12. Redneck Willy Wonka

Victor has a dream that he is reluctant to believe is anything more than a meaningless little brain movie… has…...

Victor has a dream that he is reluctant to believe is anything more than a meaningless little brain movie… has he listened to this podcast? Olivia has a vivid two-part dream with too many symbols to count. This one might be too dense for the Dream Team to unpack, or maybe Olivia just needs to go back to therapy to find the meaning.

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Episode Transcript

12. Redneck Willy Wonka

[00:00:00] Victor: Welcome to The Jung and the Restless. I'm Victor.

[00:00:02] Zach: I'm Zach. 

[00:00:03] Olivia: And I'm Olivia. And this is the podcast where your subconscious is just a thing trying to drive a monkey through a jungle 50,000 years ago and it's running into a lot of problems.

[00:00:35] Olivia: Hey Zach, guess what my man. The myth, the legend, the enigma. This guy who? That victor with the sweet and simple sleep 

[00:00:46] Zach: had a dream. Oh, you have a dream I your sweet. That's awesome. Cause I have nothing. Oh wow. 

[00:00:52] Victor: Zach. 

[00:00:53] Olivia: I've had so many, it's been insane. Like I feel like I need two other podcasts to 

[00:00:57] Zach: fill. Yeah, I know we can count on you.

So Shelby, who I've been talking about, um, well, I don't know if I've talked about it on the pod. She submitted a dream while back for those who may remember , but, uh, she kind of does the same thing you do Olivia, where if you tell her a story close enough to bed, she'll like put herself in it, in her dream.

Huh. Wow. That's fun. Well, with you it's, it's like a dream that I've told you, but just last night I told her a story that took like, about me and uh, an ex of mine when we were in Paris and then she like lived it last night in her dream. But was, was my ex. 

[00:01:37] Victor: Oh, that's funny. That's 

[00:01:39] Zach: interesting. Yeah. Just that I wonder if it has to do with.

Highly empathic people. Like on a subconscious level or 

[00:01:46] Olivia: like, I just wonder if it's like how much of a, an impact it has on you because your rubber butt dream made me laugh so hard. And I'm pretty sure that's why I had that dream. Like I just was thinking about it a lot. Yeah. 

[00:02:00] Zach: The Paris story was not that interesting, but maybe she like something about it grabbed her.

Yeah. Yeah. On a subconscious 

[00:02:05] Victor: level. Anyway, I'm gonna crack a beer and tell you my dream uncle nightmare.

Just a grieved. Science is dead and magic is real. Okay. So I wasn't in my dream at all. I was watching a movie basically like, or I experienced it, like I was watching a movie and it started with two different groups of people traveling, stopping at a gas station, kind of like beginning of hills, have eyes style, you know, it's like, oh, they're on a road trip and they're off in the country or whatever.

And then there's some kind of car accident or something that brings the two groups of people together. And then they discover like a strange gated path in the woods. And they go in to investigate and once they've gone in, they find themselves trapped and are encountering like puzzles to continue. It's like they're on like a dirt path or whatever, and there's like fencing around and like Barb like can't get out and they're trying to proceed down this path.

And there's like little puzzles they have to solve. And, uh, there's like armed guards occasionally that are like there to like, give clues and then be like, keep moving or whatever. And, uh, with what little information they get, uh, they just find out that there's like a junkyard at the end of the path and that they have to get there to, to escape or whatever.

And, and then there's some kinda like curfuffle or whatever and someone passes out and they end up sleeping overnight in an abandoned building. That's like part of the whole thing. And then the thing that, uh, really stuck with me, so this whole time they're like, what is going on? What is happening? Uh, like we don't understand.

And they're getting all this cryptic stuff from the guards. And then they get woken up by a guard who's just like fully like blasting this automatic, uh, rifle, like over their heads. Uh, and then he screams at them. It's redneck Willy Wonka, motherfuckers . Now move. You've got half an hour.

And then they panic and start running and trying to figure it out and escape. And, um, then it gets kind of like hectic and jumping around. And all I really got out of it past that point was that like a couple of the people from the original groups were like in on it. They had like lured them into Oh, the trap or whatever.

And then I woke up. So like solidly two thirds of a movie with third act problems. 

[00:04:43] Zach: Yeah. . Yeah, I was gonna say it sounds like a Clive Barker movie. . 

[00:04:49] Olivia: I mean, it sounds like a, sounds like a stressful situation. Yeah, 

[00:04:53] Victor: I just was like, so, so taken with the scene of the guy, like blasting his gun and screaming.

Yeah. And like, it was, it was very cinematic. It was very vivid in my brain. 

[00:05:06] Zach: It's redneck Willy Wonka . So it like, so you mean Joe exotic. Oh,

Well, I pulled up Dream Bible cause I didn't know. 

[00:05:17] Olivia: Ooh, you're the dream Bible guy today. 

[00:05:20] Zach: Am I? Or do you wanna 

[00:05:22] Olivia: I'm No, go for it. Take the lead on means own. 

[00:05:25] Victor: Yeah, we should 

[00:05:25] Olivia: try. Victor can't do it for his own dreams. I feel like that should be a 

[00:05:29] Zach: rule. Yeah. All right. Well I pulled up junkyard guards and puzzle.

Is there anything. 

[00:05:36] Olivia: When you say puzzle, I'm picturing like an escape room kind of thing, where it's like, is that, is that what you mean by puzzle? 

[00:05:44] Victor: Yeah. It's like, I think my brain was pretty lazy about like exact details, of what it, what it was, but it was like they needed to continue on this path, but there were like little deviations they had to like solve a problem.

Okay. Before they could continue on. Yeah. So kind of an escape room style thing. Uh, but it's like a, a, a path that they were trying to get to a place instead of like being trapped in a room. 

[00:06:09] Olivia: So like, I would say one of your defining qualities, like something I say about you all the time is that you're a puzzle guy.

Mm-hmm. like Victor loves a good puzzle and most things problem solver are a puzzle if you look at it the right way. Yeah. Like you've got a puzzle solving brain. So, but, Makes sense that you would put that in your dream, and you've been like kind of focused on puzzle stuff 

[00:06:33] Victor: lately too. Yeah. I've been like in a, in a problem solving kind of place.

I guess what's funny is I don't, I don't really think of myself as like a, a puzzle person really, but like I see what you're saying. But, uh, ironically, I hate riddles. They like, I don't, I don't hate them, but like, I always get like performance anxiety from a riddle. Like I hear it and then my brain blanks because I'm like, too, I get like test anxiety, right.

It's like I can't do 

[00:07:02] Zach: a riddle. Yeah. I just feel like if brittle is like a not funny joke, right? It's whenever I, whenever I hear a riddle, I'm like, what is it? Just tell me like, yeah, 

[00:07:11] Olivia: but. Hear me out. You may not like solving riddles, but we just had a Halloween party a couple months ago or a month ago, and we designed this elaborate game for everybody who came there where they had to go on a scavenger hunt solving riddles to get to the next place, to eventually find.

Multiple lock combinations and keys to open a box that we hid under the deck. And you might not like solving riddles, but writing a riddle is a, is a puzzle, 

[00:07:45] Victor: right? Yeah, yeah. Or like writing a poem or lyrics or whatever, right? It's like, how do I construct this thing that you design 

[00:07:53] Zach: the puzzle? Didn't you say that you've worked on like several board game ideas over the years?

I've been 

[00:07:58] Victor: spending a lot of time on that lately. That's where my puzzle brain is right now is 

[00:08:03] Zach: like, because yeah, that's, that's definitely a puzzle. When you say puzzle guy, that's kind of like what? He's a puzzle guy I'm think of. Yeah. Yeah. That's So not even necessarily like strictly speaking, like, like all about problem solving, but.

The craft of, of, of 

[00:08:17] Olivia: puzzles, crafting problems for other people to solve ? 

[00:08:20] Victor: Yeah. I mean, I like to, I like to solve certain kinds of problems, like, like making a board game. Right? It's like, uh, I, I mean, I'm not good at it, but I, I get interested in it cuz it's like trying to figure out how to get all these different moving pieces to work together and come together into something that's fun.

Right. It's a challenge. 

[00:08:38] Zach: So, so that's mostly where your puzzle brain is right now? Mm-hmm. last 

[00:08:42] Victor: couple of weeks. 

[00:08:44] Olivia: And also I feel like, I don't know, what this reminds me of is like, with the designing the board games, a and with other puzzles that you've gotten sucked into working on is roadblocks like a series of problems that you weren't expecting to run into that you then have to.

Through to get to the next thing, right? 

[00:09:06] Victor: Sure. Yeah, no, I see, I see what you're saying. Yeah. I mean, maybe I'm 

[00:09:09] Olivia: stretching to just make this apply to you, but like , 

[00:09:12] Victor: that's what we do here. That's the point on the thing. And the restless . 

[00:09:16] Zach: Um, and also on a macro level, cuz you, you, first thing you said is you weren't in this dream, right?

