15. Skinematic Dreams

The Dream Team thought they would be talking about cinematic dreams but a different theme took precedence.  They discuss sleep…...

The Dream Team thought they would be talking about cinematic dreams but a different theme took precedence.  They discuss sleep paralysis, dream cryptids, and whether Olivia’s epic dreams are a gift or a medical condition. Listener Jenn sends in a voice recording of a kinky dream about Luke Wilson’s electrocution fetish. Zach tells a dream about a poor man who gets publicly humiliated in front of his business associates by a scheming dominatrix.

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Dream Bible entries used in this episode:

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Sex: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=sex

Oral Sex: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=oral+sex

Electrocution: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Electrocution

embarrassment: https://www.dreambible.com/search.php?q=Embarrassment

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Episode Transcript

15. Skinematic Dreams

[00:00:00] Victor: Welcome to The Jung and the Restless I'm Victor.

[00:00:03] Zach: I'm Zach. 

[00:00:04] Olivia: And I'm Olivia. And this is the podcast where no matter how long you sit in the restaurant, your dinner is never coming.

[00:00:32] Zach: I always thought it'd be funny to have a bunch of bumper stickers on the back of your car, and they were like all Calvin peeing on stuff, , but they were like, some you would expect like, I don't know, a rival sports team or whatever. But then you have one that's like, my student made the honor roll and he's peeing on that too.

baby on board. He's peeing on that. 

[00:00:51] Olivia: Just layer them so that there's a new Calvin peeing on each. Calvin peeing on the original thing. . Yeah. . So we've talked about, I I, I feel like usually we, we come into episodes and we're not totally sure what the theme is gonna be, and it just emerges, but Sounds like today we're angling for cinematic dreams.

[00:01:14] Zach: Yeah. Which I guess that means like long dreams with a through line, right? 

[00:01:20] Olivia: Yeah. Or like, I've had dreams that were just so visually stunning and like, I don't know. Sometimes it'll be like, I'll, I'll notice like the focal length of like a shot. Like it feels like there's a movie happening. We absorb so much from film and TV that it makes sense that our dreams would be laid out similarly to that.

[00:01:44] Zach: Yeah. Or adopt things from it. 

[00:01:46] Victor: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I mean, I think, um, we've had a fair number of dreams where, uh, You're kind of just watching something happening and you're not really involved in it and it is playing out like a movie. And that's gotta just be your brain adapting to like, you watching a lot of movies and tv.

And so it's like, oh, well that's what's happening. So that's what you'll dream of. 

[00:02:07] Olivia: Yeah. Especially, you're right, there's like a distinction between dreams where I'm in it, experiencing it, and when I'm just watching it. Yeah. Earlier 

[00:02:16] Zach: I looked up, I Googled something like, what causes long vivid dreams? Or something like that.

And um, I guess there's a clinical word for it. The actual like term is epic dreams. Oh, all right. Which makes it sound cool. And every time it's happened to me it was a cool experience, but it's like the related medical articles are all about like narcolepsy and insomnia. Mm-hmm. and, uh, other sleep disorders and like, oh shit.

The first like, The first few results on Google are all like, how to stop epic dreams. How to . Okay. 

[00:02:51] Olivia: You know, I didn't know that that was like a thing that, um, I didn't know that was a thing. Yeah. Or 

[00:02:56] Zach: vivid dreams. I think it's more colloquially referred to as vivid dreams. It, it's technically clinical and objective, but it, it's, you know, it's like epic.

You know, like when they say someone's morbid, they obese. It's like, that doesn't feel like a medical term. No. . 

[00:03:15] Olivia: I don't know. I'm just, I'm processing, I'm reframing my perception of this because I almost always have epic dreams. Most of my dreams are that, uh, it's complicated. I'm not diagnosed with narcolepsy.

But it's more of like a DSM thing. Like they can't technically diagnose me with narcolepsy. So they said you have something that is very similar to narcolepsy and like, if I don't take my medication, I will fall asleep in the middle of the day and I will have sleep paralysis at night. And so like, oh it's, yeah.

So it's interesting to hear that like the epic dreams are maybe like because of that , 

[00:03:56] Victor: I mean that makes a lot of sense, right? Because it's interrupted rem sleep that causes you to remember your dreams, right? So, um, your REM sleep is interrupted all the time because you have a sleep condition or disorder or whatever.

And so then you remember your epic 

[00:04:11] Olivia: dreams. Our podcast hinges on my shitty, shitty rhythm. 

[00:04:15] Zach: Do you feel tired all the time though? Is there. Yes. Negative con consequences. Oh, okay. Damn. . 

[00:04:24] Olivia: Yeah. My, my executive functioning is not, not in tiptop 

[00:04:28] Victor: shape. Yeah. But I feel tired all the time and I don't dream. So maybe that's not the 

[00:04:33] Olivia: problem with that.

You know, it might not be. There's a lot of reasons why I'm tired and anxious. 

[00:04:38] Zach: Yeah. Do you guys generally fall asleep around the same time or do you ever, like, do you have any idea of how she sleeps Victor, or are you out cold, like, does she toss the turn and 

[00:04:48] Victor: stuff? , I think, uh, I conk out before she does most of the time, which annoys her to no end, um,

But like when we, when we got together, Olivia was on a very irregular sleep schedule and was like staying up till three in the morning. And then I was like, uh, I got, I got, I got work in the morning and 

[00:05:08] Olivia: I did too. I would just stay up till three and get up at six. . 

[00:05:12] Victor: She kind of adapted to my very regimented, like 11:00 PM bedtime.

And, uh, that actually helped you a lot with um, um, like sleep paralysis. Yeah. Sleep paralysis. Yeah. Like when you kind of got onto my regular sleep schedule, you stopped having sleep paralysis all the time. Yeah, that's true. 

[00:05:31] Zach: Yeah. You used the word adapted, but I might use the phrase, got back on track. . Yeah,

[00:05:38] Olivia: Yeah. I don't think that there was like a good reason for me to be sleeping that way. Three hours a night. Yeah. No, I was just like, you know, single and, uh, . No one was gonna yell at 

[00:05:51] Zach: me. , I get such bad anxiety if I stay up that late. Hmm. 

[00:05:55] Olivia: Yeah, that, yes, 

[00:05:58] Victor: put your knee, you, that was like a big issue when we got together and I was regularly having to like catch when you were having like paralysis.

She would make like, you know, her breathing would change and she would sound like slightly disturbed. And then from her perspective, she felt like she was like screaming and trying to get my attention, but it was just like this slight change in her sleep pattern. But I'd be like, oh, that doesn't look right, and like shake her awake.

Um, but we did like, that was pretty frequent when we were together early on and then that's just kind of faded away. It barely happens anymore. 

[00:06:35] Olivia: Yeah. I think I also good, um, was adjusting my, like my meds at that time too. Mm. Cuz that helps a lot. So like, I, I have h ADHD and I take Adderall and Adderall also is an effective treatment for narcolepsy.

