1. Every(astral)body Poops

Everybody poops, and apparently everybody poops in their dreams. Victor has a poop dream about feeling secure in his relationship…...

Everybody poops, and apparently everybody poops in their dreams. Victor has a poop dream about feeling secure in his relationship with Olivia, Zach gets uncomfortably familiar with a liquor store clerk, and Olivia disappoints her father at a pooping contest. A particularly fecal dream submitted by Abigail sparks a relatable discussion about breakups and new beginnings. One thing all four of these dreams have in common is that no bowel movement goes unwitnessed. There is no privacy beyond the veil of the waking world!

0:00: Intro

3:33: Zach's dream

16:08: Victor's dream

23:26: Olivia's dream

34:43: Listener Dream sent in by Abigail

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Dream Bible Entries used in this episode:

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Episode Transcript

Olivia: [00:00:00] Welcome to The Jung and the Restless. I'm Olivia.

Victor: I'm victor. 

Zach: And I'm Zach. And this is the podcast where three Amateur Dream Analyst. Shoot the shit.

Intro Music

Victor: So we're finally doing. Olivia's been trying for so long since the beginning of the podcast to get us to do a poop episode. 

Zach: She's been, she 

been pushing poop hard. 

Victor: I said, No, no, it's too early. We gotta, we gotta win 'em over first. And she said, No. 

Zach: Gotta hook the people in before you just drop shit on 'em.

Olivia: I just think there's a lot to be said there. And you and me, Victor, and also Abigail, all had poop dreams. Yeah. The same week and you'd hardly ever remember your dreams, so [00:01:00] we kind of just had to do it right. Yeah. 

Victor: I had one dream in a year and it was a poop dream, so that was a sign. It was time 

Olivia: to be fair, I might have also put that idea in your head cuz I have not stopped talking about poop 

Zach: dreams.

So I probably have one like once a. So, yeah, I think it's pretty universal. 

Olivia: I mean, it's something everybody does every day. 

Zach: Everybody poops. I didn't have one last night, but I did wake up at four in the morning to do that il. That's interesting. At 

Olivia: four. Wow. Wait, do people wake up to poop? I did. Do you do that often?

Zach: No, almost never. That's not, my body usually doesn't wanna do that until like an hour after waking up. Once I get coffee in me. Yeah. With 

Olivia: this. Yeah. Or yeah, I just have to smell coffee and then it's like, all right, it's time to go. 

Zach: Or if I get in the car for a long drive, as soon as I get in traffic, that's when it'll become super.

Olivia: Well, that's [00:02:00] not convenient at all. 

Zach: No, That's the worst feeling in the world. 

Victor: I actually don't poop. I just, my body's so efficient that, uh, I don't need to, 

Zach: This is a hundred percent of everything you put in it. . 

Victor: I burn clean. What can I say? ? 

Zach: Peak performance. Oh, your, your dream. Kinda says otherwise. That's true.

Yeah, that's the, That's the thing about poop. Everybody, Everybody poops and everybody poops in their dreams. Everybody 

Olivia: poops, but people don't really talk about their poop with each other. And so like maybe everyone has a different idea of what normal poop is. As a 

Zach: hypochondriac, that's something I'm constantly Googling.


Victor: yours is brown. What the fuck, dude, . 

Zach: There's all kinds of charts. Online, consistency and color. 

Olivia: Yeah, you're supposed to poop like at least once a day. If you're pooping twice a day, you got good bowels, [00:03:00] strong genetics. I don't know. I think 

Zach: it's like sleep it, it's like varies from person, there's like a general rule, but it kind of varies.

Mm-hmm. . Like, most people need six to eight hours, but sun freaks can survive on like four. 

Olivia: I'm curious to see what comes up, um, talking about poop in a dream context. How do our cultural perceptions of poop, um, play a role into our. Poop dreams, 

Victor: I would assume it's tied to shame, but then everything with me is tied to shame.

So I don't know if that's just me. It's not just you. , 

Zach: if I remember correctly, my, my poop dream that I had to offer was pretty shame centric. So maybe let's get into it. Get in the shit.[00:04:00] 

The poop is reoccurring theme in my dreams specifically, I think. I think this is pretty common too, having to go and not being able to. A reasonable place to do it, uh, which is, you know, a common real life situation too. You're out driving around or, or whatever, and then there's no bathrooms available. But the scenario that keeps happening in my dreams is that there's a bathroom available, but it's wildly, this, this one I'm thinking of in particular, it's like a, like a men's locker room inside a truck stop.

And so there's. It's like a bunch of bathrooms that are all conjoined, but they don't have doorways and some of the toilets are right next to each other or they're like giant and they're meant for like multiple people to shit in. And in this stream, the floor was covered with human waste and like I'm starting to, I'm starting to get a [00:05:00] little gagging just thinking about it and the dream.

I was like retching and like trying to find like clean places to step to even get through the bathroom and even. And there were men in there just like going ham, like, no shame. And I was like, I can't do this. And I left, um, continued to look for a bathroom and eventually I walked into a liquor store and I was like, Please, do you guys have a bathroom I can use?