You were. So that would make sense though. Like if you've been thinking a lot about, um, crafting puzzles for other people or for, you know, for the craft of it, it kind of makes sense to see it from a third party watching other people go through. A puzzle that your brain made just like on a, a design of the dream kind of level.

Like not even getting into the minutia of what it means. 

[00:09:44] Victor: And I, I think it's like important context is that me and Olivia watched like a ton of horror movies. That's true. And, um, this very much felt like, like a b movie, like a, like a horror, like a bad horror movie that we would watch on any given night.

And so it's like, I think my brain was trying to construct something that checked those 

[00:10:06] Zach: boxes. Yeah. I was picturing the Hellrazor puzzle when we were telling the dream, which is why I, I said Clive Barker movie now that, that's a bee movie. But, but that's kind of like the mood I was picturing, 

[00:10:17] Victor: but I think you are onto something Olivia, with like, um, that, like, I get sucked into stuff where it's like, you know, there's an end goal, you chug along for a while, you hit a roadblock, you try and get past it, then you chug along for a while, hit another roadblock, try and get past it to some destination.


[00:10:36] Olivia: And at the end there's some guy with a machine gun screaming. It's Redneck Willy Wonka. Motherfuckers . 

[00:10:43] Zach: What did that guy look like? Do you remember? He kinda 

[00:10:46] Victor: looked like, uh, one of the agents from, uh, the Matrix. 

[00:10:51] Zach: Oh, okay. So seat and tie? 

[00:10:53] Victor: Yeah. Dark 

[00:10:55] Zach: glasses. Not at all like a redneck? No. . It was just the fact that he had a gun, I guess.


[00:11:03] Victor: I, I don't, I think it was that, it was like out in the woods and they're like on this like, uh, like abandoned road running through abandoned buildings and then they're trying to get to this like burned out junkyard or whatever. Uh, like that. Yeah, the 

[00:11:22] Olivia: story of Willy, the, the Willy Wonka story though is like these kids, this group of people that are on this tour, right?

And they're encountering like different weird situations and slow, they're getting slowly picked off by MPA limp. 

[00:11:41] Victor: Yeah. No, I had that thought after I woke up. I was putting that together. I was like, so I guess that means the armed guards are mpa and that there's gonna be like a guy at the junkyard. I, 

[00:11:52] Zach: yeah, I, that's the thing with, cause I pulled up puzzles and guards, but they both mean exactly what you think they would, what is a junkyard?

I, I have that too. It's not super long, uh, to dream of. A junkyard represents your focus or preoccupation with situations or ideas that nobody else cares about. . 

[00:12:12] Victor: Oh, okay. I know what this dream is about. 

[00:12:15] Olivia: in, you were so involved, so convinced that this was just a fun movie that you wrote in your sleep

[00:12:20] Victor: Olivia is right. Did you actually figure it out? Well, I mean, this is clear. If that's what that means, then yeah, this is about my, like my, my, like I get fixated on projects, right? So like the board game thing is a project and I just like, I get sucked into independent projects that no one else gives a shit about, but that I get obsessed with and kind of hang myself worth on.

[00:12:43] Zach: Here's the, the next line is involvement with interests or ideas that are noticeably, uninteresting or embarrassing to people. You know, ? 

[00:12:50] Victor: Yep. Yep. Yeah. No, that's, that's my life. Yeah. My life is a junkyard 

[00:12:57] Zach: negatively. I like your projects negatively. Was it negative in the dream? Yeah. Cause I mean, the junk yard was like a place they didn't want to end 

[00:13:07] Victor: up, right.

They wanted to end up there, but it was like, it was like kind of like the final boss of a video game kind of. 

[00:13:14] Zach: Okay. So negatively you may feel frustration, fear, or anger about being on your own, feeling unsupported or forced to do something unpopular. Alternatively, you may feel abandoned or neglected by friends feeling isolated with something others don't want to be a part of.


[00:13:30] Victor: That's interesting. Yeah. I don't, I don't know that that resonates, but I, I think like maybe souring on like hitting roadblocks or stuff, getting derailed or whatever, just kinda makes sense. It 

[00:13:43] Olivia: is kind of a solitary thing though, that you're doing and like the, that last line, what is it being frustrated with something that other people don't wanna be involved with?

It's not necessarily that other people don't want to be involved as much as it's like it's a. It's an independent project and the people who will want to be involved in playing your game are gonna have to wait until it's at a stage where it's playable. Yeah. 

[00:14:09] Victor: Yeah. It's not that I, um, wish other people were involved in, in projects I'm working on and no one's interested.

It's very much like I seek out stuff that I can do without involving other people. Cuz I very much like to just like, work on something without, without having to worry about the social aspect of anything, you know, in the same way musically. Right. Like, I don't, I don't know about you Zach. Um, are you like a band person or do you prefer to like, write and record independently?

[00:14:37] Zach: Uh, well, hmm. I guess it depends on the band. Hmm. Um, I think I, in my, in an ideal world, I would prefer to be in a band, although waiting arounds to do like something like r. Like if you're, you have parts written and you're ready to practice and you're ready to record and you're waiting on other people, um, to like get on the page about what night we're meeting.

Right. It's like that, that's a little frustrating. But the end result, cause I, I have a hard time like booking shows for myself. I just don't have like, the networking skills or the like, go-getter ness to like be performing on my own every night. Totally. And so when I've had a, a band mate, like, who's really good at that shit and like able to book our shows all the time and I, I can just show up and play.

That's the fucking best. But that's, I mean, f finding a, a good, like a band that's the right fit is like finding a, you know, five significant others that that are all like your soulmate . Yeah, for sure. But also feel like one word in that junkyard entry was embarrassed. I mean, it was specifically referring to like, Involvement with interests or ide or ideas that are noticeably uninteresting or embarrassing to people, you 

[00:15:58] Victor: know?

Yeah. I, I don't wanna get into the details, but yes, I like, I've gotten sucked into projects that are like embarrassing to talk about. Like, board games are kind of like that. I don't know. I feel like a, I feel like kind of an asshole to be like, oh yeah, I'm working on a board game and like, I'm, I'm an adult man talking to adult people that have jobs and I feel like I sound like a 12 year old.

You know, 

[00:16:27] Zach: there's a real culture around that though, but like, 

[00:16:30] Olivia: I, I feel like it's hard. Because that's the case with almost anything creative. That's just like a part of having creative activities. Like I have felt that way about talking to people about this podcast. Like 

[00:16:44] Zach: when that's what I was actually gonna, that's where I was going with this.


[00:16:47] Olivia: like the main thing that I've like, that really resonated with me is like when people, I'll say like, oh yeah, we're about to launch our podcast. Or like, we're working on a podcast. And it's like, like, oh yeah, what's it about? And it's like, dream interpretation. But , I like always have this hesitation to like, tell them that, cuz it sounds silly, you know?

And it's not really about that. Like it's, it's about other stuff, 

[00:17:11] Zach: but . Yeah. But that's always how it feels to talk about your music and people are like, what kind? And you're like, you know, that genre that a million people have done. Mm-hmm. , you know mm-hmm. that I felt first fell in love with when I was 15.

And it's like in podcasts, like everyone and their mother has one. So it's like, I think yeah, there is like, it's inherently embarrassing to talk about art of any kind to anybody. Yeah. I feel bad or 

[00:17:35] Victor: like trying anything. Yes. Like anything, like, I feel like, so like the most valuable thing I've learned, like growing up or whatever, is like, oh, everybody's just a person.

Nobody's, nobody knows what they're doing. And that's really freeing of like, oh, there's no reason that I can't do whatever interests me. Right. I can like, follow any, I'm, I'm not like blocked out of being a musician or being a creator or a business owner or whatever. Right. Like I'm as capable as any other person.

Um, and that is really valuable and I. I love that. I love feeling like, oh yeah, I can do things. Uh, like it's empowering. But uh, then when you actually do start working on something, if it's anything short of like a huge success, like it always feels like anyone you're trying to talk to about it thinks you're delusional or whatever, or like, you know, 

[00:18:30] Zach: I don't know.

Yeah. Especially if you're not making money on it. I feel like there's a certain time in your, like late twenties or early thirties where it starts to feel like everyone around you is only working on either their jobs or like an entrepreneurial thing. 

[00:18:45] Victor: And it's like, it's, it needs to be currently making money.

Like it needs to, it's not like a thing that, oh, maybe one day we'll make money. It needs to be, like, if it's not making money today, you're wasting your time. Yeah. If you're 

[00:18:58] Zach: not talking to sponsors already, . Right, right. Like if you don't have the book deal before you start the book. Yeah. 

[00:19:04] Victor: But then, uh, like how do you ever build anything if you never start from that place, you know, you're just supposed to 

[00:19:10] Olivia: shut up about that place, I guess.

So people don't wanna hear about it. I guess. , . 