It's not like their typical really. . It's not the typical thing that they prescribe for narcolepsy, but I, right. When I don't take my A D H D medication have narcolepsy sy symptoms, like I will fall asleep in the middle of the day, I will have sleep paralysis and like, um, well that makes 

[00:07:11] Zach: sense that an amphetamine would help with that.

[00:07:14] Olivia: Yeah. So it's kind of like that is taking care of the problem, so not worth treating them separately. I guess. 

[00:07:23] Zach: It's funny to me by the way, the idea of victor, like gently shaking you awake in the middle of the night being like, Hey, sleepy head. Are you seeing demons? 

[00:07:32] Victor: Mm-hmm. , . You've described some really bizarre sleep paralysis experiences too, where like you will feel like you have gotten up and gotten outta bed and like have carried on with your day or something, or, that's my 

[00:07:45] Olivia: main, my main sleep paralysis experience.

Is that, is that is it's like, um, It's experiencing the, like, being stuck and not being able to get up and like trying to break out of it. Mm-hmm. , the main sleep paralysis like hallucination that I will get is that I will break out of the sleep paralysis and I will get up and I'll be like, pH that sucked.

And I'll walk around my house or wherever it is that I fell asleep and then I'll start to feel really heavy and then I will maybe see other people there that aren't supposed to be there. And then I'll get like, snapped back into my body and, and can't move again and it just repeats over and over again.

[00:08:30] Zach: That sounds like insanity. Yeah. Like 

[00:08:32] Olivia: literally feels 

[00:08:32] Victor: like it too. times. Have you ever a few 

[00:08:35] Zach: times sleep paralysis? Yeah. Yeah. I was just gonna say the, the not sup with super regularity more so more often as a kid, but it's not that intricate. It's more like a, a nightmare wakes me up suddenly and I'm just can't move for like, I don't know.

It feels like 30 seconds. I don't know how long it actually is. Hmm. I have a buddy with, um, it's something related to, uh, what is it called when you have seizures? Epilepsy. Epilepsy. Thank you. He has some, he has something in his brain similar to that, and he has really vivid sleep paralysis episodes where he sees like cloaked figures standing in his room.

Um, and all this like demonic shit. And for me, there's never been any visual residuals from a dream, but I will still hear the audio from it for like, Hmm. Like I said, like it feels like 30 seconds and it can be just like people talking still, or if it was a nightmare, sometimes it's like screaming or something like that and you can't move and I can't move.

Usually I'm so like rattled from the dream that I don't think to try to move for a little bit. Mm-hmm. . 

[00:09:37] Olivia: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I think like the struggle to get up is like a. That's like the mo the, the thing about sleep paralysis to me is that it doesn't just feel like I can't move. It feels like intense pressure.

Like it feels like my whole body is being like squashed and like pinned down. Um, 

[00:09:56] Zach: yeah. That's the demonn on your chest, right? That they 

[00:09:59] Olivia: make those the, the s The night, 

[00:10:01] Victor: yeah, the 

[00:10:02] Olivia: night hag. Yeah. Um, something you just said reminded me of a really weird sleep paralysis thing that happened to me one time. So I like fell asleep.

I was like not taking my meds reliably at this point in my life. And so I was like falling asleep a lot in the middle of the day. And it was like, I was at my dad's house. I fell asleep on the couch at my dad's house, and like I knew that my dad and my brother were going somewhere, and so they left. Um, but then I was having sleep paralysis.

And the thing that really sucks is when I don't take my meds and I fall asleep in the middle of the day, it's like all I want is to fall asleep. Like I, I, I like, need to take a nap. And when I, when I do the whole nap is just that sleep paralysis cycle where I'm like getting up over and over again. , I don't actually get to sleep.

Um, but so I had that experience and the whole time it was like I would, I would get up and then my dad and my brother hadn't left yet and they were like walking around in the house. . And my dad has, like, he, my dad always wears cowboy boots, . And so he has like a, it's a very distinct sound, like my entire life.

The sound of him walking on hardwood floors is like, I know it. And this particular time it was like I finally did actually wake up. I woke up from the whole thing and I was wide awake sitting up on the couch and for like a solid five minutes after I finally got out of the sleep paralysis, I was hearing my dad walking around right behind me.

And like, I kept turning around and he was not there. And it was very freaky. Like the whole, like the, the auditory hallucinations extended way beyond the paralysis. Um, I've never ex, I've never experienced hallucinations like that. Like while I'm just awake, you know? 

[00:11:53] Zach: Yeah. Stories like that make me feel like I haven't actually had sleep paralysis.

I'm just like woken up too suddenly, like before the, the body chemical. It like keeps you from acting out. Your dream wears off, you know? Yeah. Because I also, I slept, walk sleepwalked, whatever the past tense of that is. Mm-hmm. . I did that a lot as a kid, so that's fun. I just had, I just, you know, took a while for that like, chemical to balance out in my body.

[00:12:23] Olivia: I like watching videos of people sleepwalking. 

[00:12:25] Zach: This is all br Yeah. It's kind of scary though. It's like being blackout drunk . 

[00:12:30] Olivia: It's, it's very creepy, but it's really funny to me. Victor, what you 

[00:12:35] Victor: got there? I was just, I was trying to look up the hat man. Cuz I don't know, I think it's kind 

[00:12:40] Olivia: of cool. The hat man is fucking, I've only seen him one time.

Yeah. Only once. 

[00:12:44] Victor: Yeah. Once he Oh, but you have 

[00:12:46] Zach: seen him one 

[00:12:47] Olivia: time? I did. 

[00:12:48] Victor: I just remember something about like, I don't know that he, he like, is a universal kind, kind of spook dream figure. I don't, I don't know if that's, um, that might just be me misremembering something or remembering false information or something.

[00:13:02] Olivia: There, there was a whole documentary on this that we watched. Do you remember that? Yeah. 

[00:13:05] Victor: The Nightmare, right? Yeah. Was it 

[00:13:08] Zach: that, you know, I've, I've heard of this. I've heard of this too. And that, that was my understanding was the people who have not heard about it or communicated with anybody about it. 

[00:13:18] Olivia: And it's the same kind of hat.

It's like a specific thing. It's like a 

[00:13:22] Zach: bowler hat. Kinda like 

[00:13:23] Olivia: a top hat, right? A bowler hat. Yeah. But like not quite as more, it's like slightly different. Um, that's creepy. I had, uh, I had another time where I like dreamed of a crypted that I had never heard of before and then like a while later found out about it and it was like a real thing.

And that freaked me the fuck out. The rake, right? 

[00:13:47] Zach: Yes. The rake. Yeah. Google the 

[00:13:50] Victor: rake. That's familiar. It scared 

[00:13:51] Olivia: the living shit out of me. And then like a couple of months later, I like saw like some creepy pasta thing about it, but it, it's so on point and like the story about it is like exactly what I experienced.