And the clerk was like, Yeah, right there. And it was a toilet in the middle, like nothing around it, just in the center of the liquor. Um, but it was clean, so I , I tried. And the last thing I remember is sitting on the toilet, just making eye contact with the clerk. periodically looking at the door, just hoping to not hear that bell with somebody coming in.

And that's, yeah, that's where it ended. 

Olivia: This is really similar to, um, Abigail's dream, which we will get into later, but um, really, [00:06:00] Yeah. I mean, off the bat, do you like, feel like you had any ideas about what this dream might be about for you? 

Zach: I haven't thought about it in a minute, but I mean, the big, bold, underlying word is just anxiety.

Um, it may be sh shame, not in the like sense of like being shamed of something you did, but just like general human shame. Like I can't performance anxiety, you know, I can't go in this situation. I can't be. in this way, if that makes sense. 

Victor: And it seems like, um, in this dream, this shame that you're feeling isn't shared by anybody else.

Like everybody else is comfortable with, with how things are organized for doing this and, and you're the only one experiencing this, uh, fear of pooping in front of everybody or getting covered and everybody else's [00:07:00] shit. 

Zach: Yeah. Yeah. That's a big part of it. From, from the first location to the second location where the liquor store clerk is just like, Yeah, right there.

That's where everybody does it. . 

Victor: Yeah. So it's like, it's a unique shame to you. It's not a, it's not a universal shame in this dream. 

Zach: Yeah. Which could just be a one to one, like, not even a metaphor, cuz um, I, I'm the guy that goes into the stall to pee cuz I, I can't, I can't get it going. And if another man is standing right next to me, Hm.

Or they call it stage bright, 

Victor: right? Yeah. 

Olivia: Yeah. There's a lack of privacy in your dream. First of all, the, the really dirty bathroom is like, were you seeing other people pooping in that bathroom? Yeah. Okay, so, so like there's no privacy there. Not only is it disgusting, but there's no privacy there. And then, The other [00:08:00] situation is clean, but there's definitely still no privacy.

Like it's not even a, a room dedicated for that. So like there's even less privacy. You like made the calculations of like you would rather poop in front of, of people and it be clean than, than poop in front. People and it be dirty, 

Zach: I guess. Yeah. That was ultimately, yeah, that part of the dream is very much about the lesser of two evils.

Olivia: Yeah. I guess pooping in front of all of these other people who are also pooping in front of each other is like, they clearly don't care, but in the liquor store situation, it's like, Oh, I'm the, I'm the guy who's pooping. Um, yeah. What do you feel about the, like, unclean element here? 

Zach: Um, Emotion. Well, the feeling in the dream is overwhelming sickness, like I wanna throw up.

Mm-hmm. , actually, when you were looking up in the [00:09:00] Dream Bible just now for your dream victor, you went across cesspool. Hmm. And that was actually what made me remember this dream. What does it say about cesspool? 

Victor: To dream of AEs Pool represents excessive negativity or an accumulation of unresolved issues.

AEs Pool may be a sign that you need to begin a cleansing process in your life or that you need to learn to let go of problems that are holding 

Zach: you back. See, that's, that's interesting cuz even though you just said Olivia, that the liquor store was technically less private, it kind of was more private cuz I, it was just me and the clerk.


Olivia: that's 

Zach: true. Now that I'm thinking about it, it feels like in contrast to the the filthy truck stop locker room where everyone's just shitting everywhere, nonchalantly, it, it feels like a, a conscious choice to suffer in silence rather than in this like embarrassingly public way. Yeah. 

Olivia: [00:10:00] Looking at the, um, The Dream Bible entry for just defecation is also interesting cuz it, it seems like pooping represents cleansing yourself of negativity.

Zach: Yeah. Yeah. You know, where my mind just jumped is like, there's this thing on social media, this trend of like just airing your dirty laundry. Like ju I mean, so the social media landscape is excessively negative anyway, but it's something I. Anytime I've ever posted anything, I feel embarrassed about it.

Like I just mm-hmm. , I feel this aversion to participating in this public. Like, uh, I have these issues and this problem and that part of the collective unconscious, we, that's Snapchatted, it's Snapchatted , uh, . That is, that is being, you know, Committed to the internet. You know what I'm saying? [00:11:00] Yeah. 

Victor: Yeah. It does say here to dream of defecation in front of other people may represent pressure, you feel being placed on you to deal with a problem.

It may also reflect feelings of embarrassment as you deal with problems out in the open. 

Olivia: That kind of feels like what you were just talking about. Mm-hmm. , 

Zach: it also didn't, it didn't does it? Even though people are okay with it and the dream, it doesn't feel like the right place. It's filthy and architecture makes no sense.

Victor: Yeah. You'd rather deal with your shit in private instead of out in front of other people. But everyone's dealing with their shit out in public and rolling around in it. . 

Zach: Yeah. And at least the liquor store clerk is one guy who's not shitting who I can like maybe establish a rapport with and be okay with it in that scenario and somebody might walk in, but that's still better.

Um, ing in it. 