[00:19:16] Victor: And it's, it's not that people aren't supportive, like people are nice and polite. Mm-hmm. , but it's like you can, you can see a little glint in their eye of like, oh, this guy thinks that he's gonna do something. Fucking asshole. Um, is that 

[00:19:32] Zach: there though, or are you projecting 

[00:19:35] Victor: Oh, I project a lot

[00:19:39] Zach: Yeah, me too. That's why I ask . 

[00:19:42] Victor: But yeah, so I mean, that, that's a place I spend a lot of time in is like, oh, well I would love to do something. Like, my job is fine, but I don't feel like it is, um, fulfilling on like a creative level or like a, like a life goals kind of level. Right. And so I like to put my time into stuff that I think can scratch that itch of like, oh, I did this thing, or like, I worked on this and I feel good about it.

Um, yeah, that's how I like to spend my time. But then it can sound kind of goofy talking about it. So that junkyard description resonates. Yeah. What were guards and puzzles? I feel like you said they were self explanatory, but 

[00:20:23] Zach: Yeah, they're kind of like, they, I, I mean I feel like they have like inherent symbolism that is pretty straightforward in the, but I pulled them up cause I was expecting dream Bible to be.

Off the wall about it. But to dream of jigsaw puzzles represents a multifaceted challenge or problem that you need to solve in your waking life. Trace, trying your hardest to slowly get something to work or make sense. So puzzle means a puzzle. Gotcha. Although to dream that pieces are missing in the puzzle may reflect the waking life situation where you don't have all the facts needed to make an informed decision.

Hmm. Feeling that something doesn't make sense yet or that you are missing something, waiting for an answer. That makes sense. That sounds like a jigsaw puzzle though, and that 

[00:21:07] Olivia: wasn't really Yeah. But I No wonder if you can apply 

[00:21:10] Zach: it to dream of a guard represents you or someone else that is cautious or wary of something.

A cautious attitude toward change or interference an un, an inability to get through to someone, or an unwillingness to open up to others. An emotional guard or barrier. Negatively, a guard may also reflect feelings about something in your life, keeping you out or keeping you away from something. Feeling that something is too exclusive or special for you.

Feeling that you need to meet certain conditions before being allowed to do something. It may also reflect a sense of danger. You feel stepping over a line in a relationship or a situation. The, any of that like Yeah. 

[00:21:53] Victor: Um, puzzle didn't really resonate. I, some of the guard stuff felt Yeah. Connected to what we'd already talked about of like, um, feeling like, uh, oh, I have no business, you know, working on the stuff I'm working on or like concern about roadblocks I'm gonna run into, or something like that.

Or be those like, um, you know, people or, um, like technical barriers or financial barriers or 

[00:22:21] Zach: whatever else. Yeah. Or emotional barrier. Right. Totally. So the guns entry is super long. What were your feelings in the dream, though, as a, as a third? Like almost watching it like a movie? Yeah. Yeah. I felt like kind of it was happening to 

[00:22:36] Victor: you.

Yeah. I felt very separate from everything that was happening. Is there, 

[00:22:40] Olivia: um, two questions. Anything on machine guns and anything on Willy Wonka? ? , 

[00:22:48] Zach: there's just a gun. . Negatively, guns, negatively. Whoever you see in a dream holding a gun reflects a personality trait that is in control of powerful decision making that may have serious or dangerous consequences.

So if there's Willy Wonka, we can tie that to him. Hmm. You shoot something. Shooting a bad person. Shooting a good person to dream of being shot. Bad people with guns.

[00:23:17] Victor: Bad people with guns probably is the most on 

[00:23:21] Zach: point. Bad. People with guns represents negative personality traits that that control your decision making. I e fear, guilt or dishonesty. It may also reflect a bad situation that you fear could get out of control. A person or situation that you feel has power or control over you.

An inner conflict that's operating like an inner bully. Good people with guns are positive personality, personality traits that are affecting your decisions. I e courage, confidence, honesty. That's 

[00:23:49] Victor: interesting. Yeah. I, I feel like, um, I do have some like, uh, need to go to therapy. Stuff that comes up when I'm working on a project that's like a, i'll, I'll throw up little barriers in my own way cuz I have like an anxiety about, I think I do have like an anxiety of anything I work on ever actually working out.

Like part of me is a little afraid of that for some reason. Like this podcast, like I, I have like this little bit of an anxiety of like, oh, well, if it actually did catch wind, uh, I, I don't know that, that spooks me a little bit. You 

[00:24:22] Zach: know, . Yeah. Then people would listen. Yeah. Oh my 

[00:24:25] Victor: God. Then people would know I, I exist and I don't feel good about that.

[00:24:29] Zach: Yeah. I feel that nothing I'll really want go though. Sorry. Damn. It's too bad. I'm 

[00:24:35] Victor: gonna look up redneck really quick. I think we've 

[00:24:38] Zach: looked up, I came up before Yeah. On one of Olivia's dreams. I remember it had something to do with like a perception at least of like uneducation and ignorance. 

[00:24:47] Victor: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Yeah. To dream of a redneck person may reflect feelings about behavior that is hopelessly ignorant or feels good, completely lacking sophistication, feelings about behavior that doesn't question ignorance. That I think resonates with some of the stuff we already talked about. About like, 

[00:25:04] Zach: do you, do you see yourself as the redneck Willy Wonka

[00:25:08] Victor: Yeah. Yeah. That's why I, yeah, I kind of do. I think so. The way that I'm making, like, I'm, I'm like in there trying to put together like a Janie board game, you know, like I am, and I'm trying, I'm like asking people, like, can you sit down and, and try this thing that I made? You know? It feels like 

[00:25:26] Olivia: very Enjoy my factory.

Yeah. Try my chocolates. 

[00:25:29] Victor: Yeah. It's like I, um, I, I'm not doing it at a level that merits, uh, respect , you know, . 

[00:25:38] Zach: Well, that's the, I was just talking about this the other day with somebody that's like the duality, like that juxtaposition of redneck and Willy Wonka makes me think of that duality that like every artist has of like self-aggrandizing at the exact same time as self-hate.

You know? Yeah. Like in your mind you're like, this is my Willy Wonka magical wonderland. But also it sucks. 

[00:26:00] Victor: It really is. The artist's, uh, struggle, right? Mm-hmm. like you talked about, you were working on a script with somebody. It's like writing a script is very much like that. Like you have to do it if you ever wanna do anything in that field, or you want to be someone that is a screenwriter, right?

But writing a script, it's like people are gonna roll their eyes at you. People are gonna be like, oh, another one of these people. And then make all of these assumptions about you, you know? 

[00:26:27] Zach: Yeah. That's, yeah. The wanting to get outta the house and write at a coffee shop, but knowing , you cannot let anyone look over your shoulder at the screenplay format.

[00:26:39] Olivia: especially not in la, 

[00:26:40] Victor: right? Yeah. 

[00:26:42] Zach: Especially not intelligentsia. Yeah. That's our pretentious coffee shop. Coffee shop chain. 

[00:26:50] Olivia: Oh my God. 

[00:26:53] Victor: But there's no way around it, right? Like the, the solution is to like, like to just have no aspirations. Right. And I don't feel like that's a worthwhile place to end up either, right?

No, no. So you kind of have to just live with, okay, I know that people are probably rolling their eyes at me doing the thing, but it's what I want to do. It makes me happy, so I'm gonna keep doing it. 

[00:27:19] Zach: Yeah. I found myself really lately because of what we were talking about with the, like, feeling like you have to, at a certain age, especially when you're still broke, like me, you feel like everything has to be monetizable, otherwise you're spending time on something when you should be working towards stability.

Right. Um, but there are certain art forms that I keep to myself purely as like, there are ones that I do hope to make money off of, and even ones that I, I kind of am a little bit like, Um, podcasting and like, especially editing and stuff, the freelance work that I do. Yeah. And then there are ones that I hope to make money off of or at least gain recognition from.

Like music. Yeah. And then there are ones that I don't give a fuck if I even get better. Mm-hmm. I just, it's just relaxing, like drawing. That's how I feel about drawing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:28:03] Olivia: I feel I really resonate with that. And, and like, I will take on new hobbies in that lowest rank. Uh, often, like, I'll be like, I'm gonna start knitting and like, I'll knit hats and like, I'll wear the hats I knit, but I'm not trying to do anything with it.

It's just a thing I like to do. 

[00:28:21] Zach: Like, yeah. I've been trying, like intentionally trying to spend more time with those. Yeah. As a, as a form of like, En enjoying time. Mm-hmm. , the 

[00:28:31] Victor: pressure's off. I have like a real productivity addiction. And, uh, that's, that's the th that's a thing that I struggle with. Like, I, I, I crave a thing like that where I can just like, not worry about anyone ever seeing it or it ever being productive at all.

Like, just doing a thing for me. Uh, that, uh, I also don't have any like, aspirations around. And it's like, I, I, I, I want to be the kind of person that can do those things, but whenever I try, I just, like, I, I, I get sucked into. How can I market something else? . Yeah. I'll get sucked into that or I'll get sucked into like, like the craft of it.