And, um, but it, that's kind of like, or the doctor who thing, right? Like the shadow or the, uh, the cul the statues. Like the weeping angel statues. I had never, I had never heard that before or seen that and like, I don't know, maybe it's just that like people's brains are similar enough to like come up with the same thing, you know?

Yeah, I've seen the, that's a boring 

[00:14:31] Victor: answer. 

[00:14:32] Zach: You've seen it on online . I've seen videos and stuff, not like documentaries, like entertainment. 

[00:14:41] Victor: Since this is an audio medium, uh, listeners, if you go, if you Google the rake, you're gonna see, uh, humanoid looking pale, creepy monster with like long FIEs. 

[00:14:55] Zach: It is spells on, it's spelled like the gardening implement.

[00:15:01] Victor: And so wait, you didn't, you didn't tell the story. So you saw the thing in a dream, or when did, when did you see the 

[00:15:06] Olivia: rake? I had a dream about it and it, it was one of those nightmares that like really, really scared me. And then it probably like a few weeks or a month later, I came across, uh, like probably a, a creepy pasta or something about this creature and saw a picture of it.

And it was exactly what I saw in my dream. I think I had a couple of dreams about it. Actually. It, this was a long time ago, but I think it was like a couple of nights in a row. I had dreams about this thing. 

[00:15:36] Zach: It's pretty terrifying. 

[00:15:38] Olivia: Spooky. So somebody submitted a dream that is, it's not necessarily a cinematic dream, but it does feature a movie star.

[00:15:50] Zach: This is a fun one. I, I think we're loosely defining cinematic here. 

[00:15:54] Olivia: Uh, they sent me a voice recording. 

[00:15:57] Victor: Let's get like, I want you to hear the 

[00:15:59] Olivia: recording. Yeah, I'm gonna play it. I'm gonna play it. Um, let's see. We'll call her Jen. Okay. Um, so this is from Jen. Hey, Olivia. 

[00:16:10] Zach: Okay. This is, I swear to you, my first voice to text ever.

I'm a virgin, at least somewhere. I'm a virgin here with voice to text, so I hope this is working, but I'll try to, I'm breathing heavy because I'm on my walk. So, um, I want to, so I know it's gonna be annoying. I'm sorry, but it's the only time I have to share this with you and I'm dying to share this with you and then ask.

how do you know? How do I know when it's on the podcast? Okay, so I have this dream about Luke Wilson, who I don't like, I don't find him attractive. I don't like his acting. I know your mom loves him anyway, um, and we're hot and heavy. We're like really, like really making out. Okay? And we're naked and . Um, we're, and we're making out.

And, and I'm really worried about him seeing my, you don't even have to put this part in there, but, but my mastectomies. And it turns out he says, oh God, no. Those are way cool. Those are really cool. I really like those. Okay. . Um, and then he asked me, you know, to go down on him. So I can't believe I'm sharing this with you.

So I do. I start to, and we're, we're all hot and heavy. And he says, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait, wait. And I said, what, what? And he said, you, you can't, uh, you I can't get off unless I'm hooked up to these electrical devices. And there are a bunch of these like electrodes sitting around everywhere. And he started like taping them, you know, sticking them to his body all over the place except for that.

And, uh, and I said, you're kidding me? And he said, no. And I said, well, then my first thought was, holy crap, if I, if I do that, I'm gonna get electrocuted. And he said, no, no, you're, it doesn't bother you at all. It just electrocutes me when you 

[00:18:19] Olivia: start to, and it, it cuts off there. Uh, that's it. 

[00:18:26] Victor: So's play to work with, right?

[00:18:29] Zach: Uh, so she's my favorite, my new favorite person. 

[00:18:33] Olivia: Oh, yeah. You may have met her at 

[00:18:35] Zach: the wedding. I was just googling whether or not Luke Wilson is a Scientologist. Oh, is he? Because the whole No, it doesn't, doesn't look like it. Deep undercover could be. You never know who Tom Cruise has under his thumb.

Mm-hmm. . But sounds like that's what the electrodes thing made me think of. . 

[00:18:57] Olivia: Oh, okay. Yeah. I, I think there's a celebrity's entry in the Dream Bible. Um, but I think, um, the most important thing is that, uh, is that, that is a, an actor that Jen does not like. 

[00:19:13] Zach: But it definitely sounded, uh, you know, consensual. Oh, 

[00:19:18] Olivia: yeah.

I think she liked him in mid cream, like she was 

[00:19:21] Zach: Yeah. 

[00:19:22] Olivia: In waking life. She doesn't though, . 

[00:19:25] Zach: Yeah. Or maybe the attitude was like, eh, well, you know, he's famous. Is there a fellatio 

[00:19:31] Olivia: entry? 

[00:19:32] Zach: Well, let's find out. That'd be funny. If there was a Luke Wilson entry , like he, like, he's enough of a, he's like a a hat man.

There's just 

[00:19:42] Olivia: a celebrities entry. But there is like, Abraham Lincoln has his own entry. Like I think if you've been dead long enough or like if you were important enough and it's been long enough, then you transcend celebrity status. There's not like a Barack Obama entry. I looked. Yeah, you gotta be, because I had an alien Barack Obama dream a little while ago.

[00:20:03] Victor: So I've got celebrities, sex, oral sex and electrocution. Were there any other big, uh, keywords in there that I should look for? 

[00:20:13] Zach: The mastectomy seems mastectomy. Yeah. Significant. But that also, I don't know if that's really a symbol so much. It is. It is just something that she is actually, you know, self-conscious about.

Like first thoughts. It just, it feels like it started with something she was insecure about. Like the dream was gonna be about that, but then like, it was overcome with confidence. Mm-hmm. , you know what I mean? Because if you, if you're like dreaming about sex and you're, you're insecure about something, but then that person is famous and they're into it to me, that, that like, I don't know, that just feels like, um, a, a change in tone of your psyche talking to itself.

[00:20:48] Victor: So there is a specific part of the celebrity entry that is to dream of having sex with a celebrity. So, sounds like a good place to start. Yeah. Let's start there. To dream of having sex with a celebrity may reflect an enjoyable experience you are having that has qualities to it that mirror your feelings about the celebrity.

For example, Oprah is often viewed by many as someone with a high degree of influence to make people buy things. Having sex with Oprah in a dream to those people may represent an enjoyable experience in waking life where you are very influential. . So to dream of having sex with a celebrity you don't like that you think is just kind of goofy.


[00:21:32] Olivia: hmm. Can you read that again To it? 

[00:21:36] Victor: Yeah. Uh, may reflect an enjoyable experience you were having that has qualities that mirror your feelings about the celebrity. 

[00:21:45] Olivia: Okay. Yeah. That's like a mind fuck to try and, 

[00:21:49] Victor: yeah, because it, it suggests like something that she's enjoying but is connected in some way with how she feels about this actor she doesn't like, 

[00:21:58] Zach: which is that at best ambivalent about.