Victor: I'm really interested in your dynamic with the relat, with the store clerk. [00:12:00] Yeah, I was just gonna say, did you get a good vibe off of this guy? Um, like what was it like when you were pooping and making eye contact? Was he interested in you? Was he mining his own business? Like, what was that whole dynamic like?

Zach: It was just like a real transactional, like a. Interaction with the liquor store clerk. It was very like, yeah. Okay. It was like I was buying a, a a six pack. 

Victor: Gotcha. Okay. So he wasn't, he wasn't like interested in you pooping? No, he was just, 

Zach: He didn't give a shit. Hey, 

Victor: uh, and you felt more comfortable in that where you could like, you could, uh, take care of business and, uh, this person, sure, maybe they can see you, but they're al they also don't care.

They don't care one way or the other. What's going on with you? And 

Olivia: you're not being, you're not having to deal with other people's shit. Maybe like that's a part, like if shit is problems and like negativity, like [00:13:00] you'd rather just deal with your own, even if other people can see it or like one other person can see it.

Then be like involved in this communal shit fest where everybody's problems are out on display and like mixing with each other. . 

Zach: Yeah. And not only are they cool is this, some people seem to be like proud of it. 

Victor: Mm-hmm. , were the people in Thees pool anymore interested in you? Like did they acknowledge you?

Were they like, Hey, come on in the water's fine, , Or like No. Did, 

Zach: no, I had to had the vibe of a, of a real bathroom where people are just, just taking care of business. And 

Olivia: it's interesting to look at it from the lens of, through the lens of, um, social media. When you said that, it feels like it kind of does apply.

Mm-hmm. pretty well here. 

Zach: Yeah. The other place my brain goes is I, I've been single for like a, a couple years now and, uh, enjoying the, the [00:14:00] solitude of it. Cause I've had some stuff to work out personally that I think kind of stagnated for a long time cuz I was perpetually in a monogamous relationship. So I was always dealing with these things in front of someone.

And I, I think it took me longer to get thrown because I was, felt observed and embarrassed and, and, and ashamed. And in the time I've been single and doing it alone, I, I've felt way more like I've made way more strides. Hmm. 

Olivia: So was the clerk, your therapist in a sense? 

Zach: maybe? Well, when I had this dream, I was probably in a relationship so he could have been, Hmm.

Like my idea of like solitude or a relationship, I'd like to have someone who just lets me do it and doesn't try to get involved or, Mm. Um, and, and at the time, and maybe that seemed like. The only two options, like either you're out there in the [00:15:00] world as a single person just covered in shit, or you can like close yourself off in this little, um, bubble with your, with your partner, and then they can watch you suffer.

And the best you can do is like find, find yourself a liquor store clerk . 

Victor: So the cesspool is the dating scene or like Tinder or whatever, the chaos of all that. And it's like your shit's all mixed up and everybody else's gross shit. Yeah. And then the liquor store clerk is like the, the comfort of the cold indifference of somebody.

Watching you flounder around with your problems and, uh, not passing judgment upon you for it. 

Zach: Exactly. I think that's how, that's how I felt at the time. Now I realize there are clean, private bathrooms. , there's a middle 

Olivia: ground there.

Zach: I


Victor: So grown off memory here, but I remember it was, it was a pretty simple dream. It was me and Olivia. We were at home. It wasn't our home. We were in a kitchen, not our kitchen. And um, uh, I think Olivia was doing something. I was just standing there and then, uh, it just fell out. . Just plop onto the floor. Just I di I didn't even have an opportunity to, to stop it or control it.

Just , 

Zach: just plop, just and, uh, 

Victor: then , then she was like, Whoa, what happened? I was like, Oh my God, I'm so sorry. and I like was trying to take care of the situation, but there was no, there was no buildup. There was no [00:17:00] decision making involved. I just, I was in the kitchen and then suddenly just pooped, just. 

Zach: Just a betrayal.

Victor: body betrayed me. . 

Zach: This you span there is like, Wait, what are we doing? What's gone?

Oh my gosh. You're, you said that this woman would be simple. I, I started taking notes anyway, but they amounted to Victor's poop just fell out.

Olivia: There's a lot in the Dream Bible about poop, and I wonder if it has, I know it has something about pooping, like inappropriately . 

Victor: Okay, well, let me, Oh, Oh wow. It's broken down into category by animal. We've got bird poop, dog poop. I get, you know, I guess maybe this would be incontinent, right? I think that's what I experienced here was incontinence.


Zach: It was what Olivia's reaction. Like [00:18:00] she was just like, What's going on here? Was she like, What the fuck, 

Victor: Victor? She reacted like, I pooped on the floor. , but, but like in a. In a like loving, forgiving way. Right. She wasn't, she wasn't like mad at me, but she was like, We need to take you to the hospital.

Yes. She was worried. I was worried, as far as I know, I still had pants on, but that didn't seem to prevent anything. . Um, yeah. And then it was more about like, Oh, I'm embarrassed. I'm gonna, I. I'll take care of this, right? Um, yeah. Uh, so okay. Incontinence to dream of being incon may represent feelings of embarrassment of being unable to control your problems or how problems are dealt with heightened feelings of sensitivity about having to deal with your problems all the time.