Exactly. Or like wanting to be good at it, you know, like wanting to be like really good at it. 

[00:29:18] Zach: That's what I catch myself doing that with drawing all the time. I'll be like, you know, drawing a figure and then find myself being like, it's not what a hand looks like. You asshole . And it's like, well I wouldn't be talking to myself like this if I were like relaxing in the tub, having a bath.

It's like, but that's what this is supposed to be right now. Right. I'm just drawing. 

[00:29:36] Olivia: We tried whittling 

[00:29:37] Victor: recently. We did. Olivia cut the shit outta yourself. . 

[00:29:41] Olivia: But it was relaxing up to that point. You were enjoying it. Yeah, up 

[00:29:45] Victor: until the point I thought I had to take you to the hospital. Everything was really relaxing.

There's a lot of 

[00:29:49] Zach: blood. Let's tell you guys to the point, where're like, this doesn't look like a chipmunk. And then you stabbed yourself. . out of frustration. So 

[00:29:57] Olivia: what did we crack your dream, you think? 

[00:29:59] Victor: Yeah. Yeah. I didn't think there was anything there, but yeah, it's about, it's about my projects. It's buck getting sucked into projects and feeling weird about it.

[00:30:09] Zach: Yeah. Mm-hmm. , that was one of the first things Olivia said to me when she met me. He was like, I think you have a productivity hangup . I know. Yeah, I know. Where she learned to recognize it. . 

[00:30:22] Olivia: Oh, it wasn't from Victor 

[00:30:24] Victor: was, 

[00:30:25] Zach: was it from you? 

[00:30:26] Olivia: Probably, but really my dad's like the OG productivity hangup guy. 

[00:30:32] Zach: Yeah.

So that's not gonna trickle down to you in any way. Yeah. We'll 

[00:30:35] Victor: see, I guess , yeah, like that dream is about how I feel talking about this right now, which is like, I'm a, I'm, I'm kind of embarrassed even getting into the fact that I like that you're embarrassed that, that I have like projects I like to work on that.

I'm like, oh yeah, I've spent the last couple weeks like getting really sucked into trying to design a board game. You know? Like, that's embarrassing. I don't know why it's embarrassing, but it is. It's like, oh, I should just be like plotting along with my day job. Beautifully doing that. 

[00:31:07] Zach: You know? I have like so many friends.

I get invited to so many board game nights. It's like definitely a whole thing. Yeah. It's not just relegated to kids at all. Yeah. But, but yeah, not none of those friends are making one. So that's pretty nerdy . Yeah, I understand what you're saying. Fucking do you. But the, when you, yeah, when you said you didn't even want to get into like the details, I didn't know if you meant, like, you didn't wanna get into like, the genre of the board game or like, cause I was like, no, you don't need to tell us what each dice roll means, but like, I don't know how much you were obfuscated ob skating there out of like embarrassment.

Uh, that's not me trying to get you , . 

[00:31:48] Victor: Let, let me run inside and grab my spreadsheets. I'll send 'em over to this computer. , I can start going through, uh, item descriptions. on the pause. 

[00:31:58] Zach: I just gonna live in the drive so we can post them to Instagram. There you go. 

[00:32:02] Olivia: So does that answer your question ? 

[00:32:05] Zach: My que? I don't think I really had a question.

[00:32:09] Victor: All right, well, we cracked it. I'm a nerd. Uh, . Let's move on. . 

[00:32:14] Zach: But no, I think it's, I mean, we can move on, but I also, I don't think like board game design is any nerdier than like, Any other puzzle per se? Cause like, like you said, like when you really break down what making music is or any other writing, like anything, it is all little puzzles.

Yeah. Um, and like you and the more like, go ahead. No, no, you go ahead. I was just saying the more of those you pick up, the more things you get into and start to learn the craft of, the more you realize there, there's o overlap in that like fundamental pu uh, puzzle making aspect of everything 

[00:32:47] Victor: we were just talking about that we were over like working on, uh, like.

We were working on ranch stuff. Oh yeah. 

[00:32:55] Olivia: We were fixing a hot wire fence. 

[00:32:57] Victor: Right. But we were doing, we were doing like some outdoorsy stuff and we were walking back and Olivia was like, I, I didn't realize how like puzzle like this kinda work is, you know? Mm-hmm. and Yeah. That there's kind of puzzles in everything once you understand what you're doing.

Yeah. Once you understand what you're working on. Yeah. 

[00:33:14] Olivia: What your goal is, what your limitations are, what the challenge is, everything's kind of a puzzle if you look at it that way. And like even the things that you dread doing, like, I don't know, like it's, when you have that framework, it can be enjoyable when you're looking at it as a puzzle to solve.

Any number of little things can be a puzzle. And I think when you look at them that way, they can 

[00:33:38] Zach: be fun. Yeah. I was gonna say, I wonder how much of like your embarrassment is like, I, cause I have this type of embarrassment that has to do with like, yeah, like you said, like this fucking guy, like worried about coming off as arrogant.

Like you're just gonna like mm-hmm. . Like you've already gotten, you know, a certain number of people to hear your music and think of you as like a great songwriter and a great lyricist. And maybe you're afraid that like, they're gonna be like, oh, so you're making games now, , like, how many, how many things do you want to, uh, have, but

But it is like, there's so many, like if, if you become really good at one thing, like when Nick and I were working on our script, we, I found myself constantly referencing music cuz he'd be like, what's the point of this scene? And I'd be like, oh dude, well this is like the bridge. Mm-hmm. Like we, it, it's kind of a mood piece that gets us from act two to Act three.

And may, you know, maybe we scrapped that scene because it didn't actually work like music in that case. But I think just the, yeah, the foundations of one. Kind of lends itself to being able to like, get into another. 

[00:34:42] Victor: Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense to me. Yeah. And songwriting really is like, it can be, uh, depending on the kind of songwriting you're doing, it can feel like puzzle solving.

You know, like I get really into writing lyrics, and that very much feels like you've created a puzzle that you're then solving, right? 

[00:35:00] Zach: And like, yes. Yeah. Especially if you get really into like the meter and like, like words have to be pronounced like naturally to flow correctly. And so you find yourself cracking, open up the source and Right.

Looking at the, the etymology of words to make sure you're using 'em right. It, it, it does become very English lit. Yeah. Because 

[00:35:18] Victor: where people get stopped there, I think is like they're looking at a blank page and they don't know where to start. Right. But like, very much a big part of the process is giving yourself a task, you know?

Yeah. And it's like once you've narrowed it down to a task, then you're just trying to accomplish that task. It's not about working with like open infinite potential. Right. Yeah. It's like you've narrowed it down to, uh, a goal, 

[00:35:40] Zach: you know? Yeah. Limitations are huge. Yeah. And if there aren't, like, like with some of the most like creative times in my life, I've been in film school when I had like, yeah.

When I was making a short Yeah. And well, and like a hundred bucks to your name. Yeah. Ideas for those assignments come from like, well, what can I actually do? Right. Like, I know two good actors, . Right. I have access to this place. 

[00:36:00] Olivia: Yeah. Creativity within. Confines is like, that's where it thrives, I think. Um, and I think if you're trying to, something Victor says a lot is like you're, if you think you're gonna write your masterpiece, if you sit down and you're like, try to make your masterpiece, you're not gonna make anything good at 

[00:36:19] Victor: all.

Yes. Yeah. That's like one of the biggest traps is like sitting down like, okay, I'm gonna write the best song I ever wrote. I'm gonna write the best script I ever wrote. I'm gonna, I'm gonna do something that's gonna be amazing. Blow everybody's mind. You're never, you're not gonna write anything or you're gonna write something shitty.

[00:37:09] Olivia: This dream is kind of like a two-parter though. A and I'm not sure if I should just do one, one half or the other because there's only one tiny, itty bitty detail that links the two. And it's kind of like they might just be completely separate dreams. 

[00:37:23] Victor: Got the last segment down to a tight five and, uh, just make it all about this.

Victor , 

[00:37:31] Olivia: you got so uncomfortable when you realized your dream was actually about you. 

[00:37:34] Victor: I don't like when it means something . I don't like that 

[00:37:38] Olivia: we put ourselves in the hot seat. You gotta take a turn every now and then. You can't be the fun dream Bible guy all the time. . 

[00:37:46] Victor: I don't, I'm not comfortable with the whole premise of this podcast.

I think , our subconsciouses should be shut off. 

[00:37:55] Olivia: It's been a year. 

[00:37:57] Zach: you like had the same position in that dream as you do on this podcast as like the. The narrator. Hmm. Yeah. So you thought maybe it would just be like, not about you, . Yeah. 

[00:38:08] Victor: I was hoping . 

[00:38:10] Zach: But that's part of the fun though, is, is listening to somebody else read the Dream Bible and then being like, oh shit.

Yeah, no, it is. When something, when something hits. 

[00:38:17] Olivia: Yeah. Fuck. Anyone who judges you for being embarrassed about your little games? . 

[00:38:23] Zach: About your aor of a little game. . 