[00:22:02] Olivia: Hmm. She said she didn't like him and that she doesn't like his acting. The my impression was that, um, he like is grading to her maybe. 

[00:22:12] Zach: Oh, really? I didn't say it like that. I took it like, um, her being clear that that's not like a celebrity crush, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Like he's just some actor me, crack 

[00:22:24] Victor: up my side.

Or if that's all right with everybody, how dare 

[00:22:27] Zach: you. Yeah. So yeah, what if there's some situation, uh, in her life right now that's like, I don't know, that she was indifferent about, um, or potentially even like annoyed by, but it's turning out to be kind of fun or enjoyable. I think I just rephrased the dream bible.

[00:22:44] Victor: No, that makes sense. Like, um, maybe something that she's got like conflicting feelings about some experience that she feels torn on in some way. Let's just keep chugging through these. Maybe if we get through all of 'em. We'll, we'll paint a picture. Um, sex is a long entry. Um, okay. So we have to dream of being unable to find a safe place to have sex, to dream of having sex and erupted to dream of having sex with a person who has something wrong with them.

That may be if you don't like them 

[00:23:14] Zach: as an actor. Or the electrode thing, like he needed this, this weird, complicated thing in order to get off. Yeah. 

[00:23:22] Victor: Yeah. Let me keep going through these and then maybe we'll come back to that. Um, to dream of having sex with someone in public, to dream of having sex with a vanishing partner to dream of having sex with a faceless person to dream of having sex with yourself to dream of foreplay or sexual activity in a bedroom that never leads to full sex, to dream of chasing someone to have sex, to dream of people watching you have sex.

Okay. That's the, that's the list of subsections on sex. 

[00:23:53] Zach: Um, there's a couple in there that I've had that I'm curious about, but we can deal with that later. Yeah. I was 

[00:23:57] Olivia: just gonna say, somebody sent me a dream about, um, having sex with like a faceless 

[00:24:03] Victor: really person. Yeah. Okay. Maybe mm-hmm. , like forget the celebrity thing and make it a 

[00:24:07] Zach: sex episode.

Yeah. The 4.1 that never gets to actual sex. I've had that one a bunch. . Well that 

[00:24:14] Victor: applies here, right? Cuz they're, they're like so 

[00:24:17] Olivia: far as we know. That's true. The recording did cut out. , , . 

[00:24:21] Victor: Okay. So to dream of foreplay or sexual activity in a bedroom that never leads to full sex may reflect waking life situations where you are privately considering doing something enjoyable while never taking the real steps to make it happen.

For real? Mm-hmm. . Hmm. Private's interesting. Considering some, doing something enjoyable while never taking real steps to make it happen. That is interesting. 

[00:24:47] Zach: Hmm. What I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is what Luke Wilson represents. Yeah. 

[00:24:52] Olivia: That, I think that's personal to Jen. Yeah. 

[00:24:54] Zach: The Oprah example made, made sense like as a cultural symbol.

Like Oprah totally is a cultural Wilson symbol is so 

[00:25:01] Olivia: specific. 

[00:25:03] Zach: I know like 

[00:25:04] Victor: Owen Wilson at least has like, You know, there's like a kind of a caricature of Owen Wilson that's popular. Yeah. But like Luke Wilson is just, he's just an 

[00:25:14] Olivia: actor. I, I, I do think I'm gonna hold true to like, the impression that she does not like Luke Wilson.

I don't think she's ambivalent about Luke Wilson. I think she doesn't like him cuz I heard it. I first heard this story from my mom and then Jen sent me the recording. And my mom also mentioned that she does not like him. Like she Okay. And, and, and the way it was phrased made it sound like she's irritated by him and like, thinks that he's a bad actor.

[00:25:47] Victor: Said a dream of having sex with a person who has something wrong with them, such as being a terrible actor may represent your enjoyment of being needed. You may also be enjoying the role of being more desirable, important, or interesting than someone else. 

[00:26:03] Zach: That fits with the mastectomy thing. The, the being desired thing.

Yeah. Because he was super into it in the dream. Yeah. 

[00:26:12] Olivia: Yeah. And she was surprised by that maybe. Mm-hmm. 

[00:26:16] Victor: and oral sex. Okay. So we've got, uh, positively, negatively getting it, uh, to dream of someone, evil or negative, getting oral sex. Does that apply? Is being a bad actor evil or negative, I guess negative. Yeah.

[00:26:35] Olivia: But I think that, I do think that, um, in the dream it sounded like. She didn't have a negative experience in the dream. It sounded like her waking life experience of him is not positive, but in the dream, the dream didn't sound like she was having a bad time. This 

[00:26:50] Victor: is a good example. A man dreamed of seeing Satan getting oral sex in waking life.

He had succumbeded to his drug addiction. He felt powerless to stop himself from giving into the evil of his addiction that he felt wasted his life. , oh God. A example to a woman dreamed of seeing a small dog giving her oral sex. No. In waking life, she had gone back to school to train for a new job and found that school was too easy.

what? She felt like her new education was being given to her. Oh, . Okay. I I got very distracted there. Um, okay, so we don't think so was this negative? 

[00:27:33] Olivia: Sorry, can you just read what oral sex means? Yeah. 

[00:27:36] Victor: To dream of oral sex represents feelings of total submission, serving others or doing whatever someone else wants and doing all that's asked or required in a way that makes life easier for someone else completely catering to others' 

[00:27:49] Olivia: needs.

That sounds spot on cuz like, not only was, not only was that happening, but then there was this like other complicated thing that she had to like, deal with for him to get off with all the electrodes 

[00:28:05] Zach: and it kind of sounded like she was rolling with it. Yeah, that's true. She was puzzled by it. But 

[00:28:10] Victor: I'm kinda hoping electrocution ties this all together for me.

Um, to dream of Electrocution represents a failure to perceive how powerful a situation in your life was. A misjudgment or naive perception about the power or strength of a situation. Experiencing a loss or failure because you underestimated someone alternatively dreaming of electrocution, may be a warning sign that you need to be more cautious about the consequences of your actions or choices.

Yeah. I think 

[00:28:40] Olivia: this is a dream that like, we probably just don't have a lot of the context for, you know? 

[00:28:46] Victor: Definitely. But maybe we can figure out like a, like an abstract kind 

[00:28:52] Olivia: of framework what's going on. Yeah. And then Jen can let us know if that 

[00:28:55] Zach: applies. If it fits some, yeah. If it fits something, some situation that's going on in her life.

Yeah. The electricity wasn't hurting him, but she was concerned that she would, you know, Conduct electricity through her mouth. And he was assuring her that that would not happen. Was that, that was the like end of the dream, right? 

[00:29:14] Olivia: Supposedly. It did cut off though. . 

[00:29:16] Zach: Yeah. That's, uh, that's, yeah, that's where our information ends.

[00:29:19] Olivia: That's all we have. Yeah. It sounds like she was concerned about getting electrocuted and he was like, oh, no, no. It's only gonna shock me. 