A constant sense of anxiety about problems embarrassing you without warning a problem in life that is uncontrollable and [00:19:00] embarrass. A constant feeling of being embarrassed by your guilt. I'm surprised I don't have this dream every night, . It's 

Zach: just, 

Victor: maybe you do, you just don't remember it. , I just don't remember it.

Zach: And so it's so quick. It could just be buried in between. in between other dreams. Do you remember what was going on in your life at. I, 

Victor: Not at all. Yeah. I don't think there was anything kinda 

Olivia: recently. It was during like Omicron, we've been like pretty well locked down for the last two months. 

Zach: Yeah. You personally or the city of Seattle?

Olivia: US personally, 

Zach: I've heard, um, my, my boss lives in, one of my bosses lives in Seattle and he just came down to LA and he was telling me that compared to everywhere else, he's been re he's a touring comedian everywhere else he's been recently, Uh, Seattle's still very shut. 

Victor: Yeah, that checks out. Yeah, I 

Zach: believe that.

Yeah. So you've been [00:20:00] isolating or locking down, or however you put it. Sorry, I'm just trying to tie that into like poop stress. I 

Olivia: guess the other things that have been go like, okay. I mean this was probably like two or three weeks ago, right? Yeah. Not a lot of stuff is going on in our life. You were planning to propose to me.

Mm. , 

Zach: Um, Oh, you were worried it would come out like shit, ? Yeah, like you would just blur, You just blurt it out, you know, Instead of saying something romantic and moving, you'd be like, Do you wife ? Would you, would you like wife with me? 

Olivia: I would've loved that. . 

Victor: I think what, what made an impression on me about this dream was that I would think that if I'm gonna have a dream about, um, pooping in front of my soon to be wife, [00:21:00] uh, The anxiety of that and the con, like trying to avoid it.

Trying to like, Oh, what can I do? Like, um, that would be, that would be more consistent with like how I like anxieties that I have and how like my, my, my stress tends to manifest is like, oh, it's the fear of the thing happening much more than the thing happening itself. So it was very out of character for just like, Oh, whoop, an embarrassing thing happened.

All right, well, okay, I guess I gotta take care of this now. Like, it just immediately went to the other side of the thing, when usually it's the dread and the anticipation that I fixate on. Maybe 

Olivia: that speaks to like, uh, well, I guess, I don't know. You didn't have any of that. You, you had, There was no warning for the poop, but there was no warning.

But, um, we're very comfortable around each other. So maybe like that fear factor is less of a thing, um, between us than it is with other people that you might [00:22:00] have pooped in front of , 

Zach: but you might have chat on the floor in front of . 

Olivia: Like, I mean, cause it does, it's better that it was me than like, I don't know.

Yeah. And it was just 

Zach: you, your grandma and like be Yeah, I suppose seems like, cuz it was just you. He stepped around the, the anxiety portion and the buildup and the worrying about it. And even when it happened, it sounds, it sounds to me like you didn't become like devastated, like devastatingly mortified.

You're just like, matter of fact, like, Oh, that, Yeah, that happened. 

Victor: It didn't like penetrate on like a really alarming emotional level. I was just like, Okay. I, I guess, uh, an embarrassing thing happened and we'll take care of it, but yeah. I wasn't like distressed about it. 

Zach: That's, that's a good reflection of where you're at.

Yeah. You know, the two of you at home, cause you also saw Olivia as being compassionate. You know, she wasn't like, We get the fuck outside with the rest of the [00:23:00] animals. . 

Olivia: This dream could be a testament to the strength of our relationship. . Yeah, 

Victor: this is a very positive poop dream. . You should 

Zach: write this into your vows.

Where to do your dreams on front and what, what 

Olivia: do they, they really mean 

Zach: front? 

Olivia: I had a feeling with all of these dreams, there would be some really similar themes. So my dream was about a pooping contest. Um, I was entered into a pooping contest. Did you win? No, I didn't do very well at all. Yeah, so I think.

My dad had entered me into this pooping contest and like, when I say pooping contest, I kind of picture like a pie eating contest where there's like 10 toilets on a stage or something, . But it, it was like, uh, . [00:24:00] I don't know. It was like you would submit your results and like see how you did. So it was just me in a bathroom at my dad's house.

And my dad was like in there with me, like kind of cheering me on and I was like, I cannot do this. Sorry dad, I don't think I can poop in front of you. And um, and I think there was some minor disappointment, but he like was like, Oh, okay, that's. Don't worry about it. Um, that was . That was it. Oh, I think actually afterwards I found myself in a braiding contest.

Uh, so and I did okay at that 

Zach: braiding hair. I hope it was 

Olivia: not hair, but, um, it wasn't poop either, so. Okay. . It was like ribbons. That was a contest where I was like sitting around a table with other people and we were all braiding. I was doing like a five strained [00:25:00] braid. Um, yeah. So, uh, , that was my dream. 

Zach: So now my notes have two sections.

Victor's poop just fell out. Olivia's poop didn't win. . So in the context of. We've been saying poop means what would a, what would a contest be? 