[00:38:27] Olivia: Um, okay. So it started off at a school and then suddenly we had to go through airport security in the school. Um, and it was really crowded and chaotic.

I'm waiting in the line and I see that there's escalators that are malfunctioning and the people who are on them, the stairs are like, Collapsing and the people are falling down the elevator escalators. And I'm with like a family friend and suddenly somebody steals my laptop and they run up this flight of stairs and I start to follow them the direction that they go.

But the friend grabs my wrist and takes me a short, like to a shortcut and up the stairs where the guy ran, there's a security office. And so we like catched the guy, he, I think he kind of attacked me and like at, at a point, but they, there were security guards there and they really quickly got him and handcuffed him.

Um, and like I was looking for the laptop and found it. And then we are in this room where there is what looks like a robotic owl playing a VR game. So there's this little robot owl. That has put a little VR headset on and it's flying around playing a VR game. Cute. It was kind of cute. Yeah. And I, but I said something like that looks like a waste because it's a robot and like you've got this, like, it's just using this thing like that is for people to use for fun, I guess.

And it is vr, what's the point of it? is, is what I was insinuating, I guess. And the family friend of mine was like, yeah, you're right. And he takes a gun and like grabs the owl. Oh yeah. The gun was also sort of like hooked into a steady cam rig. So it was like this complicated situation where he is holding this like, like a MoVI rig and trying to shoot the owl, which is flying around, um, playing a VR game.

And so he shoots the owl and. Suddenly the owl is not an owl, but it's like a woman's head that had little robotic owl wings and there's blood everywhere. And the friend is disturbed, I think he said, oh shit, it's a borg, it's a cyborg or something. So it was like, uh, that was like a person I guess. But we, uh, that it was murdered.

Now, So now we're cleaning up a murder and there are three rugs, and they all have blood on them, and they're all white. There's all these people in the room now, and I'm trying to tell them that you need to dab it with cold, with a cold damp towel. You need to dab it. Cold water, don't scrub it. And they're all scrubbing these rugs.

And I'm like, no, uh, . And so I eventually convinced them to let me take the rugs and I, I take them to the bathroom. Um, oh, what? I went into the bathroom to get to, to get a cold, damp towel. But all of the faucets, like I tried all, there were like five sinks and they all had like a, a hot and a cold knob, but all of the knobs were hot.

Um, and so I ended up taking. the rugs and putting them in a bathtub and filling the bathtub with bleach. Um, and seems like the blood came out of two of the rugs. And then there was a third one that kind of looked like a sheep skin that like, it was like hairy. It was like furry and the blood was not fully coming out of that one.

I'm just gonna take a breath here. That was part one. . 

[00:42:08] Victor: Wow. 

[00:42:08] Zach: Okay. So, but, so like, really condense, just wrap my head around it. Like, uh, there, there was a owl playing VR and then it turned into a woman's face and someone shot it. And that's what bled on the Yeah. Sheep skin. 

[00:42:23] Olivia: Yeah, it was a, it was a head, it was like a woman's head.


[00:42:25] Zach: the shooting of that is what bled on everything. Yeah. Gotcha. 

[00:42:29] Olivia: Okay. So then part two here, very different setting. Picture like old dirt country road, bright and sunny, uh, and we're like walking, I don't know who I'm with. We're walking back up the road to like go get something. Um, and there's this other group of people who are also looking for something and we come up over this hill and we see there's canoes in the middle of the road.

And I'm like, oh, those are our canoes. That's what we needed. And the guy was like, no, those are mine. And like was trying to take our canoes and uh, Uh, yeah, we beat him with a paddle. Um, and then we got in our canoes, which no longer made sense, I guess, to my brain. So it turned into like rail bikes on a railroad track, , because I don't know how you canoe on a dirt road,

Okay. So we're like, we're like pedaling these rail bikes and they're kind of like unicycles, honestly. They were very like wobbly and tall. Um, then suddenly there's this trolley car full of people, and it's like real clear that they are like a cult. Like they're wearing cult dresses. They are singing hymns.

And there's one old guy with a beard and everyone else is adult women. And then there's like some children, but no adult men. Sounds like a cult. It was a cult. They're like kind of trying to cut us off on the rails. And then there's this other trolley car and this guy is telling us like, don't go with them.

Don't go with them. And we're like, I don't think we're planning on it. Um, but they cut us off and we're like, suddenly we're off the, off of the bikes. And I see Victor going over to the trolley car full of the cult people. Um, 

[00:44:15] Victor: wait, what from where? W was I the person with you 

[00:44:18] Olivia: up to this point? I guess? I don't know.

I, this was the first time I saw you. , you were suddenly there. Uh, I think you were, yeah. I think there was something about us getting separated because I realized you had the dogs with you. Mm-hmm. and I, and Casper ran up to me and like greeted me and I hadn't seen him in a minute. There was something about us getting separated, I guess.

But when I looked down at Casper, I saw that skin rug with the bloodstain. Hmm. Just for like a split second and then it was normal, then I didn't see it again. 

[00:44:51] Zach: Were they trapped over the dog or into the dog's mouth? Like it 

[00:44:54] Olivia: was his fur. Oh. And then we go up to the trolley car cuz I guess we're just getting in.

And, um, there's a woman with this like slop bucket of like, looked like rotten meat and like hair. It was so gross. I, it was very gross. She's just gonna try and feed it to our dogs. And I was like, was like, stop. Please don't . They will have diarrhea. Um, And then she's like, oh, okay. And we got on to the trolley car, which is now a boat and the, sorry, I'm so sorry.

It's a lot. The cult leader guy is like, welcome. I've been waiting for you for a thousand years, you guys specifically. And I'm like, great, great. And I don't know, suddenly we're in a group where there's like, there's like seven of us or something, but me and Victor and like some other people, we like come on to the boat and they're all singing at us and like I'm checking out the space.

And I'm noticing there's ice cubes everywhere. There's like ice cubes on the floor. And I'm like, that's kind of weird. And then I come back to the cult leader guy and I was like, this is a beautiful home. You have, there are ice cubes in my pocket. And he was like, yeah, they're in your bikini too. And I'm like, I'm not wearing a bikini.

And, and um, it felt like creepy, like sexual and like weird. I did not like it. And there's this little boy next to him who's like, make her take off her bikini. And, um, I can actually feel like, I assume that they mean underwear at this point, cuz I know that I'm not wearing a swimsuit. I don't know. And I'm, I'm wearing a coat too, like I'm fully clothed.

Um, but I can feel ice cubes in my clothes . And uh, I'm just gonna try and move past this. So I ask him like, where. Can me and my husband sleep and he has this reaction like, oh, no, no, no, no, no. You won't be sleeping with your husband here. And I woke up 

[00:47:05] Zach: and Victor was gone. . 

[00:47:07] Victor: Liv. That happened. What are you talking about,

That's all. That was like last weekend. . 

[00:47:12] Zach: That was our honeymoon. Yeah. You don't remember the Airbnb? 

[00:47:16] Victor:

[00:47:16] Olivia: forget. Oh, we did have weird Airbnb, , . 

[00:47:21] Zach: So you have a hard out at five ? 

[00:47:24] Olivia: Yeah. Not really, but, uh, 

[00:47:26] Zach: you have become a silhouette, by the way. Should 

[00:47:29] Victor: I go turn on the light? Um, do you 

[00:47:31] Olivia: wanna see us, 

[00:47:32] Zach: Zach? It's not of the utmost importance.

Sometimes facial expressions help me understand social cues, but 

[00:47:39] Victor: lucky you. . 

[00:47:43] Zach: I'll turn on the fucking neurotypical . 

[00:47:46] Victor: Um, okay. Should I read the cliff notes that I jotted down? 

[00:47:51] Zach: Yeah. Cause I, I gave mine after the first part and then I got wildly lost in the sauce. 

[00:47:56] Victor: So, just real quick, the connection is sheep skin rug with bloodstains equals Casper's fur.

And Casper is our dog, one of our dogs. For all the listeners out there, different friendly ghosts, school airport, security escalators, malfunctioning, and people falling off. Stolen laptop thief is handcuffed and land laptop recovered. Then somehow we get to robotic owl playing vr Gun, which is also a steady cam trying to shoot the owl.

The owl turns out to be a woman's head and now it's people murder. There's three rugs, all white with blood. You got a dab bathroom, five sinks. All knobs were hot. Filled bathtub with bleach. Blood came outta two of three rub rugs, but sheep skin still bloody. That's Dream One. Yeah. Dream two. Old Dirt Country Road.

Sunny. Walking to get something other group looking for something. Find canoes. Fight with group for canoes. Beat guy with paddle. Got in canoes, turned into rail bikes on rail track. Trolley, cult woman and old guy Victor. Goes over to trolley. I show up with dogs. Casper has bloody rug in trolley slot.

Bucket of filth trolley now a boat. . Cult leader, welcome. Been waiting for you a thousand years. Ice cubes everywhere. Hit on by cult guy, little boy egging on sexual harassment, . 