[00:29:27] Zach: Which is a fetish, by the way. I believe it. Mm-hmm. , isn't it? I almost caught that one. . 

[00:29:34] Olivia: Wait. Like fetishes are contagious. Wait, . 

[00:29:38] Victor: How John must catch it. 

[00:29:40] Zach: I, uh, I remember being a real little kid and, and trying to make my friends laugh and so I put on the, uh, shock collar for their.

And I ran out to the edge of the property and I was like strong enough to knock me off my feet. But then I was like, that was kind of cool. , . 

[00:29:58] Victor: I'm looking back, you know, 20 years later, like that's where it started for me. , 

[00:30:03] Zach: there's something about the intensity of the vi cause it feels like a really intense vibration that like numbs you and it was like on the nap of my neck, which is kind of erogenous.

Hmm. How old were you and a few years later? Uh, . How old sounds right for a kid to be doing that for entertainment? probably like 12. I don't know. Okay. Okay. All right. Before some real formative sexual years. I'm not saying I , I do that now, but like I see how things like that, uh, develop. 

[00:30:37] Olivia: Yeah. Right. When he hit the edge of the property, he saw his first pair of boobs across the street through the window.

Right. And forever linked electrocution and sexuality. . 

[00:30:49] Zach: Right. If there had, if there had been one more thing there, or like, maybe if I was trying to impress a group of girls, you know, instead of like, instead of my male friends mm-hmm. . Um, another time I unplugged, uh, I unplugged something, uh, and I was, I had just gotten outta the shower, so I was soaking wet and I was trying, I was trying to unplug it by jerking the cord and it wouldn't quite come out.

So I reached over and touched the metal part, . Mm-hmm. that was still in the wall. And it, it, it happened so fast, my entire left arm went numb and fell to my side. Oh wow. And I just stood there, I just stood there giggling. I was like, that was kind of cool. 

[00:31:25] Olivia: Yeah. No, we were, we were putting up some hot wire a few weeks ago and,

I mean, this is wire, you're meant to electrocute livestock. Right. To keep them fenced in. And I accidentally touched it and like, you know, it's fine, but like I really get why the cartoons are of like a skeleton because for a second you can feel your skeleton like, yeah. It's weird. My experience was like weird.

Oh, I feel my bones right now. . 

[00:31:53] Zach: Yeah. It's weird and not like, entirely unpleasant. Yeah. 

[00:31:58] Olivia: It doesn't really hurt that bad. Like it, and it's gone the second that it's over, you know? Yeah. Anyway. 

[00:32:04] Victor: Yeah. Sorry to take us down. That just kind of sexy. Don't 

[00:32:06] Olivia: try this at home. No. Okay. Back to this dream though. I'm thinking of the electrocution as like a risk, um, and like underestimating the consequences that something could have.

The oral sex is like submission, right? Um, and then having sex with the celebrity is, What 

[00:32:29] Victor: is it? It's enjoying something, but uh, it's connected to your perception of the celebrity. Right. So an enjoyable experience that also mirrors your feelings about the celebrity. 

[00:32:42] Olivia: Well, so like, I mean, it could be like getting enjoyment out of a, like a thing that, you know, is negative or feel is negative.


[00:32:52] Victor: Yeah. If we put these injuries together, it seems like you've got, um, maybe conflicted feelings about an experience. And then you've got, um, is it, is it submissiveness in the oral sex entry? Yeah, that's what it said. 

[00:33:07] Zach: Okay. It was that, but also like doing something for other people or doing, so serving somebody feel good, 

[00:33:13] Victor: catering to others needs, catering to others.

Okay. So feeling conflicted about something, but enjoying it, getting something positive out of it. Also like catering to others. , uh, and then maybe not taking something seriously enough, you know, um, which is the electrocution thing is, um, misjudgment or a naive perception about the power or strength of a situation.

And what, there 

[00:33:38] Olivia: was also something about, um, something that you want to do but have not taken action on doing yet. So like, maybe this is not about something that is actually going, that has actually happened in Jen's life, but something that she's thinking about or like has, like, wants to do but isn't doing for certain 

[00:33:57] Victor: reasons.

Yeah. And maybe her wanting to do that is in some way, um, in service to another person. Like they want to do something, you know? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Um, maybe something that, um, so maybe some experience that she's either had or is thinking about having that, um, maybe someone else is excited about and she has reservations about, or the 

[00:34:21] Olivia: other way around.

Like it could also be that. , um, not doing it is in service of someone else. It's like something that you would wanna do for yourself, but, um, by not doing it, you are catering to other people's needs. 

[00:34:36] Victor: And the electrocution would be that, um, maybe on some level that like, whatever this is, um, she's got something in her subconscious telling her that it matters more than maybe she's taking into consideration.

[00:34:51] Olivia: Yeah. That there's, um, yeah, that feels like, 

[00:34:56] Zach: yeah. Yeah. I also get no overtone of confidence from a stream on her part. It, it started with that, like, that confidence. Well, actually through the whole thing, it's through the celebrity. You know, he gives her confidence at the beginning by saying he's into a thing that she might be insecure about, and then at the end with the, the, uh, electricity that she's afraid is gonna shock her.

He's providing the confidence that no, it'll be fine. So that. , I mean, whatever this situation is, um, if it feels to me like she's, she feels confident about the choice she has made or is going to make regarding it, , that was so vague, but 

[00:35:39] Victor: it's also a role reversal, right? So like, uh, at first she's self-conscious about something and is worried that she'll be rejected for it, and, uh, gets like, no, I'm into it.

I'm, I'm happy about that. Um, and then like the tables turn and, uh, like he has a thing that she's, that she, uh, is in the opposite position of like judging whether she wants to keep doing this with this new information. And she says, I don't know. I don't know if I wanna do this. Um, yeah. So when she's in the, uh, position of, when he's in the position of power, he, um, says, no, this is, this is good.

And then when she's in the position of power, she's even more, I reticent. 

[00:36:22] Zach: Yeah. And he still wants things to proceed. So whatever the real life situation is there, there must be some kind of pull towards her to like be involved mm-hmm. , like socially or whatever. 

[00:36:35] Olivia: Yeah. I feel like all of those things connect well, like I, again, it's, it's always interesting when we're doing a dream where we don't know what the thing is, but like I feel like we can build the framework around it with the symbols.

So, um, maybe Jen, let us know if this resonates with something that's going on in your life. If 

[00:36:58] Victor: you're Luke Wilson, call me. Call Jen . 

[00:37:02] Zach: I mean, I'll play around with the electricity stuff. Maybe gimme a call.

How are you doing, Olivia? I'm good. Okay. You're just like a pile of blankets and coats back there, so I couldn't tell if you were like falling asleep or not. Nah, I'm here. I did figure out pretty quick the foreplay. That never turns into real s stream for me with the, cause I've had that a bunch in the past and lately I've been having a lot more full sax streams.