Olivia: Yeah, that's 

Zach: interesting. A competition to see who can clear their personal problems. The fastest. We're not the fastest. Cuz you said it wasn't, it wasn't like an E, isn't it Demetri Martin, as the joke about.

Eating contests are just the beginning of a shitting contest. . Um, but you said it wasn't so, it wasn't like an eating contest where it was No, it was like quality based, not timeless. I 

Olivia: don't know. That's a good question. I hadn't thought about what they were measuring. Uh, um, . 

Victor: Felt like your, your dad was invested.


Olivia: My dad wa it was like, I felt like a race horse, . [00:26:00] It felt like he had money on my poop. 

Zach: Oh, that's what you meant by a race horse. Sounds like, It. Sounds like he didn't shit like a race horse. 

Olivia: Yeah. But at the same time, he was fine. It, it wasn't a huge deal that I like, wasn't into this idea. Hmm. Uh, but the biggest thing was like the lack of privacy and like, this is really weird for me to try and poop in front of you.

Uh, and I don't want to, and it does not benefit me in any way. 

Victor: Do you ever feel like your dad is putting you in. A similar awkward position where he is like, Okay, perform. And then you have to be like, No, I'm actually not into this. I'm not, I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go braid something and not do what you're trying to do here.

This is, Oh, okay, whatever. This 

Zach: shouldn't be a competition. Right. 

Olivia: [00:27:00] Hmm. Not really. He will sometimes like, uh, propose I do things or like try to get me involved in things that I like, have expressed I'm not very interested in, that he really wants me to be involved in, or that I don't have time for it right now or that like, Yeah, that is actually a recurring thing.

Um, and it's also usually not a big deal like that. I'm not, he'll bring it up again later, but, um, Could you, Yeah. So 

Zach: that is, could, Sorry, could you relate it to the significance of, of, of poop? Like do you think he, the things he wants you to do has to do with, you know, like a 

Victor: vulnerability of some kind?

Zach: Yeah, like quote unquote, being a, the better person or improving yourself as a person by like shedding negativity or, or 

Olivia: solving, solving problems like that. But like, it's usually like, [00:28:00] Um, it's usually some kind of like thing that has to do with, um, film or like some, something to do with the work that I do, um, which is like to a totally lovely thing for my father to propose that I get involved with.

Like, it makes sense. Um, but it is sometimes like, feels like. a little awkward for, cuz it's usually people he knows and it feels a little awkward for me, for my dad to like, like connect me with people that he knows that he wants me to like work with. Um, I have always felt a little bit awkward about that.

Mm-hmm. , 

Zach: uh, my, my dad does that too. Yeah. , like with the, with the best of intentions, he'll just tell me about something like some opportunity and it's hard to explain that it's, um, actually a whole. Side quest, like it's not actually, right. Yeah, it's not actually a part of my current trajectory. [00:29:00] Um, but our dads don't, you know, they don't work in that well, I assume your dad doesn't work in that industry, so.

Olivia: No, but that's definitely how that feels. I, yeah, that's spot on. 

Victor: And similar to how that plays out in life. You were like, Uh, I, I'm not into this. And he was like, Okay, no problem. And then you went and you did something you were more interested or more comfortable doing? 

Olivia: For some reason, in my dream, the braiding felt connected to the pooping though.

Hmm. Like, it felt like a sim, like the same kind of thing, a competition. No, Like it felt like it had to do with poop, , I dunno. Ok. 

Zach: So, you know, thinking about competition and like, work, especially in like the industry that, I mean, those, those seem to go hand in hand. You know, climbing in any sort of ladder does, you know, feel like a capitalistic competition.

Um, so maybe the, the poop is. [00:30:00] Less what the Dr. The dream, like what the Dream Bible says about being like negativity or problems or whatever maybe is just so. Meaningless. 

Victor: Yeah. Braids actually looking at the braid entry in the Dream Bible, it actually does seem related a little bit. Um, to poop. To dream Well, yeah, Yeah.

To, to the interpretation of poop. Cuz uh, the poop stuff was all about like negativity, like purging problems, things like that to dream of. Braided hair represents thoughts or emotional patterns that are repetitive or difficult to stop. Negatively, you may have a problem getting something off your mind positively.

You may be very excited about something that you can't stop thinking about. Hmm. So they both do kind of have to deal with like processing of a, uh, of a problem, working towards a solution. 

Zach: But as symbols, braids do seem more productive than just, I mean, taking a shit is just something you have to do. [00:31:00] It's not.

Yeah, it's just a bodily function. I 

Olivia: think that, and I don't know how relevant this is, but I feel like the connection for me between poop and braids is very much a visual thing, and that's like kind of gross, but they kind of look similar. You 

Victor: know what I mean? 

Zach: No. When you jump, when you jump from pooping to braiding, I got a very gross visual.


Victor: Yeah. I would say like the, the dream Bible interpretation, symbolism here is like when, when you're pooping, you're like, you are. Like you said, Zach, you're getting it done. You're, you're going through a natural process of purging a problem and like moving past a negative thing. Well, the braiding is like to fixate upon a thing.

It's like instead of purging the thing you were, you were like kind of repetitively digging into a, a problem or a concept. 