[00:49:31] Olivia: All right. Don't forget that he said we weren't gonna get to sleep in the same bed. I didn't think. Also I had this, um, uh, I, I remember putting this together in the dream because I was seeing adult women, women of all ages, one man and children who were boys and girls, right?

No. So like. I think they were gonna kill you. Yeah, that sounds right. Um, and that I You might be, that might be what was in the slot bucket? . Oh, the 

[00:50:01] Victor: last guy, yeah. Was Men . Yeah. This was an a 

[00:50:04] Olivia: 24 song. It was really gross and it didn't look like normal me. I think I saw like a s like a head in 

[00:50:09] Zach: there or something.

You put that together in the dream. Yeah. You're like, Vic in within the confines of the dream, you're like, Victor's in danger. Cause he's the only 

[00:50:17] Olivia: person. Well, there demographic people in our group. I don't know who they were. Um, we were in a group though of like, of like people I guess. 

[00:50:25] Zach: But in the dream you're like Victor in, in any man.

His age isn't danger. Yeah, yeah. Um, so I figured it out.

But I did, I noticed that Dream One to me was about technology and Dream Two was about transportation. Hmm hmm. Yes. Maybe not about, but. Like, 

[00:50:48] Olivia: no. Yeah, those were like, those were some pretty persistent themes. Yeah. Like for real, like we were on foot, then there were canoes, then there were rail bikes, then trolley cars, then boat.

Like that's crazy. That's a crazy amount. And, 

[00:51:00] Zach: and in Dream one there was a laptop vr, steady cam robotics. Yeah. Says technology and then transportation. Okay. 

[00:51:09] Victor: So I'm just gonna start with trying to piece together this rug. This bloody rug, since that's the linchpin, right Between the two. Yeah. Okay. So I've got sheep and then carpet, cuz they didn't have rug to dream of.

Sheep represents conformity. That may be a sign that you aren't thinking for yourself. It could also indicate that you are giving in to peer pressure or doing whatever you're told governing others are being governed negatively. A sheep may reflect a fear of not doing what you're told. It may also reflect an arrogant abuse or exploitation of passive or docile people.

Abuse of governing powers. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you don't like witnessing yourself, fearing people or authority figures who are in a position to tell you what to do, feeling like a loser because you have to do whatever someone else tells you to do. Alternatively, a sheep may reflect people in your life who do whatever you tell them to.

So rug redirected to carpet to dream of carpeting represents thoughts and emotions focused on comfort, luxury, and relaxation. You aren't concerned with or don't wanna focus on anything uncomfortable or negative. Feeling good. Noticing everything under control to dream of cleaning a carpet represents feelings about needing to maintain a comfortable situation, carefulness, to not allow a comfortable situation to become too lazy, reckless or neglected, reversing anything that doesn't keep a comfortable situation staying that way.

[00:52:34] Zach: So there are three of 'em and you got two of them clean and the last one had blood on it. 

[00:52:39] Victor: Oh, but to dream of a rug carpet or a throw rug carpet. Yeah. Represents covering something up or disguising your true thoughts and feelings. Insulation and protection. Feeling better ignoring something. Mm-hmm. . And I mean, the act of, I mean, there's blood on the carpets and you're trying to cover, you were hiding a murder.

Yeah. So it's like cover up, right? So the rugs are part of covering up. Something and then blood. I mean, let me just skim blood really quick. 

[00:53:08] Zach: I imagine it's long. It is also your Dr, your dream had both guns and um, guards in it like victor's. Yeah, that's 

[00:53:17] Olivia: true. Mine had security guards. Yeah, they have 

[00:53:20] Victor: blood on the walls, but they don't have blood on a carpet.

Just in case there's a connection. Blood on walls represents lingering feelings about a loss or failure. You may be unable to stop thinking about a difficulty that you overcame or a traumatic experience you've endured negatively. You may be unable to get your mind, to get your mind of your involvement in a bad situation.

[00:53:43] Zach: The lingering part makes sense with the fact that like two outta three of 'em came clean and one didn't, and then it showed up in the next dream. Right. The one, the one that, that you saw in Casper was the bloody one, right? 

[00:53:53] Victor: Yes. And that dream definitely came second, right? Yeah. Okay. Um, are we getting any kind of clear picture on what the symbolism of this, this bloody carpet is?

[00:54:04] Olivia: Um, I don't know yet, but Okay. So to talk about the owl, like owls are, it's a short entry, it's just wisdom. Wisdom, yeah. Like 

[00:54:13] Victor: they're wise to dream of. A robot represents a mechanical, methodical and rigid thinking style, automatic thinking or responses that are not thought out. Totally straightforward or emotionless decisions, behavior that unemotionally doesn't explain itself.

[00:54:29] Olivia: Okay. Um, to dream of a. Represents intellect, attitude, personality, or perspective. What guides your choices? How a person in control of how a person is in control of themselves. 

[00:54:42] Zach: Yeah. This, there's so much going on in this stream. I feel like if you can just latch onto one thing, we can kind of like explain the rest from there.

[00:54:49] Olivia: Yeah. Okay. 

[00:54:50] Zach: Um, I'm saying there's no like woman or man head. It's just head. There's blue head. Yeah, 

[00:54:58] Olivia: there's a blue head . Um, 

[00:55:00] Zach: but but you remember it specifically being a female head. Yes. Which I don't know. I, I don't, I don't know if the, the gender would necessarily mean that much except that like, The, the gender of the people involved in the la like very last part of the dream seemed to mean a lot.

[00:55:16] Olivia: Yeah. It true to dream of a cult represents unquestioned devotion to ideas, people or situations unquestioned. Loyalty to a family member, employer, or a superior 

[00:55:27] Zach: person. Also, a side quest under head was decapitation. Does that Yeah. Feel like what happened to the head? No. It got shot and then like Right.

Ultimately, but it never had a body. Right. 

[00:55:39] Olivia: Well, right. I guess , I guess. I guess it was decapitated before we got there. , before you shot it. It was a flying head though, you know, like, 

[00:55:50] Zach: okay, so decapitation doesn't resonate. 

[00:55:53] Olivia: It was fine being a flying head. , 

[00:55:56] Zach: did it feel evil? Like, like No, not when, no, I didn't.

Did you have feelings? Did you have feelings about the destruction of it? Yeah, 

[00:56:03] Olivia: like guilt, like, oh no, we made a mistake. 

[00:56:07] Zach: Which is why you were so intense on cleaning the rugs. Yeah. Like you're trying to cover your tracks. Yeah. 

[00:56:14] Victor: Uh uh. I really have to piss. So maybe we'll just take a second to 

[00:56:22] Zach: mole over. No worries.

All of 

[00:56:24] Victor: this. 

[00:56:24] Olivia: Yeah. I'm gonna solve it while you're gone. I 


[00:56:27] Victor: so. I hope so. Cuz 

[00:56:28] Zach: I'm not getting anywhere. Maybe we need to get into, maybe we talked about your feelings of shooting the head, but like maybe we need to get into like other feelings in the dream to like try to tie into your personal life.

Cuz then I think the symbolism then we can attribute meaning to the symbolism. Yeah. Okay. Because this was just last night, right? 

[00:56:46] Olivia: Yes. This was last 

[00:56:47] Zach: night. So you haven't had a lot of time to process No. What it means, but, but ho hopefully the feelings are still fresh. Do you feel like you've been involved in a coverup recently?

of a final dramatic decision. Or has anyone creeped on you recently? , that's such a horror movie ending too. Like, oh, you won't be sleeping next to your husband tonight. , you hear like Vincent Price delivering that line. Okay. 

[00:57:19] Victor: Did we get 

[00:57:20] Zach: anywhere? No. Okay. I came up with a strategy. 

[00:57:24] Victor: Oh, okay. Let's do that. Okay.

Yeah, let's 

[00:57:25] Olivia: do your 

[00:57:26] Zach: thing. I feel like the symbolism is interconnected and there is like a through line. So if we can like, maybe the next thing we focus on is Olivia's feelings in the dream. Cause if we can just connect it to one thing in her real life, I feel like we can then start to explain the rest of the symbology.

Okay. Okay. So I was asking her if she's tried to cover up any murders recently. , what did you tell 'em? . That Airbnb owner just wouldn't let up. . . Are there any like feelings that jumped to mind from the dream? 

[00:57:55] Olivia: I'm having a hard time with it. Honestly. It was really chaotic in the first part. Um, there was a lot going on.

It was really crowded. And overwhelming. And then the friend who, um, who I was with was like very much a stress relieving person in that dream. Like they, they helped me navigate the situation and I would not have been able to do it without them. Who is the, it's like a family friend that I like, hardly ever see, like he was at our wedding.

I've seen him like once in the last 

[00:58:27] Victor: 10 years. . It is interesting that like, okay, so you've got this, this family friend who's like, not someone that's a big presence in your life. Yeah. And in the second dream, you had like a mystery companion. You are not having, like, you weren't sure who was with you. There were 

[00:58:42] Olivia: like several people.