[00:37:57] Victor: yeah. Where, where does full penetration sex 

[00:37:59] Zach: dreams. Yeah, hot. Where it does come to fruition. Um, and that, I mean, that tracks pretty perfectly with, I've been single for like two years and I just started a relationship. So if that's the thing. that the, you know, the foreplay dreams was like, oh, you, you know, you're processing something you want, but you're not taking the moves to get it.

It could actually be about sex in that case, or, you know, a relationship. Yeah. And 

[00:38:25] Victor: you're, you're like, you, you're making moves in all sorts of ways Yeah. In your life, you know, like you probably have shifted from a place of thinking about doing stuff or fantasizing about doing stuff to taking concrete action.

[00:38:39] Zach: Yeah. Well, I thought I was taking action the whole time, but it could be, now I'm more self-assured. Like, like I, I'm seeing results from the action, so I feel like they were, they were the right actions. That makes sense. Whereas in the, in the past I was making moves, but , they might have been, you know, moved dead end toward dead ends or wrong directions.

Are we sticking on cinematic dreams? Unless 


[00:39:01] Olivia: wanna do something else? 

[00:39:02] Victor: We're doing sexy celebrity dreams. 

[00:39:04] Zach: I'm sure I've had those, but I can't remember any. I'll do this one cause it fits the cinematic theme. in multiple ways. And, um, I had it around the time I was working at Whole Foods in Seattle. So shortly after our old job together, Olivia, in probably 2021, so still like in the throes of quarantine and pandemic.

And I remember it started with like a scene at a bar and a man and a woman are talking at the bar, you know, and this is what makes it cinematic, is it's full of like shots. Like it looks like a movie. And in, in this bar shot, it's the camera's on the other side of the bar. It's bartender's point of view kind of, but it's like, it's on a jib.

It's like a slow pan down for the layman . And they're, um, it's clear that she's an escort and she's offering him, or she knows of an escort service. It's like this, like telephone chain, sort of like plausible, deny deniability like thing, you know, you go through like multiple people to get this service. Uh, but she gives 'em a number.

And, uh, it's for a service that, uh, it's like a s and m dominatrix kind of service. But the kink to it, which he doesn't realize, is that she just shows up randomly. And does the whole, uh, shebang sort of like against your will, like, but Ossibly consensual, non-consent. , yeah. Yeah. That's a term I've heard lately.

It's just a little, a little scary . But that, that was the idea of this, um, that was the idea of this service. So if, like, if he had known that ostensibly, he'd be into it. So that's what he's paying for is to be surprised. But that all of that information doesn't get dumped right there in the bar. It's a slow burn.

It like develops over time. Cuz the, the, the next scene is like him in a conference room and he's like, he's like a businessman. He's at the head of the table. He's like giving a presentation when she walks in with like, Uh, a mask, so you can't see her face at all. I'm like, full dominatrix regalia, like carrying one of those Xes, you know, those wooden Xes.

And she sets it up against the like, whiteboard behind him, uh, and then just like bends him over the conference table and pegs him in front of everybody. And the whole time he's like, no, no, like, like humiliated. And everyone's just like sitting and watching. And, uh, she thinks that, you know, this is part of his kink, you know, that, that he, um, or that's like the knowledge that I have in the dream.

Um, and then I can't remember a lot, many more images, but I just remember it, like it slowly plays out to this reveal where we were back at the bar. Um, and he, he's talking to the girl that he was talking to originally that got him on the service and he's trying to get out of. , uh, and she's like, well, I don't know.

I don't actually know these people. I just hooked you up with them. And he's like, I'm gonna call them right now. You're gonna talk to 'em. And he dials the number that she gave them, and her phone rings . And, and so the twist says that she was the dominatrix the whole time. 

[00:42:22] Victor: Oh, 

[00:42:23] Olivia: oh. And 

[00:42:24] Victor:

[00:42:25] Zach: see, and I forgot to mention the, the one other like vivid, like cinematic kind of shot that I remember actually came from the very beginning.

It was like a cold open, and it was him like lying on his stomach, uh, in his business suit. And he's hog tied or is it, is hog tied? Is that when you're on your stomach and everything's, I think hog tied. He's on his stomach forever. 

[00:42:47] Olivia: Your like feet and your ankles and wrists are tied behind your back.

[00:42:52] Zach: Behind your back, right? Yeah, he's tied up like that. So he is laying like on his stomach, on with his face on the ground. And, uh, the shot, it's like a slow track in, but it's done so the camera's like sideways so that the. , the line of the floor is going vertically through the frame and it was all like, it was like a gray and black and purple kind of like color palette.

It was just a very pretty shot. This like . And so he looks like he's like upright, you know, cuz of the way the camera's angled and the way, and it's perfectly symmetrical, like right down the middle of the frame. And it's just slowly tracking in on that image. It's like the cold open. And I was like, that actually would be a real attention grabber as, as the first scene in a movie.

Yeah. So, and then, and then there, there was, you know, kind of a, a plot with a twist and a beginning, middle and end. Um, so was 

[00:43:44] Olivia: service that she would continue to surprise him, like periodically. Cuz at the end it was like, she was like, oh, I'm sorry, I don't know. I don't know how to cancel it. Was the idea that that was gonna continue to happen indefinitely?

[00:43:59] Zach: Maybe, I don't know where it would've gone there from there, but like, I think the implication that I got out of it was that she knew all along that he wasn't actually, that wasn't actually his kink. Like she knew what she was doing. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. 

[00:44:12] Victor: I don't even, I don't even really wanna try and interpret this one.

I'm just really entertained. I, that was just like a fun 

[00:44:19] Zach: ride. Yeah. Yeah. There's, there's certainly some plot holes, and the motivations are a little muddy. It's not a perfect movie, but, no, it's 

[00:44:28] Victor: good. Yeah. Um, it'd be like a 

[00:44:30] Olivia: good short, honestly. 

[00:44:32] Zach: Yeah. Other than the like intensely pornographic scenes. Well, yeah.

You could insin, you could insinuate them though. You could do it tastefully. Yeah. Like that opening shot. That opening shot was very taste. 

[00:44:44] Victor: There's not a real, there's not a lot of like, uh, kink oriented, uh, entries in the dream Bible. Like, I'm not getting anywhere with like dominatrix or bondage or anything like that.

Did you 

[00:44:56] Olivia: feel like you were any of the characters in this dream? 

[00:44:59] Zach: No. It felt like, I thought that was part of our cinematic, uh, yeah. Theme. Yeah. No, for sure. I felt like, I felt like the observer of this dream. Well, 

[00:45:09] Olivia: sometimes I will have dreams where I am the observer, but I also, um, am like, like I can feel that one of the characters is supposed to represent me.

[00:45:19] Zach: Yeah. This didn't even a part I, I left out is this didn't even feel like it took place in America. This felt like a Japanese movie. Oh, interesting. The characters were all Japanese. Sorry. 

[00:45:30] Olivia: That's funny. About the time that I had a dream that was in quote unquote Japanese, but it had subtitles. . 

