, where negatively dreaming of the lifeguard may also reflect you or someone else that is responsibly allowing others to break the rules without going overboard.

Which to me feels like this opportunity that you have, that you're excited about and that you're like twisting your life around to try and like, accommodate, keep going. That is the thing that like you're being allowed this, um, you know, this excess or this dream or whatever. You're being allowed, like that treat, you know mm-hmm.

as long as you, you know, have the rest of your ducks in a, you're you're paying your bills and you're working your mm-hmm. your job that you don't wanna work. You get to keep that little nugget of hope. And then there's the thread of that being just like crushed. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Kind of a downer. Night tonight, checks 

[00:56:07] Zach: out.

So it was a lot like your dream. I, I do have, I do have like a specific scenario, which is the, this new job that I'm starting like tomorrow. Right. But it is, it's about the same thing like this, uh, on we and dread and fear of like just being stuck in the machine forever and never getting to like, move on to bigger bed, more fulfilling 

[00:56:29] Victor: things.

Yeah. I think that you and I are kind of in that same boat and it's just, it looks a little different for you and me, but we both have that same, um, urge or that same drive to try and reach this place. But it's like, it's hard . It's really hard. Yeah. It doesn't seem like you're, like, you'll get there sometimes, you know?


[00:56:51] Zach: 40 hours a week is a lot. It's a lot. Yeah. It's so third of your life. And then another third is spent sleeping, and then that other third is like, we, you gotta do the dishes sometime, you know, . Like that other third disappears so quick. 

[00:57:07] Victor: Where do your dreams? On front? They front did they? 

[00:57:18] Zach: Oh shit. The other night, uh, Shelby was here on Friday the 13th, and we tried to go get tattoos.

I have a couple Friday the 13th tattoos, but I got 'em back in Denver. This is the first time I tried to do it in LA and we stood in line for six hours . Oh wow. And it was around one in the morning where I was like, fuck this. I, because it, wow. Oh my gosh. 

[00:57:37] Olivia: The more six hours, 

[00:57:38] Zach: the more time pressed on. The more I was like, well, it's gonna be dumb if we leave now.

Like, you know, after, after about three hours cost. Yeah, after about three hours. I was like, well, tattoo's permanent. You know, if this, if, if this takes another few hours. We've already been here for three. So it would be like, could you tell how 

[00:57:55] Olivia: close you were 

[00:57:57] Zach: at any point? Well, that's the thing, once one o'clock rolled around, it was clear that like, we're not getting outta here before, like three or four.

Oof. And I'm just, I had, I had work the next day, not till like, oh man, not till like 10 or 11, but it was still like, I'm getting too old to see the sunrise. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Um, like, I just knew it was gonna ruin the next day. Staying 

[00:58:18] Olivia: up till one in the morning ruins the next day 

[00:58:20] Zach: for me. , yeah. The next day was rough, but my, anyway, my, while we were standing there, my lower B back was flaring up and um, I was telling Shelby that I, um, uh, I fell on my tailbone when I was 19.

And ever since then, uh, road trips, like something about sitting in a car for too long will make it hurt. And something about standing for too long will make it hurt. And she was like, will. You probably broke it and I was like, this whole time I thought maybe I just bruised it or something. Yeah, you might have broken it then.

Then I was like, yeah, for like, after it happened for three months, I, I could either, I could lay supine or I could stand up straight, but anything between was like screaming agony for three, so for I'm gonna tell you for three months. And she was like, yeah, you definitely broke it. Oh yeah. And this whole time I thought, I've never broken a bone.

[00:59:10] Olivia: Oh, you probably broke that. Yeah. Uh, I saw this treatment recently that like a lot of people swear by, um, and it is like coxy realignment, like you're like, cuz we do sit a lot and for most people that in and of itself does a lot of damage. But if you've had trauma there to that area, that's like a whole other thing.

The way this is done is that, uh, the doctor. It has to go in through your butt with their hand . I don't like this to like realign your, your tailbone, but like I saw this video of all these people were like, yeah, I feel like a brand new person. Like, absolutely changed my life. Totally worth it. So 

[01:00:04] Victor: go. Almost got my certificate.

You failed 

[01:00:09] Olivia: the test. 

[01:00:10] Victor: Yeah, but you can just keep retaking them. You know, write 10 answers every time. , it's multiple choice. 

[01:00:20] Zach: Uh, maybe I'll roll that in with my, um, you know, when they check for colon cancer, what is that called? Colonoscopy. I'll be like, Hey, while you're in there, , , 

[01:00:29] Victor: can you reset mate? Bone? Okay.

Now, trust me. Here's what you need to do, . You need to pull down . . Yeah. 

[01:00:38] Zach: If you could reach round , um, 

[01:00:44] Olivia: just like two degrees, two degrees out, please. I'll slip you. I'll slip you a hundred. . 

[01:00:51] Victor: Yeah. A tip, 

[01:00:55] Olivia: sir. I'm an 

[01:00:56] Victor: anesthesiologist. , 

[01:00:58] Zach: that doesn't change my question. Do you or do you not do happy endings?

[01:01:06] Olivia: And this podcast's or this episode needed a happy ending, didn't it? 

[01:01:11] Zach: Hey. Hey, O . 

[01:01:14] Victor: Thank you for listening to The Jung and the Restless

[01:01:16] Zach: You can follow us on social media at The Jung and the Restless Pod and submit your dreams for interpretation to The Jung and the Restless Pod at 

[01:01:23] Olivia: Gmail. And as we always say, hot dogs are disgusting.

Disgusting, but, but Spam is good actually.

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