Yeah. There was like a group of people that I didn't really know. And, and then you were the only other person 

[00:58:47] Victor: I knew. But you said at the beginning of your second dream you were traveling with someone and you didn't know who they were. 

[00:58:54] Olivia: Yeah. I was, I was traveling with maybe a couple of people. Oh. And, and I think we were trying to get.

I think I knew at that point that we were separated from the rest of our group. Which you were a part of. 

[00:59:07] Victor: Hmm. Okay. Okay. Let's do Zach's exercise of, uh, your feelings throughout the week. I thought you said sex, exercise. Let's do Zach's exercise. . 

[00:59:19] Olivia: Um, okay. In the second dream, I guess I was feeling fine, like walking up it was like kind of a leisurely stroll.

And I, there were, there was another, there were other people with me and then there were other people with us who were not with us, if that makes sense. There was like, they were also independently trying to get somewhere. They were trying to get gas or something, I don't know. Um, and when we walked up over this hill, there were the canoes there and, and then it like got tense, but up to that.

It was kind of leisurely and like they were stressed out about getting like gas or whatever it was they needed to get. But I was not, we were, we were fine. We were not stressed out. Then he, like, there was a, a standoff or taking the paddle or we needed to take the paddle from the guy and ended up like whacking him over the head.

[01:00:12] Zach: Oh yeah. Who was this guy that you beat? 

[01:00:14] Olivia: Just a random guy. Like, I don't know, it was not personal. He was gonna take our canoe, but I don't think it was personal . Um, and he told me he was scared of me too. Like there was, it was somebody else who hit him over the head and then I had a paddle and he was like, no, not you.

I'm really scared of you. , . And like, I felt, um, 


[01:00:38] Zach: That's the word that jumped to my mind. Sounds like you were not. The vulnerable person in this dream? 

[01:00:43] Olivia: No, I did not feel threatened then. And then, 

[01:00:46] Zach: um, what about when the, when the guy was creeping on you? 

[01:00:49] Olivia: I think that at any point the threats I felt were like two other people.

And that was the threat to me was other people being threatened. I was pretty sure that like, like I could hold my own in that situation with the creepy guy, but I, um, was concerned that they were gonna turn victor into meat slop. And maybe I was concerned at, at a certain point, I think I was worried that like we'd gotten ourselves into a situ, like a situation that we couldn't get out 

[01:01:20] Victor: of.

And that is how you felt at the end of the first dream, right? With the You're trying to cover up the murder Yeah. That this family friend committed. Yeah. So both dreams and with you, not personally vulnerable, but feeling like someone is in trouble and you can't protect 

[01:01:41] Olivia: them. And I'm responsible for them and I'm trying 

[01:01:43] Victor: to protect them.

You're trying to protect them. Irresponsible for their wellbeing, and you can't protect them. Yeah. 

[01:01:50] Zach: Anything going on with beer and dogs in real life, they are 

[01:01:54] Olivia: always in my dreams that way though. Like, I always have dreams where it's like, oh, the dogs like, go protect the dog again. 

[01:02:00] Zach: Do, do, do. Right. Um, and I've, I've been talking to friends with, they have similar, like, relationships with their pets and their dreams.

Oh, okay. Or it's just always like a, is the stove on kind of anxiety? Yeah. Yeah. So this might be random and not helpful, but there, there seems to be some relationship with ice cubes and bikinis in the dream bible. Oh really? Oh, really? , huh? Yeah, I was just looking, I'm just grasping at straws, , oh, let's, let's hear it.

I noticed these two specific lines under, there's a bunch under ice cube, but or under, yeah. Ice. Ice cubes to dream of ice shaped like a cube may represent feelings about difficult, unresolved situations that you can't do much about, um, uncertainty or negativity that is quote unquote frozen or intentionally unaddressed issues left un confronted or at a standstill.

And then in bikini, to dream of a bikini represents you or some aspect of your personality. There is totally focused on confronting uncertainty or a negative situation. The symbolism is based on water reflecting uncertainty or negative situations. The bikini then reflects your personality that is dealing with this, 

[01:03:17] Olivia: and they, they wanted me to take off my 

[01:03:19] Zach: bikini because there was ice in it, right?

Yeah. Was there like pervy excuse? Do you remember the color of what? The bikini. 

[01:03:30] Olivia: I wasn't wearing one, but yes. Oh, okay. I do actually . Why, 

[01:03:35] Zach: why does come at me like it was a dumb question. 

[01:03:40] Olivia: Well, because it's stupid. It was a yellow polka dotted bikini . But like, I wasn't wearing one. It's just that's not, I, that's what I pictured when they were talking 

[01:03:50] Zach: about it.

Right. But it is in your mind's eye. Yeah. Um, cuz it here says the color of the bathing suit. It was very important. Oh God damn it. What the hell is that?

Hold on. 

[01:04:04] Victor: Got so many Dream Bible 

[01:04:05] Zach: tabs. Sounded like somebody was drilling into the wall right below me. Oh, did, did you hear it 

[01:04:11] Victor: sounded like a motorcycle. Yeah, it sounded like a motorcycle to us. 

[01:04:15] Zach: No, it was, yeah, it was definitely some kind of, um, power tool. But anyway, it says the color of the bathing suits very important, but then it only gives blue, red, and white as an example.

So dead end , but, uh, 

[01:04:30] Victor: there's, there's something there. Right? Yellow 

[01:04:32] Olivia: is, uh, in the dream Bible separately though. 

[01:04:35] Zach: But the thing, the connection between ice cube and Bikini, I thought it was interesting that ice cubes are about like an uncertain, negative situation being intentionally undressed and therefore frozen, and then a bikini being about you being focused on confronting an uncertain negative situation.

Yeah. That's, 

[01:04:55] Olivia: that's weirdly specific . 

[01:04:57] Zach: Yeah. And they were in the same scene of the same dream. 

[01:05:00] Olivia: Yeah. It was a, it was, they were very connected. Yeah. 

[01:05:04] Zach: So can you think of something in your real life that you're focused on addressing that other people are deliberately freezing you out on? 

[01:05:13] Olivia: Mm-hmm. yellow in a dream represents noticing something happening or noticing yourself thinking in a certain way.

Um, yellow animals, objects, or clothing all reflect beliefs, feelings, or situations in your life that you are aware of yourself having? Okay. Negatively. The color yellow represents negative thinking patterns that you are aware of in yourself, noticing yourself, being afraid, insecure, having a problem or being disingenuous.

Um, I don't, I don't feel like I'm gonna crack this because I feel like I need to go to therapy first. think here. Okay. One thing I think I can maybe say is like, like maybe the end there is like to do with like, uh, like the fear that certain things or like problems would like come between us. Like, oh, you don't get to sleep in the same bed as your husband anymore.

[01:06:13] Zach: Is there any part of you that sees the, the tradition of. Rearing a family is cult-like 

[01:06:20] Olivia: kind of . I mean, that is like, that is what that was though. Is that, that, that that cult was women, a family who had been bred , like Yeah. Yeah. It was like women, lots of women and their children with the one guy, right?


[01:06:39] Zach: yeah. When you, yeah. The way you described it made me think of, um, yeah, 

[01:06:43] Olivia: the um, 

[01:06:44] Zach: uh, children of God. 

[01:06:46] Olivia: Oh yeah. Or just like literally any cult. I was thinking of the, the like Mormon cult. I can't, there was a documentary about it recently. 

[01:06:54] Zach: Sweet. The uh, F D L S. Yeah. The F dl s I do Fld s 

[01:07:00] Victor: Yeah. Flds Flds. Um, I do feel like the two dreams do kind of mirror the same trajectory, right?

So in both dreams you start out traveling with a companion or companions that you're not as connected to. Then there's a conflict in the first dream, it's the theft of your laptop and the second dream, it's you beating a guy over the head with a canoe or with a, with a paddle. Mm-hmm. the whole canoe.

With the whole canoe. And then there's some kind of mistake, right? There's some like, irreversible mistake in the first dream, it's shooting the Allen second dream, it's getting onto the trolley, right? Yeah. And then they both end with you trying to like, protect someone that can't be protected. Yeah. That's the same dream.

It's the same pattern. It's just like different, different 

[01:07:48] Zach: skin. Yeah. So it's gotta be the same anxiety. It is. 

[01:07:51] Olivia: They're the same thing. 

[01:07:52] Zach: Um, like your brain, like thought it worked through it, and then you're, it was like, oh, she's still asleep. She still has an hour more of sleep. Um, and I just did it again, but with a different, 

[01:08:03] Olivia: yeah, it really just repeated.

It's interesting looking. Okay. So looking down at Casper and seeing that rug, it was right before we got on the trolley. 

[01:08:15] Victor: Right? And then the rug was, um, the thing you couldn't fix right. In the first dream. Yeah. 

[01:08:21] Olivia: I also remember just now I remembered when I saw it in the second dream, I was, um, concerned that it was gonna like, give us a away.