[00:45:41] Zach: Yeah. . I forgot what it was.

It's very smart. I remember talking 

[00:45:45] Olivia: about it. Yeah. I don't quite remember the dream, but yeah, it, I mean, it wasn't, it obviously wasn't Japanese, cuz I don't know Japanese, but I could not understand any of the words that they were saying. I was reading subtitles in my dream. . 

[00:45:59] Zach: Had you been watching a lot of foreign films?

I think we 

[00:46:01] Olivia: might've watched something actually. I think we watched a, that Japanese horror movie that you told us to watch. Um, the, like found footage one Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. A while back. It was scary, 

[00:46:13] Victor: right? It was pretty good for a long time ago. I had a real brief. I, it was all I remembered from the dream, but it was like, A dream of our cat blinking, I think.

But like the cat was blinking and the blinking had subtitles. And the subtitles, I can't remember what they said. I think 

[00:46:33] Olivia: that you said you woke up laughing, like you were laughing cuz it was so funny to you. And you said that it said angry eyebrows, waggling 

[00:46:43] Zach: as the closed caption action, 

[00:46:45] Victor: you know? Yeah. Of just the cat doing something 

[00:46:49] Zach: timeframe in which I had this dream.

I would've been watching a lot of Korean and Japanese movies, especially horrors and thrillers. So 

[00:46:58] Olivia: this was kind of a transitional period for you, right? Because you were working at Whole Foods mm-hmm. , which was not what you wanted to be doing, but it was a thing in the, in the meantime 

[00:47:09] Zach: it was a fallback.

Yeah. Yeah. And um, it was a pay and rent kind of job. Yeah. And um, like we talked about with the, the rubber butt dream, That was also around the whole Foods time and it had a lot to do with humiliation. This dream, obviously yeah. Has a ton to do with humiliation. Yeah. It just wasn't, wasn't me per se. It was a character.


[00:47:30] Olivia: I mean, I wonder if that character could represent you though. 

[00:47:34] Victor: I pulled up embarrassment and um, did dream that you are embarrassed, represents your feelings of disappointment or failure, a lack of self-confidence, insecurity about people laughing at you for hidden weaknesses. Being exposed.

Confidence, feeling undermined. Embarrassment in a dream may also be a sign that you have issues with confidence and believing in yourself, worrying too much about what other people think. Alternatively, embarrassment might reflect situations in waking life where you are experiencing jealousy, insecurities about your sexuality.

It's a brutal 

[00:48:06] Zach: injury. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Not, not the last part. . But I mean, the dream was highly sexual, but also, yeah, like I had, I had just been fired. Right. , um, from our old job and was working somewhere, I didn't wanna work. And, and then, you know, with the pandemic, I think we all sort of felt bent over a table to a certain extent during that period of time, but if anything 

[00:48:29] Victor: wasn't that job.

Yeah. Like you thinking that you were signing up for like a, like a fun opportunity and in reality it was a thing that was humiliating you and, uh mm-hmm. violating you, uh, at random. Yeah. . 

[00:48:45] Zach: Yeah. Yeah. Actually, yeah, it actually describes it very well. 

[00:48:49] Olivia: There's also like a, like a loss of control in the dream.

Yeah. Right. 

[00:48:53] Zach: Yeah. And the gender roles too, being what they were. If the gender roles were reversed in this dream, it'd feel like a terrifying, sinister dream about rape. But, um, the way they're reversed in this dream, it feels like it has more to do with. Feelings of, um, being emasculated. 

[00:49:10] Victor: Yeah, yeah. Well, and being tricked.

Right. Because this, this, uh, woman at the bar Yeah. Was being deceptive, you know? Which I think you probably left that job feeling like you got tricked a little bit from what 

[00:49:23] Zach: I've heard about it. Yeah. And taken advantage of. Yeah. Um, that was, yeah. They very much at that job preyed upon like, um, people who need a break in that industry, so they're willing to take a low wage and get raked over the coals for the sake of it being the first thing on their resume.

Like, that was, that was like, part of their business plan was like milk. Desperate but talented people. Yeah. Until, uh, until they, uh, quit or get fired and then bring in the next one. And 

[00:49:56] Olivia: that, that also plays into how the, like when he actually. When everything actually went down. He was like in a professional setting, like, uh, in a conference room.

In a meeting, right. Yeah. 

[00:50:10] Zach: In front of his coworkers 

[00:50:12] Olivia: Yeah. To do. Yeah. Which there was a a lot of, of like, um mm-hmm. being humiliated in front of each other, you know, or like there were times where like they would purposely like, you know, criticize one of us in front of the 

[00:50:27] Victor: other. Not a good job guys. 

[00:50:29] Zach: No.

Yeah. Remember the time they caught us, um, talking shit on Skype? Oh my God. brought it and they brought us into the office together. Yeah. 

[00:50:39] Olivia: Like, uh, and then I cried. 

[00:50:42] Zach: Did you cry? Yeah. . I don't remember you out and out crying right in that room, but I'm sure 

[00:50:48] Olivia: I did. Oh, . Yeah. 

[00:50:51] Zach: They were doing that like principal's office technique of where they were like laying into you.

Especially hard until, until I would, yeah. There were a lot of psychological mind games. I. I, I feel like they wanted to make you cry as a punishment to me. Mm-hmm. , like, I got you in trouble. And like, it was weird 

[00:51:06] Olivia: though cuz I came to like, I was the one talking shit to you about like, I, it was a situation that like I was dealing with, with, with a client or like whatever, and I like told you about something our boss said, I think they started like yelling at both of us and then I was like telling, I was like trying to take responsibility for it cuz it didn't make sense to have you in there.

Like you hadn't even like, done 

[00:51:32] Zach: anything. That's what I'm saying. I think they had me there to like w to witness. I don't know. It was weird. It was, yeah, it was weird. 

[00:51:40] Victor: Yeah. Well I'm sure glad that you guys don't work on Mark Maron's. What the fuck podcast anymore? , you know, it was a huge opportunity at the time, right?

And getting to work with legend, but not a good environment for you guys. So, Mark, clean it up over there. , 

[00:51:57] Zach: I would love to be yelled at by Mark Marinn. . I'd be like, he's doing his thing. . He's doing that thing that he spent the first a hundred episodes apologizing for . I love that show, by the way. Yeah. 

[00:52:09] Victor: I I never got really deep into it, but I've liked what I've heard.

Yeah. Do you 

[00:52:14] Olivia: feel like we cracked 

[00:52:14] Zach: this dream? But yeah. I feel like it was gonna be pretty self-evident. Yeah. Like the themes were pretty in your face. Yeah. Um, and everything's a work dream with me, but there's also, uh, some pandemic stress in there too. Yeah. Um, 

[00:52:30] Victor: being forced to wear those masks by the, 

[00:52:34] Olivia: yeah.

By the left tight latex masks. . 