Zach: Yeah. [00:32:00] Hmm. Yeah. So it would make sense that you'd be like, No, dad, I don't have time for. I gotta go fixate on this. 

Victor: Yeah. . Yeah. Instead of like, uh, going on the fast track of like, Oh yeah, I'm get, I'm gonna, uh, fix this thing or solve this problem.

It's like, No, I'm gonna dig into this, uh, project of mine that's like related but is not a, is not maybe quite as linear 

Olivia: of a path. That is what it felt like. It, it felt like, Yeah, that actually really sums up the vibe of this dream. It was like I, there, I had agreed to sit down on this toilet in front of my father because it felt like there were reasons to be doing that, but like, I was sitting there and I was like, Nope, this is not quite, this is not quite right and I can't do this, and I left and I was immediately doing a thing that felt like the appropriate thing for me to be doing that would [00:33:00] accomplish whatever the thing is that he, he was hoping I would get out of the first thing.


Victor: it's like say you want to be a painter, your dad's showing up like, Oh, okay, well I know a guy that owns a gallery. Like if you get like these 12 pieces on a theme ready by set and such time, then I could probably get you a showing and then that could launch in time into these people. And then you're like, No, I want to go paint over here and just do the painting thing.

Yeah. Separate from the trajectory thing that you're talking about. Yeah. 

Zach: Yeah. It's not the competition that I'm wanna be signed up for. Right. 

Olivia: Yeah. Yes. I, I think, I think that sums it up 


Zach: well. When you told me pooping contest, I laughed cuz I thought I did picture like 10 toilets on a stage. Like you said, me too.

Yeah. But the being in a room with your father feels a lot more like being a kid and like getting a stool sample for the doctor. It's like that is a situation where it's like, parent knows best, this sucks, but you have to do it for your own good. Maybe that's why your brain reached to [00:34:00] that as like a analog for.

Continuation of that into adulthood, like, uh, like a, a parent figure still trying to help you move forward. But it's not so, it doesn't have to be done that way anymore. And like now you have autonomy to do it. You're way

abigail start

Olivia: so Abigail. Texted me a dream that she had so Abigail says, It was just multiple situations where I was unable to take a shit in private and I think first I was trying to hook up with someone and I needed to take a shit first.[00:35:00] 

And, Sorry, this is so fucking gross. I couldn't get my ass clean like I needed to wipe a thousand times and it wasn't getting clean. So I kept trying to find bathrooms to get some privacy and they just kept being like weird bathrooms where people were. Bust in or the lock was broken or there was just altogether No door.

First scenario was at a weird version of my dad's house full of people, including lots of people my age. Second scenario was that I was trying to get a haircut and before I went into the salon, I felt the same issue, that my asshole was dirty and I needed to find the bathroom to take care of this, and the damn bathroom was a fucking shed out back with a door That.

But a curtain on the side instead of a wall. And there were a bunch of nasty children covered in poop trying to get into the bathroom while I was trying to get clean , there was literally a kid eating shit and then coming in and throwing up everywhere. And I eventually ended up covered in shit myself, and I felt like barfing.

Oh my God. It was disgusting and horrible, and I had a [00:36:00] really angry, stressed out feeling because I couldn't get clean and these stupid, nasty people were making it worse and I couldn't get away from them. What the hell does this?.

For context, this dream is a couple of months old and since then, Abigail has separated from her ex-husband but at the time, she was really struggling with that decision. She was having a really hard time grappling with the feeling like she wanted to leave, but also feeling loyal to her husband.

Victor: what makes sense to me about, um, that dream in the context of, of what's been going on with Abigail. She was going through the difficulty of the divorce. Um, and since coming out of that divorce has like thrown herself full force into dating. And the dating has been something that's taken a lot of her, like brain space [00:37:00] and her energy.

Right. And it makes sense to me in that like Abigail, Has gone through like a trauma, like the, the marriage not working. Um, and so for her to be in a dream where there's a trauma she's covered in shit she cannot get rid of, and to still be preoccupied with like trying to hook up with somebody sort of, uh, reflects.

Trying to turn your attention away from the shit that you're in by like focusing on pursuing a romantic entanglement. Right? And I know that as she was going through her divorce, her mind immediately turned towards like, Well, now I wanna date and I wanna see what else is out there and I want to get over this, right?

I wanna fall in love. But there's all this messiness from coming out of a six year long relationship. [00:38:00] And so to me, being like, I gotta get this shit off me so I can hook up with this person. Feels a lot like coming out of a messy divorce and trying to rebounds.

Zach: Right. Yeah. That answers a lot of my, like the questions I was going to ask, the background questions I was going to ask. And it also, it stands out to me that she's. Cause my mind goes to a shower like you need a full shower. But you said she was trying to like wipe it off. 

Olivia: Right? I think it was that no matter what she did, she was still not clean.

Um, and the other thing that is interesting here is, and some important context is that. A big thing she struggled with in that period of time when she had this dream was going back and forth, she would be so fed up with her relationship and like, want out and like deepen her soul, know that it was not working for her and that it was a bad situation.