[01:08:31] Victor: Hmm. That's interesting. Give you away 

[01:08:35] Olivia: like, I was concerned that other people would see it and, and know, 

[01:08:39] Victor: and know some, like, know that, know something, know about the murder. Yeah. I guess from the other 

[01:08:43] Olivia: dream. So I guess so like, briefly, like I, I had that thought for a second. 

[01:08:49] Zach: I don't know, but it feel, I feel like the, like there's, there's some importance in, in the fact that like this anxiety doesn't have to do with you being weak or backed into a corner.

Like a lot of anxieties can be, this anxiety has to do with. You letting other people down despite the power that you have. 

[01:09:10] Olivia: Yeah, yeah. Which makes, isn't 

[01:09:13] Zach: that releasing this podcast and all the like shit, all the shit, all the legwork you've been doing in getting this off the ground. I feel like, 

[01:09:22] Olivia: yeah, I don't know.

Maybe I'm gonna have to like update people cuz I feel like I just have more processing to do on this one. 

[01:09:28] Zach: Yeah. When you were peeing Victor, I was comparing it to, uh, the dream I had a while back that was like super long and complicated, but also had like recurring themes and a storyline. That was the last time we 

[01:09:39] Olivia: recorded, right?

[01:09:41] Zach: Was it? Yeah, it was the episode, right? I think it was the time before that maybe. But give us the last episode. We'll find out. We didn't, we didn't find out what it was about until we hit stop on the recording, which I can't, I don't think I did get a chance to like, say what it was about on the pod, but that's true.

Um, but it's also fine. Dreams are fleeting. It's gone. It'll come back up. It's still in my subconscious. Yeah. 

[01:10:07] Victor: I don't, I don't know that I'm getting anywhere. I'm like, I'm lo pulling up Dream Bible entries. Just trying to find some way to break into this, but I, I will read an interesting one For laptop to dream of losing your laptop or having your laptop stolen may reflect fears of having to start over from scratch when you believe you were getting ahead in life, losing power, employment or resources that allow you to think about the more interesting areas of your life.

Feeling that you've lost the ability to get ahead in life or plan interesting things, feelings about losing the ability to enjoy success or professional job. Mm-hmm. . 

[01:10:42] Olivia: Yeah, that does resonate the job stuff too. Like it, I, I feel like that describes like how I have felt in my various, like, jobs that have stuck, the jobs that I've spent the.

Time in as a podcast producer have, like, you know, you, you put a lot into something and then I, it does not work out and I have to leave for good reasons, but it, it is kind of like back to square one and I pretty much have a new job. Like I have a final interview tomorrow with the c e o of the company that I've been interviewing at and like Okay.

Um, so like, maybe it's a reflection of like the fear that, or at least that part of the dream is maybe a reflection of like, the fear of that coming to an end and having to start over again after that. Cuz it really does feel like when that happens, it feels like you have to reset and like you've put a lot of time and energy into something and you have to start over.

[01:11:43] Zach: Or maybe the fear that this is gonna turn out the same way that the other ones have that, that you're going to put a bunch of time into it and it's gonna be for not again, despite your, like, cuz you know you're competent. And you've seen yourself do the work over and over again. Just like in this dream, you, it's, it's none of the bad shit happening is for lack of your ability.

You know what I mean? It's, 

[01:12:03] Olivia: yeah. Yeah. I guess, yeah, I do feel confident in my ability to do the work, but it's an 

[01:12:08] Zach: unpredictable industry. 

[01:12:09] Olivia: It is. And it also feels like there's other like, life things that could derail. Like if we were to have kids, like how is that gonna affect, like, that is just objectively a huge amount of energy and time that I am not going to be putting in a career focused place.

If we do that, that does change. Like how I'm gonna approach, how I'm gonna think about my career, I guess. 

[01:12:36] Victor: Um, you were saying earlier you felt like there was, um, this anxiety about something coming between us. Yeah. And um, like a new job is kind of a transition, right? So there might be some, some anxiety that just like, The change, like the change of our patterns and habits, um, might negatively affect our relationship.

Like an anxiety of you starting a new job. That's a change we're gonna have to change our daily patterns and everything. Worrying about like maybe conflict coming from that or something. Yeah. And then you have, um, like we've been talking about like, do we want to have kids? Do we not wanna have kids?

What's that gonna look like? And there has been like a general anxiety about like, I think the main fear there is, well, we've got something really good here. And would having kids um, disrupt that? Yeah. Or, or turn this really good thing into something else, right? Yeah. And so there might be that anxiety and then also maybe to some degree this anxiety about, well, does getting a new job change things?

Does like professional changes, change things? Like all of these maybe just like a fear that change will somehow undo. What we've got going. 

[01:13:54] Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. I think 

[01:13:56] Zach: so. Yeah. Cause that cult could be like an unknown new job and like the, it was super creepy in the dream, but the whole, you won't be sleeping next to your husband thing.

could be like representative of like, Vic, you're gonna have a new schedule, a new routine. Yeah. If you get this job. And Victor's not gonna be part of that cuz he has his own job. Hmm. You know what I mean? And whatever time you spend with him during the day, you might be, you know, at work or working from home or whatever.

[01:14:27] Olivia: Yeah. I guess. We can call it that for now. I guess it doesn't fully resonate though. I, I don't wanna try and make it fit, but I don't think we got there. 

[01:14:36] Victor: I don't think we got there. I don't think we even scratched the surface, honestly. 

[01:14:40] Zach: There is like an emotional difference between being like, I guess that could be it and like it hitting Yeah.

Like we did on Victor's dream in the first like five minutes. 

[01:14:50] Victor: Yeah. When you said junkyard, I was like, oh, okay. This is 

[01:14:53] Zach: exactly, so yeah, as soon as you heard the word embarrassed, you were like, yep. Yeah, that's it. And we haven't gotten there with Olivia right now. I think 

[01:15:00] Olivia: I'm gonna have to do some off air processing and like maybe we will open up next week with it or maybe we won't.

Or maybe it'll be too personal and I won't wanna share it with you. 

[01:15:10] Victor: Maybe your two-part dream is a two-part episode. 

[01:15:13] Zach: Ooh. Yeah, I thought about doing that with the one that I solved off air. But like at this point, like if you're listening right now, I don't know if you even remember what I'm referencing.

[01:15:22] Olivia: And if you do your shit, I really feel like it was just the last episode. Rerecorded, 

[01:15:26] Zach: but probably . 

[01:15:28] Victor: We gotta start recording every week. Maybe. What are we 

[01:15:30] Zach: doing? Yeah, maybe we could do mini sos with, there you go. It's just one of us, like just dropping a little like 15 minute thing in between each week.


[01:15:39] Olivia: Like episode being for the ones we didn't solve. 

[01:15:42] Zach: Just, yeah. Just being like, Hey listeners. So I figured out the fucking, yeah. . . 

[01:15:47] Victor: I feel like it says something, uh, genuine about what we're doing, that we don't crack it every 

[01:15:51] Olivia: time. Yeah. I feel like if we did then, then we're definitely projecting, 

[01:15:56] Zach: right?

Yeah. But we're not making this shit up. We're not, cuz it would be, it's, it's all, it's literally in our heads, our dreams. So like we could ostensibly be making stuff up for content. I think that would actually be like infinitely more work than just being honest about our dreams. 

[01:16:10] Olivia: Yeah. I think it'd be hard to make it connect, especially if we're using Dream Bible, which I have a lot 

[01:16:15] Zach: of faith in.

Yeah, well we'd be essentially doing a storytelling like narrative podcast but acting like it's real. That 

[01:16:23] Victor: is so much more 

[01:16:24] Olivia: work. But it'd become of fun to like come up with a fake dream and then read the Dream Bible entries and tell you what it means. 

[01:16:33] Victor: That would be a fun exercise just to see if you still get some.

It would be 

[01:16:37] Zach: honest. Yeah. We'd be honest that this wasn't, that this was an exercise. I 

[01:16:41] Victor: wonder though, if like the story you wrote would still reveal something about what's going on in your Yeah. Subconscious. Right? That that'd be 

[01:16:49] Olivia: fucking crazy, 

[01:16:50] Victor: huh? 

[01:16:51] Zach: Yeah. Thing I feel like things are falling apart in my end.

I dunno if you can hear this dog barking . I can, and this, this hammering down below, I just realized that somebody moved into the unit right below mine and so that drill I heard they're definitely like hanging shelves and shit. Yeah, 

[01:17:04] Victor: that's right. Well, we should probably make sure the dogs haven't destroyed the house then.


[01:17:12] Olivia: Thank you for listening to The Jung and the Restless

[01:17:14] Victor: You can follow us on social media at The Jung and the Restless Pod and submit your dreams for interpretation to The Jung and the Restless Pod at 

[01:17:22] Zach: Gmail. And as we always say, we got, we got nothing 

[01:17:25] Victor: done, but at least we 

[01:17:27] Olivia: had a terrible 

[01:17:27] Victor: time.

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