[00:52:39] Zach: Yeah. Those face diapers. Yeah. 

[00:52:43] Olivia: should put that on a sign stand on the street corner. 

[00:52:46] Zach: But I did think it, it is interesting that your brain could like come up with a. Like the, the, the mask was there on her face so that the plott twist worked. You know what I mean? So you, you know, as a viewer of the dream, you don't know that it's her until you, until her phone, which is, yeah.

Is the, is that what my brain was doing, you think? Or was it a retroactive like, yeah, well this could make sense. 

[00:53:11] Olivia: It's probably, yeah, because how would it hide it from you? 

[00:53:15] Zach: Yeah. Unless we're not the sole authors of our dreams. Well, you're not 

[00:53:19] Olivia: thinking about writing your dreams like they're just happening to you.

You know? 

[00:53:24] Zach: That's what I mean. Maybe someone else is writing them. Can I get that job? The Hat man. . . Luke Wilson is writing my dreams. 

[00:53:33] Victor: It's definitely improvised. And I always remember the dream Olivia had where, uh, she was in, she was having like some creepy dream or it was like, it was a normal dream. And then, I can't remember the details exactly, but there was this moment where Olivia got like a little creeped out.

It was just like people hanging out. She was just like in a room with people and then she felt her brain not know what to do. Yeah. And it just like dropped a knife from the, from the ceiling. Wait, wait, in the dark. Wait, 

[00:54:02] Olivia: wait. This was like, so it was like a game. It was like a big game show thing that I was in, and there was a voice that would come on over like a PA system and like tell us what to do.

And then we were playing like a card game. And so it would be like, you would flip a card and it would tell you what that card meant. And I think I got through one where it was like I, I flipped it and it was like, this means skip your turn and then. , it got back around to me and I flipped another card and I heard the guy over the speaker go, 

[00:54:38] Zach: um,

[00:54:43] Olivia: and then I just felt, I could tell that my brain couldn't come up with something for that moment and it and it, it started raining knives from the ceiling . 

[00:54:53] Victor: And it was like fight. Yeah. He was like, no. Told you to run. Oh yeah. It was like, 

[00:55:00] Olivia: yeah, it was like run 

[00:55:03] Victor: her brain just like it set up this scenario it couldn't live up to, whereas like, okay, I'm gonna improvise a card game as you go around the circle and 

[00:55:11] Olivia: then there's too many cards.

There was, I couldn't think of different, unique things for each of them. So it told me to leave . It's like, get outta here. Gets real scary in here. You subconscious 

[00:55:22] Victor: hit the emergency nightmare button. Cause I didn't know what else to do with your dream . 

[00:55:28] Olivia: I also remember this dream where I was like standing in the backyard.

And I saw this witch by an apple tree, and I went up to her and she did like the, would you like an apple? My pretty, and like held out this apple to me. And like I'm looking at her and she's real gross. And then I look at her arm and like suddenly it turns into like there's worms crawling around it t through her skin.

And, and I remember thinking, oh no, no, no, no, no. Turn that off. And it turned off and just like went back to a normal arm . I was like, that's too much 

[00:56:06] Zach: sounds like an A 24 film and dial 

[00:56:08] Olivia: it back. 

[00:56:09] Zach: Okay. Yeah. That, I always think of that Pete Holmes joke about the, about nightmares and the snake in the box where he sees a box in his dream and he opens it up and it's full of snakes and they surprise him and he's like, I made the box

And he's like, I made the snakes, but my brain was like, don't tell him what's in it.

[00:56:31] Victor: whoops. All right. Another dream down. 

[00:56:35] Olivia: Sexy cinematic dreams. 

[00:56:37] Zach: It's funny, we started kinematic, we started, um, by talking about, uh, like the medical implications of epic dreams. Um, and I wanted to mention I did after all the like medical journals and stuff that came up first, uh, there was a, a Cora result, you know Cora?

Mm-hmm. , like the new Yahoo answers. Mm-hmm. . And somebody posted like a question about their long vivid dreams and the, just the, the discussion there is pretty priceless. It's like one person is like, that means you're an empath and you're intuitive and you entered the spirit realm and you had a conversation with God, and the next person is like, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

like freaking out about like, you could have schizophrenia. Like linking off to like Web MD articles. Wow. 

[00:57:33] Olivia: It is interesting to, to reframe that like long vivid dreams as like a medical thing cuz like I really do feel like that's every single night for me, don't 

[00:57:44] Zach: die. I was just trying to cough far away from the microphone.


[00:57:48] Victor: no, I mean cuz you, you enjoy that. Like, you enjoy that part of your life. Yeah. Um, you 

[00:57:53] Olivia: can't medicate 

[00:57:54] Zach: me. Yeah. Yeah. That's the other thing. A lot of the people in that Quora discussion were saying contrary to like the medical results, where it's like how do you stop epic dreams, yada, yada. A lot of people in there were like, how do I have more?

Cuz it's fun and, and reminiscing. Like, those are my, some of my favorite nights, you know, which is how I feel about 'em too. I, I can't remember ever feeling like particularly Unrested after one, but I always feel like it was a cool experience looking 

[00:58:23] Olivia: at my, um, sleep tracker thing. It like tells me where I am, like not doing a good job and like where I'm exceeding and like, um, I'm always getting like excessive amounts of REM sleep, um, and not enough deep sleep.

Mm-hmm. Um, and I, when I look at the chart, there's like lots of REM sleep and then there's, I almost always wake up after rem, which is like probably when I, before deep sleep. Yeah. And when I remember my dreams. Right. Uh, is like, cuz my REM cycle got 

[00:59:03] Victor: disturbed. Deep sleep. Like probably pretty important for your brain health though, right?

Like there's probably a cost to remembering all your dreams. Oh, certainly. 

[00:59:16] Zach: Which, uh, not good news for the podcast . I didn't know we were gonna be encouraging unhealthy. behavior or not behavior. You can't really control it. I guess you can to an extent. 

[00:59:30] Victor: Yeah. I Is it encouraging unhealthy behavior? Like are we, uh, is there like something we could do for Olivia that we're not doing?

I feel like exploiting her is really the best option at this point. Do it for art. 

[00:59:45] Zach: Well, when we started I thought she, I thought I, I thought she had a gift. 

[00:59:50] Victor: not a curses. It can be both, right? Two sides of the same coin. I think it's a gift. Yeah. Great power, poor sleep 

[00:59:58] Olivia: quality. It's like not a, not a very valuable gift, but, 

[01:00:02] Victor: well, and what if it is like a spiritual portal or something, you know, then you'd be missing out if you closed that to get some good sleep.

[01:00:13] Olivia: Thank you for listening to The Jung and the Restless

[01:00:16] Victor: You can follow us on social media at The Jung and the Restless Pod and submit your dreams for interpretation to The Jung and the Restless pod at Gmail. 

[01:00:24] Zach: And as we always say, I'll burn 

[01:00:27] Olivia: that bridge when we come to it.

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