And then the next day, uh, she. Have a [00:39:00] different opinion. Like she would feel like I need to give my marriage a chance, like we can work it out. Mm-hmm. . Um, and that's like, uh, I think a very relatable struggle to anyone who's been in, um, a relationship that's not going healthy. Yeah. Yeah. It's really, really hard.

It is a really hard position to be in, but the thing that. Struck me about that dream was the washing entry in the Dream Bible, which I'm just gonna read this to dream of washing yourself represents emotional or situational cleansing. Being rid of some unwanted aspect of yourself or your life, wanting to make a fresh start.

It may also be a sign that you are trying to make yourself more honest. 

Zach: Yeah, it seems like the, uh, that going back and forth thing. On again, off again sort of situation. Seems to be symbolized in the bathroom being covered and shit. Like the place where she's going to do the washing is not a clean place.

Victor: [00:40:00] I think there's something there with like outside of Dream World, like any normal person, the last thing you're thinking about is hooking up with somebody. Even once you're clean, , like you're like, I'm done for the day. Uh, my dick is shut off until at least tomorrow.

I'm not doing this. I'm, I'm good. Um, so there's something too, being still preoccupied with hooking up with somebody while you are like, going through this like horrifying, very not sexy thing. Mm-hmm. , right? It's like, it's in, in, it feels to me like in some way about the fact that you're ignoring or like disregarding shit 

maybe here kids?

Olivia: It's always interesting when somebody has, like, a, describes a feeling because feelings are important in dreams, right? Where if you, if you remember feeling a really particular way, that's usually more important than what you would assume someone would feel in a situation.

And at the end there, she described feeling super [00:41:00] frustrated and angry about this like, inescapable situation where all these nasty. Poopy kids are all over her and she can't get away from them and she can't get clean. Um, but like that description of feeling frustrated and angry and like stressed out, I, that feels like a very relatable dream feeling to me.

Like I've had a lot of dreams where I'm just like, ah, I can't, I can't get the thing done. . 

Zach: Yeah. Cuz the, if that were to really happen, I feel like the predominant feeling would be hoarder. 

Victor: Do you remember how the, um, the people that, uh, were in the first location, like the truck, truck stop location, made you feel in, uh, in your dream, Zach?

Zach: I mean, Abby's thing resonates. Yeah. It's, it's in what Olivia was just saying about like not being able to get the thing done and how like frustrating that is. 

Victor: Who are these shit people? Yeah. Yeah. 

Zach: These garbage pale kids. . 

Victor: What do they mean? [00:42:00] 

Olivia: I wonder if the Dream Bible has anything about like, what Let's, let's look at, um, kids in a negative context.

Victor: I'm just gonna, I'm gonna try out shit people and see what I get. . Yeah. They're not finding anything. Oh, no. Okay. Let's not, let's not. Um, what problematic Dream Bible has been a little problematic. It's not, it's not as problematic as it first appears. I typed shit people into the Dream Bible Dictionary, and the first result was Aboriginal people.

Oh God. But it's just the people entry, if you scroll down it. People, various types. A thousand people. Ok, gotcha. ? 

Olivia: It ignored the shit. . 

Zach: Oh, you mean shit people, Yeah. . That's what I 

Victor: did you mean? Uh, yeah. Uh, alright, so what are we looking for? We're looking for kids. Kids. Okay. So, um, Dream Bible, uh, says negatively dreaming of [00:43:00] children may reflect feelings about yourself or others being helpless, powerlessness to overcome big challenges, an experience that prevents you from facing difficulties because problems are too big.

Alternatively, from a negative perspective, children may reflect problems that are out of control, new developments that are becoming frustrating, feeling like an innocent victim, vulnerability. There we go. 

Zach: Yeah. I think that second one. Mm-hmm. fits the, fits her, her feelings surrounding the dream. Yeah. Mm.

Olivia: Yeah, it literally used the word frustrated, didn't it? Yeah. 

Zach: Yeah. And it all kind of goes back to that, main. Diagnosis, which was, it was about not being able to recover from that last relationship or re not being able to wash it off of her. Mm-hmm. and like yeah. Rushing into a new thing before she and this 

Olivia: dream again. Um, she had this dream while she was still in that relationship.

She had not left it yet, um, she was like in a place [00:44:00] where she was really eager to see what else was out there and meet new people and, and go out and, you know, um, experience being single. Uh, but I. I guess you could say that like the stuff she was trying to wash off and wouldn't come off was the stuff that she maybe had to deal with first before she could go do that, which was, you know, properly getting out of the relationship.

Victor: Yeah, that's the poop. I think I found a relevant entry here on being dirty. Uh, to dream of yourself being dirty represents low self-esteem or feelings of being unworthy. You may feel that you are not good enough or that other people may see you as underhanded, feeling that people don't want to be involved with you.

Hmm. I think self-esteem stuff was, um, maybe something that, uh, Abigail was struggling with at the time because one of the things she was dealing with in that relationship was kind of being, you know, [00:45:00] criticized a lot by the partner she was with. And, um, you know, her self-esteem had taken a hit over the course of that relationship.

Olivia: Yeah. And that's the kind of thing that really takes a toll on you long term. Just not just while you're in that relationship, but like not being able to trust yourself. Like if somebody else is, um, putting you down or trying to convince you that your feelings are not valid or that, like, it's ridiculous for you to be upset about that or, um, that's the kind of thing that like tears down your confidence in your own judgment and, um, your ability to recognize what you need and.

Um, see your needs as valid and, and that's like certainly a huge thing with Abigail right now. 

Zach: Yeah. Also being seen as underhanded. I can relate to that. When you're in something bad and you're looking for a way out and you start looking at other options mm-hmm. you do that makes you feel kind of [00:46:00] gross.

Mm-hmm. , even though it's uh, not an inappropriate. Feeling right? Yeah. You still would be re reticent to tell somebody that you feel that way. Yeah. Yeah. 

Victor: But like we know now, you know that she was having feelings of doubt in that relationship and part of her was ready to leave, but she was struggling with that.

And um, I'm sure that on some level that made her feel some guilt. Right. Um, cuz with if you're with somebody for a long time, if you're married, You know, um, it's gonna be hard to leave that relationship even if it's the right thing to do. 

Zach: Yeah. Especially if that person has, uh, put you in a position where you're primed to feel shame and guilt as your default.

Mm-hmm. response.

Victor: I love the 

Zach: Abigail dreams and. The most overt metaphors you can think of. I'm not going through. A divorce or anything like that. But I, I can certainly relate to the idea of being, like, feeling like you're covered in shit. The shame of that feeling like you're a mess of a person, but still [00:47:00] wanting, um, having that preoccupied, like maybe this will make it better, 

Victor: you know?

I think we've all, like most people have, um, done like rebound relationships, right? Where it's like you're coming out of this like very messy situation. You probably are not in a place where you're ready to like find true love or whatever, but you still wanna be out there dating, um, you're like in some way trying to treat.

The heartache of the last relationship by getting like involved in a new one that's, most people do that.

I think 

Olivia: there was a point in this dream where she actually did poop, uh, but. I think that part of it was that she was trying to poop in a place that was very public. 

To dream of defecation in an obscene or improper manner represents spoiling something good or creating a problem. It suggests thoughtlessness and inappropriate thoughts and behaviors. You may be getting rid of a problem in a [00:48:00] manner that is careless, rude, or irresponsible, getting rid of a problem in such a way that it creates other problems.

Zach: That's pretty on 

Victor: point. Yeah. So like at the time where she's going back and forth about how she feels about her marriage, it makes a lot of sense. Like maybe feeling guilty about the times where she felt like she needed to get out because then other times she felt like, No, I should try and make this work.

Um, feeling like 

Zach: and guilty about trying. Pursue other people maybe? Well, yeah. As a, as a, as a fix for, 

Olivia: Right. That is the inappropriate way to get rid of a problem. If your problem is that you have an unhappy relationship, you certainly can get rid of the problem of the . Relationship by, doing something that can't be taken back. 

Zach: Yeah. Cause I deal with that. I like right before the pandemic started, I was like, I'm gonna take some time to myself and like figure things out before I date anyone. And then the pandemic was like, Fuck yeah, you will can't date anyone [00:49:00] for a while.

Mm-hmm. . Um, and now I'm in a place where it's like, like I don't, I don't think it would be inappropriate anymore, but now I'm, I'm so in that shell of like, Oh, I gotta get financially stable, You know, at least to the point where I can go back to therapy. I, I have all this shit that I feel like I'm covered in that if I even casually date somebody, I'm gonna get it on them.

The whole paradigm of the metaphor and that dream is very relatable to me. Even I can only, imagine for her. Cause I've had a few, like, things start to happen and then immediately withdrew and I'm, I was not sure that I needed to do that, but I dunno.

Better safe than sorry. , 

Olivia: I think that you'll know when something is right. Like I don't think that you would withdraw yourself from something that was like really good and Right. You know? Yeah. And. [00:50:00] 

Victor: It's really healthy, uh, and I think a prerequisite to, uh, like finding the right thing to be in a place where you'd rather be alone than with the wrong person.

Mm-hmm. . And, um, it sounds like even though you still feel like there's stuff you need to work on in your life, being in a place where you're, um, not trying to like solve that by getting entangled with somebody is like a way. Yeah, I think that's healthy. 

Zach: Yeah. In the past I thought like, Oh, I could just work on this stuff in front of somebody.

Hmm. Yeah. Now I'm like, Yeah, it doesn't seem fair to when, if I know it's gonna end in like maybe hurting them. It's not really fair to waste their time. But I really like, I. Having that metaphor and being able to phrase it is like, I just don't wanna get my shit on you. 

Olivia: I think we've really thoroughly explored this dream, we've 

Zach: really, really picked through her poop. . 

Olivia: Thank you for listening to The Jung and the Restless

Zach: [00:51:00] Follow us on Instagram, The Jung and the Restless Pod of.

If you want us to take a crack at interpreting your dreams, send them over to The Jung and the Restless pod@gmail.com. 

Victor: And as we always say, pop block and squat.

Zach: For now, the club is screaming. Welcome. 

Olivia: Draper forever. 

Zach: Dreamer, Forever.


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